Dublin II–What is it and why Europeans need to Know? Basically it is a crime in many cases committed in your name!

I was reading recently in “Abschiebung Stoppen–Dublin II Kippen” here in germany about how out of control the European immigration control FOREX is functioning under and agreement called Dublin II which forces immigrants and asylum seekers to do quite bizarre things–including them being sent back to dangerous countries in handcuffs.


“Abschiebung Stoppen–Dublin II Kippen” means in German “Stop the Forced Exilations–Turn Back Dublin II”.

Later, I discovered that there is an English version of the newspaper and website.


Accoring to AsylumLaw, this is what Dublin II is about and what Europans need to be aware of.

The Dublin II regulation is determining which of the countries in the “Dublin area” is responsible for examining an asylum application. If you want to be sure that a certain country of asylum is responsible for your application you must know more about Dublin II. The “Dublin area” or “Dublin II area” includes Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden. Denmark does not participate to the Dublin II system. Norway and Iceland do participate though they are not EU Member States. So the Dublin area is slightly different from the EU area.

Europeans should be shouting to these dangerous anti-refugee practices:  “NOT IN OUR NAME!!!!!


A few countries, like Germny and Sweden have been forced to stop sending refugees and emigres to Greece because of maltreatment there, but a lot of worse things are going on.

Amnesty International calls the whole EU debacle “The Dublin 2 Trap”:


Asylum-seekers in Greece lack protection under the current asylum determination system. They are frequently denied access to the asylum procedure and, since July 2009, have been denied the right to an effective appeal. But the biggest risk asylum-seekers face is refoulement. This report examines the experiences of asylum-seekers transferred under the Dublin Regulation to Greece. It concludes that Greece fails to provide a full and fair asylum determination procedure and calls for the urgent suspension of these returns until necessary improvements are made in law and practice.

Click to access AmnestyGreeceDublinIIReport.pdf

However, wearder and worse things are happening to asylum seekers ounde the draconian centralized activities of the EU Dublin II enforcment only 0.04 percent of all immgrant applicants received asylum in Europe  via Greece and elsewhere since 2007.

Syrians have been sent back home to torture.  Others have been sent to Africa.

This has got to stop Europe.  Speak to your EU and local government officials today.


According to European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) and UNHCR[4] and UNHCR[5], that the regulation impedes the legal rights and personal welfare of asylum seekers, including the right to a fair examination of their asylum claim and, where recognized, to effective protection, as well as the uneven distribution of asylum claims among Member States. the current system fails in providing fair, efficient and effective protection. It has been demonstrated on a number of occasions both by ECRE

Application of this regulation can seriously delay the presentation of claims, and can result in claims never being heard. Causes of concern include the use of detention to enforce transfers of asylum seekers from the state where they apply to the state deemed responsible, also known as Dublin transfers, the separation of families and the denial of an effective opportunity to appeal against transfers. The Dublin system also increases pressures on the external border regions of the EU, where the majority of asylum seekers enter EU and where states are often least able to offer asylum seekers support and protection.[6]

After ECRE[7], the UNHCR and other non-governmental organisations openly criticized Greece’s asylum system, including the lack of protection and care for unaccompanied children, several countries suspended transfers of asylum seekers to Greece under the Dublin II regulation. Norway announced in February 2008 it would stop transferring any asylum seeker back to Greece under the Dublin II regulation. In September, it backtracked and announced that transfers to Greece would be based on individual assessments.[8] In April 2008 Finland announced a similar move.[9] Germany and Sweden have limited the suspension of transfers to unaccompanied children only.


Check out why Denmark does not belong to Dublin 2.



Dateiformat: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
longer term, ECRE has called for the Dublin II Regulation to be abolished and ….. extending to Denmark the application of Dublin II and EURODAC

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2 Responses to Dublin II–What is it and why Europeans need to Know? Basically it is a crime in many cases committed in your name!

  1. thanks for picking up this important issue. We just put a fresh interview with Milad that illustrates the craziness of Dublin II once more. He aptly says:

    Dublin II means they play football with us, shooting us from one country to another, playing with us and wasting our time.


  2. Hurtz says:

    I want to follow-up comments via email

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