C & A Takes Google to Court—Should other Bloggers, too?

C & A Takes Google to Court—Should other Bloggers, too?

By Kevin Stoda, visiting in Germany

According to the WELT KOMPAKT (Feb. 10, 2008), the department chain C & A has taken Google, Inc. to court to prohibit its AD SENSE advertising on German websites.

The claim is that Google’s AD SENSE has unfairly edited its already paid-for advertising.

The AD SENSE business is a Google advertising business, whereby thousands of Google Bloggers can make money through advertising exclusively for Google clients on their blogs.

However, the manner in which the AD SENSE software posts its advertisements is not showing responsibility to its clients.

In C & A’s claim against Google currently in German courts, the recklessness of Google’s AD SENSE marketing software becomes clear as AD SENSE posted a C & A advert over the top of one German Google Blogger’s on-line article– an article which severely criticized C & A for the way it handles its child models.

Therefore, C & A will likely win its case against Google in German courts, i.e. it is against the law for Google AD SENSE or any other publisher “to editorialize the material, which it has contractually agreed to post” on its websites.

This was clearly done on that particular anti-C & A Blogger page through the automated Google AD SENSE software currently in use throughout the globe.

WHAT’S ALSO A PROBLEM for Bloggers is…

I have been blogging with Google almost 4 years now.

Several times I have seen advertisements on my blog which were almost satirical—as when I criticized Blackwater in several only to find Iraqi subcontractors and recruiting contractors sponsoring my blog.

Therefore, I certainly understand the concern of C & A, i.e. as paying Google client.



On the other hand, I am even more frustrated with Google’s AD SENSE because in all of these past four years, I have never once received a check from AD SENSE for allowing it to run advertisements on my BLOGSPO site:


In these same 4 years I have published over 260 articles—95% of them written by me. In Microsoft WORD-terms, this is equal to about 1750 (double spaced) pages of work.

I NOW ask of the readership of this website whether there are many other Bloggers contracted with AD SENSE whom also have never seen a paycheck?



Winckler, Lars, “C & A klagt gegen Google”, WELT KOMPAKT, February 10, 2009, p. 15.

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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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