STACK’S SUICIDE ATTACK REMINISCENT of Oklahoma City Bombing, 9-11, and the Corder OR Byck Suicide Attacks on the White House

STACK’S SUICIDE ATTACK REMINISCENT of Oklahoma City Bombing, 9-11, and the Corder OR Byck Suicide Attacks on the White House

By Alone, REVIEW from ABROAD

Most readers know that last week, a man named Joseph Andrew Stack flew a plane into an IRS [Internal Revenue Service] office building, the Echelon Building,  in Austin, Texas—killing at least one person.  His name was reportedly, Joseph Stack.

It seems the man left a lot of suicide notes online explaining the reasons for his attack on the IRS as he was a computer software program and knew how to get his message across online.  I haven’t tried much to search online for the suicide messages because I have been told that a lot of websites and government officials had the messages taken down.  However, now on the web new ones are appearing.

Notice how the producer of this video managed to add Middle Eastern rhythm to the letter—implying that some Eastern conspiracy or prediction from Osama bin Laden may be coming true in good old USA.  I don’t know readers.  What do you say?  Whose propaganda is now  here at work—fascist westerners against Islam or fascist Islamists against the West?

Here is a less provocative version.  It doesn’t bias with the music—at least.

I used to Drive into Austin on that highway by the IRS offices when I lived in Bryan, Texas and visited the Texas state capital.  I used to be listening sometimes to loud music like this one.

There are some news stories online that have the truer effect of a lot of cars passing by without slowing—acting oblivious to the smoke and destruction about them.

This one provides you with interviews from witnesses of the fire at the man’s house and at the Echelon Building.

More than 50 YouTube videos are online currently.

Psychological troubles will be faced by many for months or years to come.  This video gives some advice for those affected.  People who have experienced similar attacks in the past, like at the Pentagon, World Trade Centers or OKC bombings might all have memories reawakened.

This video reminds us, Americans, how many have been facing PTSD in recent years.

Three ways of identifying Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome or Disorder (PTSD) is explained on this site.

I believe partially society, government, and the marginalization of mentally disturbed peoples is a great cause of the stress we all face.  This site shares with great examples of how politics and stress lead to increased explosions in PTSD and attacks on others.


There was a lot of interest to place the blame for Stack’s attack in Austin on Islamic Terrorists—as had occurred after the OKC Bombings in 1995.

The fact is, suicide by plane was not that uncommon in America prior to 9-11. In 1974, an unemployed Tire Salesman tried to kill Richard Nixon in a suicidal attack on the White House.  The man’s name was Samuel Byck, and Byck was immortalized in a movie with Sean Penn playing his life on screen.

In 1994, another disturbed American–receiving little or no help for his mental illness—tried to fly his plane into the Clinton White House.

“The authorities said the plane had been stolen and the pilot was Frank Eugene Corder, a 38-year-old truck driver from Maryland. His relatives said he had struggled with vertiginous moods, alcohol, a drug conviction, financial problems, the recent rupture of his third marriage and the death of his father. Associates said that Mr. Corder, who was killed in the crash, even told a friend last year that he felt so hopeless he might fly a plane on a suicide mission to the White House. That could not be confirmed.”


I have reviewed the world press and see that reports on the recent suicide attack on the IRS in Austin has been analyzed typically as follows.  The first part of this Brisbane paper first shared (1) what happened on Feb. 18, 2010.  Next, (2) the paper defers to FBI reports and then back to (3) eyewitness reports.  Soon, the (4) FBI is allowed to speak again—in this case praising the work of volunteers, especially federal workers, whose quick actions probably saved several lives in the minutes after the attack. Finally, the (5) attacker is given some explanation.  That is the WHY of the attack is given background.

The UK’s TimesOnline provided a similar story on its February 19, 2010 report, entitled “Joseph A Stack, Software Engineer who Fell Out with Taxman, Flies aircraft into IRS.”

Timesonline quoted,“Homeland Security officials [who] said the act was not connected to terrorism, but that the F16 Air Force jets had been scrambled ‘due to an abundance of caution’.”

However, the writer contradicted the Homeland Security’s downplaying the situation a bit by noting, “More than an hour after impact, flames poured from the smashed windows and thick black smoke filled the air. Aviation experts expressed shock at the intensity of the flames based on the relatively small amount of fuel the aircraft would have been able to carry, suggesting that Mr. Stack may have been carrying some sort of accelerant or explosive on board at the time of impact.”

Most of the world was surprised at how fast the FBI was able to release information on Mr. Stack, his family, and his burning home several miles north of Austin.

Here is the comment of one Timesonline reader, named WD,  to the worldwide reporting on the attack on another USA federal building last February 18 and 19:

“Looks like the Looney’s [Looney newsmen and Looney bloggers] are all over this [story]. I had to shake my head at the number of ‘news’ people who can’t seem to grasp reality. In this case, the reality is that everybody has a breaking point but nobody admits it. It is such a wonderful opportunity for survivors to display their ‘civilization’ and ‘superior intellect’ that essentially makes this guy’s death wish completely lost. Liberals and conservatives are blaming each other or the “Tea Party” people as if he made a political statement. Others just blame engineers & programmers for being “strange.”
I read the complete document before it was pulled. I’ve heard dozens of opinions and descriptions of it. None of them the least bit accurate.”

WD continues, “His indictment was dysfunctional courts and government agencies and he could have made a very valid point had he found the strength to carry on.  American tax laws are so confusing, arbitrary and voluminous that nobody, not even our best tax lawyers really understand them but he was held responsible, and financially wiped out several times, for following the best tax advice available. Since yesterday, I have heard at least a dozen people say they, at one time, were very close to doing the same thing. But, it sounds more enlightened to just write him off as a political nutcase even as his friends are saying he had zero interest in politics. Otherwise, we might need to do some serious thinking and rebuilding.”

I think that many other foreigners watching America in 2010 would agree that Stack’s indictment of  “dysfunctional courts and government agencies” to be on the mark for the stress far many Americans are feeling these days.

In the same online paper, Russell Turner adds, “Surprised more don’t do it to the banks!!! They don’t listen either, they get bailed out with our money, but there not so keen to bail/lend it!!! . . . Know how he feels, poor guy. Must have been at his wits end, imagine explaining, pleading with a gov dept when they say ‘the computer say’s no/yes’!!”

Geraldine Leal typed in under comments: “Sounds fair to me. Unfortunately he might have thought he was playing a computer game?”

Mark Jones wrote, “Having read the ‘Manifesto’ it seems that this was a well educated, intelligent man who had been pushed too far by the IRS. His method of protest is despicable, and I hope that no one else has been killed, but judging by the number of IRS horror stories that are popping up all over the web he is by no means alone in his loathing of the Tax Man.”

Another noted, “Sorry that a man had to die, but the IRS and HMRC are relentless on hard working people- but the real tax invaders are untouchable due to the governmental & corporate protection provided. Of the expenses fiddling MP’s how many really got away with it, more than the token that the CPS are attempting to charge ( but will never pursue).”

W. Hutchison responded, “I am quite surprised that there have been no major acts of violence against the tax authorities in this country.More so when people are going to be taxed till the pips squeak whilst thousand of bankers pick up million pound tax-paid taxpayer funded bonuses.”

Meanwhile, Canadians as a whole were more condemning. Anonymous wrote: “the man was a scumbag coward…and a murderer.. the IRS isn’t some ‘entity’ it’s made up of human beings with jobs to do… why should he get special tax treatment when we don’t? what i object to is all of the tax breaks for the uber wealthy..and spending waste.. tax money spent well educates our children, puts out our fires, protects our country and so on…”

Another Canadian noted, “What the hell makes people tick? Reminds me of the movie with Micahael Douglas, Falling Down. Disgruntled man flies plane into federal offices.”

Here is Mr. Stack’s final rant on this website.  [It had disappeared but has come back up.]


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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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2 Responses to STACK’S SUICIDE ATTACK REMINISCENT of Oklahoma City Bombing, 9-11, and the Corder OR Byck Suicide Attacks on the White House

  1. eslkevin says:

    I was disappointed that this story has been downplayed in YouTube and in the US news media. The issues appear to be somewhat linked between the attack on the tax man and the attack on the Pentagon this past week.

    Pentagon Shooter Railed About Property Rights and the Monetary System

    More details have emerged about John Patrick Bedell, the thirty-six-year-old California man who opened fire last week outside the Pentagon. Bedell wounded two police officers before being shot to death. Bedell’s father said Patrick showed symptoms of a mental disorder, approaching paranoid schizophrenia. In an audio recording archived online, Bedell rails against government encroachment on private property and the monetary system.

    John Patrick Bedell: “When the government can control how private property is used, and especially when the government controls the monetary system that is used to exchange private property, the government has the mechanisms and the motivation to control individuals to the smallest detail. To prevent themselves from being enslaved, the powerful masters of our existing governments use every means at their disposal, including bribery, theft and murder, to control those governments, which are imperfect institutions operated by imperfect individuals.”

  2. eslkevin says:

    Was the philosophy of Bedell all that crazy or IS THE PENTAGON CRAZY FOR PAYING MONEY TO THOSE WHO BREAK IRAN SANCTIONS.

    I think the government in Washington DC needs to arrest Pentagon contract givers at this rate. See headline:

    Report: US Gives $107B in Contracts to Firms Busting Iran Sanctions

    The New York Times reports the federal government has given more than $107 billion to companies which are also doing business with Iran despite a ban on US companies trading with Iran. An analysis of federal records and company reports reveals that seventy-four companies have done business with both the US government and Iran since 2000. The list includes Halliburton, Shell, BP, Caterpillar and Exxon Mobil. Many of the companies skirted the law by setting up foreign subsidiaries.

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