I call on all time-share owners world-wide to contact the U.S. government and discourage the continued support some of criminals (the worst military men) against humanity in the country of Indonesia.   Tell Obama to force the fingers off the triggers by setting an example with Indonesia this Spring.


Amy Goodman of DEMOCRACY NOW [DN] interviewed Alan Nairn twice in the past week. First,  Goodman said, “Since Allan Nairn broke the news of the assassination program here on Democracy Now! last Friday, the Indonesian press has been buzzing with the allegations. A military spokesman told the Jakarta Globe that the military is considering legal action against Allan Nairn. Earlier today, Allan issued a public threat—a public challenge to the Indonesian military to arrest him so that he could face off with the military in open court.”

She added, “Allan Nairn is no stranger to the Indonesian military. In 1991, Allan and I survived a massacre in East Timor, when more than 270 Timorese were killed by US-backed Indonesian soldiers. In 1999, Allan sneaked back into East Timor and reported on the Indonesian military atrocities there as the Indonesian soldiers burned much of East Timor to the ground. They arrested Allan, but he continued reporting from prison.”

Alan Nairn stated on DN today, “I welcome this threat. I just put out a statement on my WEBSITE


saying I welcome this threat. They should arrest me, so that we can face—have a face-off in open court. And we’ll describe in open court, before the Indonesian public, how the Indonesian armed forces are assassinating civilians. I’ll detail the massacres, the disappearances, etc. And I will attempt to call TNI generals as witnesses and question them under oath and will also attempt to call US officials as witnesses—US officials from the White House, the CIA, the Pentagon, the State Department—and ask them, under oath, to tell the Indonesian public in a trial why they have been giving arms and training, year after year after year, to an Indonesian armed forces as they’ve been killing civilians.  As the US has seen the results of their arming and training of people like General Sunarko of thousands of other top officers, the US has continued to pour in weapons and training to facilitate these murders. So I want to get a chance to put the CIA station chiefs, the US military attachés to Indonesia, the generals from the Pentagon, the national security advisers—maybe the presidents, if that’s legally possible—put them on the stand here in Indonesia in court and ask them, under oath, ‘Why did you do this? Why have you done this to the civilians of Indonesia?’ and ask the same questions to Indonesian generals. So I’m challenging the Indonesian military, if they’re serious, if they really believe their own denials, I’m challenging them to arrest me.”

Although I love the people of Indonesia, their cultures, and their food, I avoided traveling to the country until after the 1999 victories of democracy in Indonesia and East Timor.

Later, I traveled to Bali for the first time in the wake of the Bali bombings—a home grown  terrorist threat in Indonesia by Islamic extremists and ultra national Indonesians.


I later bought a timeshare on a neighboring island of Bali’s—I made the purchase partially with the goal of regularly  writing my congressman and senators in the USA and tell them to be concerned about global warming (as archipelagos are greatly effected by the rising sea level and temperatures).  Now I want to tell OBAMA and the worst Congress money can buy, “Quit helping Murderers!”

If Indonesians does not get their military officers on a leash, I will sell my share of property in Indonesia.



About eslkevin

I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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  1. eslkevin says:

    ALLAN NAIRN: In the article, I described how the Indonesian armed forces, which are armed and trained by the United States, have been running a program of assassinating political activists, and I described in detail their assassinations in Aceh in 2009 in the run-up to the local elections there, where at least eight activists for the pro-independence PA, Partai Aceh, were assassinated. And I quote senior Indonesian officials saying that these assassinations were coordinated on the regional level by a general named Sunarko, a Kopassus general. I reached Sunarko on the phone, and he acknowledged to me that his men were involved in these assassinations. But he said, “But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this was a project of the military as an institution.”

    He also, this general who ran the assassination program, told me that he was an enthusiastic supporter of President Obama’s plan to restore full aid to the Indonesian armed forces, and he then went on to describe in detail his own training by the United States. He says they’ve been training him since the 1980s. He regards them as close partners, and he loves Obama’s plan because he says it will make the partnership still more intimate, in his words. General Sunarko, the Kopassus general who in Timor in 1999 helped run the militias that burned 80 percent of the buildings in Timor, that conducted church massacres, etc., and who now has been running this assassinations program in Aceh, he said that he was trained by the US military, the US Pacific Command, mobile training teams in jungle warfare, logistics and many other subjects, and he said that he was most recently trained by the US in 2006. So he’s a very enthusiastic backer of Obama’s plan to restore aid for the US military, and specifically for Kopassus, the special forces, the most notorious unit of that military.


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