I have had family members die from guns. No more loopholes.

I have had family members die from guns.  No more loopholes.

Signed the petition from America’s mayor’s campaign below.-KAS

As we commemorate the tragedies at Columbine and Virginia Tech, we are reminded that legislative action is long overdue.

More and more innocent victims of gun violence are hurt or killed every day. Tell Congress to take action and close the Gun Show Loophole.

Bob Fertik

Mayors  Against Illegal Guns

Dear Friend,

Eleven years ago this week, twelve students and one teacher were killed at Columbine High School.

Two of the weapons used in that shooting were bought as a result of the Gun Show Loophole — a gap in our nation’s gun laws that enables firearms to be purchased without a background check.

In the wake of Columbine, elected officials from both parties pledged to take action and close the Gun Show Loophole. But eleven years later, the Loophole is still open.

You can make sure we don’t have to wait any longer. Mayors Against Illegal Guns – a coalition of more than 500 mayors dedicated to keeping criminals from illegally obtaining firearms — is launching www.CloseTheLoophole.org and gathering signatures to demand that Congress and President Obama finally step up and close the Gun Show Loophole.

Close the Gun  Show Loophole

Last week brought another tragic anniversary. On April 16, just three years ago, 32 people were killed at Virginia Tech in the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

Despite a history of mental illness, the shooter was able to pass a background check and purchase a gun. After discovering these facts, the independent commission that reviewed the attack unambiguously recommended closing several gaps in the federal background check system – including the Gun Show Loophole.

And sure enough, our Senators and Representatives promised that — this time — they would close the loopholes that allowed such a tragedy to occur.

It’s been three years since Virginia Tech, and eleven years to the day since Columbine. It’s time to learn the lesson of these shootings by trying to stop such an attack from ever happening again.

Please add your name and demand that Congress close the Gun Show Loophole:


This week, let’s speak out together and make a call for action that is long overdue.

Thank you for adding your voice to this important fight,

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

P.S. — It’s going to take all of us standing together to close the Gun Show Loophole. Please forward this email to your friends, family, and colleagues and ask them to stand with you today by signing the petition at www.CloseTheLoophole.org

About eslkevin

I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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3 Responses to I have had family members die from guns. No more loopholes.

  1. starviego says:

    Columbine was a covert op; one of the main objectives was more gun control. There were more involved than just Harris and Klebold. Don’t believe me? Just ask the eyewitnesses:


    • eslkevin says:

      Most Americans have not experienced any gun control.

      There are more guns on the streets and in homes of different people who even have gun licenses. It is an endless sharade of big weapons producers and fanatics of one-amend-is more important than the right to safety in American.

      The gun buildup by American militia and fearing Americans has got to end.

  2. eslkevin says:

    Or do you like this one.

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