Cebu Pacific Plans to Pocket more Monies from My Family while Providing no Services in March 2011–What about you?


Dear Mr. Ivan Henry D. Gaw, Director of Customer Service Cebu Pacific,

First of all, in response to your letter below and Cebu Pacific’s lack of appropriate remuneration, I need to note that my wife, child and I are now in the USA. The more disturbing this is that you at Cebu had given us only a partial (less than 50%) reimbursement of the financial losses we suffered after December 9, 2010 at the hands of bad internet formulas and internet technology. Moreover, on March 15, 2011 you plan to pocket what little money was refunded in a so-called “bank” fully run by Cebu Pacific.

We had spent well over 10,000 pesos online due to a double booking etc. in December 2010. We ended up having Cebu pocket well over a majority of that money—without providing any service or remuneration. Then, only after several days of wrangling in Manila, we received on December 1, 2010 only partial reimbursement—and this reimbursement is valid only for a time-period that was totally inadequate from the outset, i.e. 3 months or less.

That is, you gave us only till March 15 to use the supposedly “banked” or refunded finances–knowing full-well that the only reason my wife, child and I had flown to Manila in December of 2010 was for my wife to do an interview at the USA Embassy on December 13, i.e. to try and get a visa.

In short, the so-called BANKING OF OUR MONEYS should have had NO DEADLINE whatsoever imposed on it by Cebu Pacific.

NOTE: Lack of Humanity shown towards a nursing baby

Initially, my family had intendeed to fly in January 2011 to the USA together from Taiwan, but because Cebu Pacific’s overzealous and anti-Filipino boarding-of-plane policies my wife was unable to fly on December 15, my wife and daughter flew eventually this month from Manila.

Meanwhile, I should note, in your letter (below) you are totally wrong about my daughter’s passport. (My daughter has a USA passport but is nursing.) This daughter of mine, therefore, was unfairly also forced on December 15, 2010 by Cebu Pacific to stay in Manila with her mother–Maria Victoria Stoda. until my wife finished her paperwork at the USA Embassy and was able to fly to the USA on January 11, 2011.

It is clear that failure to refund my wife’s ticket or bank her money for her December 15, 2011 ticket. This is unfair.

It is clear that you also failed to bank and/or refund my daughter’ airline money’s too from December 15.

You had also failed to give a full refund or full banking of moneys from December 10 and December 11 from Taiwan to Manila for me and my entire family as well.

What little refund you provide disappears into Cebu Pacific’s profits on March 15.

What kind of customer service is this?

Your firm is already known to provide bad internet service. When will customer service be better?


Kevin Stoda
902 Pennell St.
Carl Junction, MO 64834

From: Ivan Henry D. Gaw
Sent: Tue, January 25, 2011 5:00:49 AM
Subject: Letter from Cebu Pacific

Dear Mr. Kevin Stoda,
Warm Greetings from Cebu Pacific!
This is in connection with the double booking concern that we have received from you and also your concern regarding your wife’s non-acceptance to her flight due to required travel documents.
First of all, we would like to apologize for whatever inconvenience you might have experienced with our online booking.
We would like to clarify however that the system does not have a feature that could detect bookings of persons with similar names, even for a specific flight. We have to take into consideration that there are people with the exact same names as others. For the said reason, passengers are expected to be diligent while creating their booking.
In every transaction there is a complete summary of your booking that can be found in every page. This was purposely designed so that you can check all the details of your flight (flight date, flight time, name of passengers, fare rate, etc) prior to the payment page. Booking may still be changed without any charges once you noticed an error or mistake on any information that you have placed if you have not end your transaction yet. However, once you have already finalized the booking, any changes made with the booking are subject to penalties. A tick box can also be found to verify with the purchaser that the booking is correct.
As a security measure, all guests are asked to present valid identification upon check in may it be for domestic travel, moreso on our regional routes. We also do not allow proxy check-in and requires guests to present themselves for profiling when they check-in.
As gesture of goodwill from the management, we have granted full travel fund to your booking under record locator S9497G. The amount of TWD 4,471.52 was created on December 14, 2010. Upon checking, you have already used partial amount of the fund in paying for the Prepaid Excess Baggage of your booking under record locator V8MYTZ (flight from Manila to Taipei last December 15, 2010) . In due consideration, the remaining amount (TWD 3, 908.94) of your booking under record locator S9497G has been placed as well in the travel fund, which you can also use for your future booking with us. Kindly make use of your travel fund before it expires on March 14, 2011. Once the fund expires, we will not be able to extend the validity due to system limitations. Shall you wish to use your fund, you may call our hotline at 02-7020888.
Regarding the non-acceptance of your wife and child, again I do apologize for this. I sincerely empathize with you and understand how you feel going to Taiwan not traveling with them. However checking the passport and visa of Ms Victoria and Master Kenzenia Jean, they are both Filipino Passport holders with a “Single” entry visa going to Taiwan. Please note that their visas are valid until January 13, 2011 only but was extended up to February 13, 2011. However, it clearly shows that the visa is valid for a single entry only. When they flew to Taipei last October 16, 2010, they can extend their stay up to February 13, 2010. However, they went back to the Philippines last December 12, 2010 that’s why their Visas were stamped as “Used”. In order for them to go to Taiwan, they need to secure a new Visa.
Please note that in the Airline’s Terms and Conditions, it says that the airline has the right to refuse any passenger whose travel documents are not in order. If CEB allows your wife and child for check-in, the Bureau of Immigration will fine the airline and may will deport them to the point of origin because of documentary reason.
I hope I was able to clarify all of your concerns. Should you have any more inquiry, please don’t hesitate to email me.


Ivan Gaw
Manager- Guest Services

About eslkevin

I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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1 Response to Cebu Pacific Plans to Pocket more Monies from My Family while Providing no Services in March 2011–What about you?

  1. Love 2 Type says:

    my parents have exactly the same first name and family name.. the only difference is middle name of course which is not much of a big deal in booking tickets online. At present, I can’t book a flight for both parents at the same time anymore.

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