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36th anniversary of the ending of the USA role in Vietnam War today

I usually take time to tell the story of my 7th grade History teacher who told us on this date, April 30, 1975, that we students would not forget this date. He had served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot. … Continue reading

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Meet and Help One of the Most Persecuted Peoples in the World: The Rohingya ethnic minority of Burma

Consider helping these folks. Here are some notes on them from REFUGEES INTERNATIONAL: “Anywhere is better for us. Even the fire, the sea, or desert,” a Rohingya woman told Refugees International’s staff during a recent mission to Bangladesh. The Rohingya … Continue reading

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Write, Call and Tell Your Congressional Representative to oppose the Endless War Act of 2011, i.e the submitted McKeon’s Act

I have written several congressmen and senators who are promoting endless war while trying to cut social security and social spending. I am tired of it. Aren’t you?–Take ACTION–Kas Dear Representative: I strongly encourage you to oppose Chairman McKeon’s … Continue reading

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MASIJC has a primer on what to do if your state tries to copy the Arizona immigration laws

Check out the guidelines and the website below if this emergency is arising in your state. Get the facts and share them!–KAS Guide to State Immigration Laws What You Need to Know If Your State is Considering Arizona SB1070-Type … Continue reading

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Supreme Court is out to Bankrupt Americans with this new law

Readers, a few days back, I wrote that Congress needed to repeal its 2005 bankruptcy legislation. Now, instead of seeing any reprieve from corporate misdeeds in contracting and over-the-phone agreements, the highest Court in America is stabbing us in the … Continue reading

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I signed the petition for the improved Toxic Substances Control Act, have you?

I have a one year old daughter. I am worried Senator. sign up here: Dear Senator, As one of a million members of, I urge you to please move quickly to update the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 (TSCA) by supporting … Continue reading

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There May Yet be Hope for American Governance this Year!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) ” wants the full Senate to consider repealing oil and gas” subsidies next month. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is also urging House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) to vote on repealing the subsidies. … Continue reading

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Bernanke Meets The Press and shows that the Federal Reserve–like Obama and the Republican Party–are not concerned too much with continuing high unemployment

As records of millions of Americans end up working abroad in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and elsewhere int 2011 because there are not jobs at home, the Federal Reserve fails to lift a finger to help American families reunite in … Continue reading

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The Business Insider provides ” 15 Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind” There is both danger and good news in Chinas future and that future in some areas is already NOW–according to Vincent Fernando and Gus Lubin. In this piece from THE BUSINESS INSIDER, The two AUTHORS have provided a wonderful … Continue reading

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Now Republicans want to take away Medicare’s guarantee of care from anyone who turns 65 more than ten years from now. And they aren’t even doing it to pay down the deficit

Again, ‘Nuff said, America–-KAS Dear Kevin, The Republicans want to break the Medicare covenant we’ve had in place since 1965. The covenant is simple and fair. Americans work all their lives, pay their taxes, provide for their families, and then … Continue reading

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