Dear Daniel and Patricia Ellsburg, OPED News (OEN) got attacked within a day of the review of your talk on Democracy Now,

Dear Daniel and Patricia Ellsburg, OPED News (OEN) got attacked within a day of the review of your talk on Democracy Now,

By  Kevin Stoda, Wiesbaden , Germany IN EXILE

Mr. and Mrs. Ellsburg, just a day after I reviewed your call on radio to encourage more whistle blowing in Washington, D.C. and USA federal government, OPED News was hacked and this article taken down.  I hope that hackers cannot stop whistle blowers.  (See the letter from OEN Writers below from the weekend.)

So, I am responding to hackers by putting up the article again and again. See the article “The Return of the Most Dangerous Man in America”.  In Short YOU RETURN STILL again.



Well, I’m sitting at my computer in Germany with my wife about 15,000 kilometers away in the Philippines .

On Democracy Now, I’m listening to the wife of Daniel Ellsburg, Patricia Ellsburg, speak of how U.S. government officials had spoke in terms of torture in terms of bombing whole populations in Laos and South East Asia in the late 1960s.  She learned this all just a few days before her husband, Daniel Ellsburg sent the Pentagon Papers to many American newspapers.

Today, Amy Goodman was interviewing Patricia  Ellsburg on her memories. Mrs. Ellsburg responded“it really struck—the pivotal moment, perhaps, in my adult life was the time when Daniel said, ´I think that I want you to read the papers.` He had protected me, because it was top secret. He didn’t want my fingerprints on the copies. ´And I’m considering putting out the papers,´because he knew that Nixon was going to expand the war and that the peace—the peace plan was not going to work. So this is our first year of marriage, first few months of marriage. And I was thirty-two, and I had spent a lot of years looking for Mr. Right. I had not been married before. And I’m reading documents that are horrifying to me.


Mrs. Ellsburg stated, as she read through these documents, “Amy, I saw something that Dan hadn’t seen, that in the language that was being used by the leaders of our country, they were using words like ´one more turn of the screw,´ ´ratchet up the water-drip technique,´ and much phrasing, much, much language of torturers. And I was horrified at the indifference to human suffering of both Americans and Vietnamese, their indifference to Congress, to the American public, the manipulations.  And so, Dan said, ´Should I put these out?´ And I said, with tears in my eyes, ´These have to get out to the American public,´ knowing that my beloved husband, who I still love after forty years—he’s still my hero—might go to prison for the rest of his life. And I look back at that, and I am really proud. I’m really proud of—I was not groomed to be chopping top secrets off documents as we were about to publish—to copy them so that they could be given out to more newspapers.”

Daniel and Patricia Ellsburg are out doing interviews at this time, 40 years after the release of the famous Pentagon Papers, because they see a big ferocious repeat of what they witnessed in misguided war-making in Afghanistan today.  Moreover, a new film about their lives in the times of the Nixon-Johnson-Kennedy-Eisenhower cover-ups is coming out soon.  The film is called, “THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA”.

On Democracy Now, Daniel Ellsburg said, “I look at this film, and I watch the bombs falling, and all I can see in my mind are the bombs, the same bombs, falling over Afghanistan , or Vietnamistan, and Iraq right now. And we’re really facing, at this moment, a crisis of decision that’s just like the one that’s in the film, which I failed at the time, where the President is doing something that I feel will be a disaster, and I kept my mouth shut about it, the change from 70,000 men in the spring of ’65 to an open-ended commitment, starting with another 50,000, which I knew was on the way to hundreds of thousands. I didn’t tell about that, and nor did anyone else. There was a lot of dissent in the administration about that, but we were overruled. We saluted Clark Clifford, Vice President Humphrey. Again, we have a vice president who apparently is against the application, another parallel. James Jones, the military man, can see what I can see and anybody can see, who has memories of Vietnam : there is no success at the end of this tunnel. There is only a stalemate, which could persist indefinitely.”

In short, after 40 years of mediocrity, the city of Washington DC needs to see that whistleblowers are needed more than ever, right now, Americans!

Daniel Ellsburg said he wished the film was out in the theaters of Washington , D.C. already.  “We need people to put out, to tell the truth, and to do it, not the way I did, not after the escalation, not after the bombs have fallen, but right now. Right now. And for the Congress to hold the hearings that will entertain those people.”

Good luck America , you need more and better whistle blowers who can turn the country around.


Sept 2009 letter to OEN writers

It’s been months since I’ve written to you as an writer, so this email will cover a number of topics.

First, we were hacked, probably twice, in the past few days. The first episode caused the loss of all articles posted on Thursday and Friday. It happened around 5:00 PM EST on Friday. We’re working on getting the back up, but meanwhile, if you posted then, please re-submit your article or quicklink. Diaries were not affected.

Then, yesterday, a hacker sent a forged newsletter to our 23,000+ subscribers. We took some steps to block that from happening again, but there were still some holes that will take a bit more programming to do.

We have already taken several steps to increase security and will be making software enhancements to further defend the site. These will require more work from us, in terms of registering and enabling editor access. We will be white-listing editor and author IP addresses, and this may cause access issues for some users.

Many people have written in with messages like this one, from Project-Censored award winning writer Stephen Lendman:

Not surprising Rob. When you spread truth on vital topics, you’re vulnerable and when this happens it shows you’re doing the right thing. Not pleasant but wear it as a badge of honor. Steve

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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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