Videos Of The SOA Watch March To The White House To Close The SOA And Resist Militarization

Videos Of The SOA Watch March To The White House To Close The SOA And Resist Militarization

On Sunday, April 10, hundreds marched to the White House, where 27 human rights activists were arrested when they staged a die-in on the White House sidewalk to call attention to thousands of Latin Americans who were murdered by graduates of the U.S. Army School of the Americas. The march to close the SOA and to resist militarization included torture survivors, union workers, educators and students from across the Americas. Marchers carried banners, flags and large puppets, including a 14-foot tall Mother of the Disappeared with them to the White House.

Check out [also] the photos of the march to the White House and the Nonviolent Direct Action by Ted Majdosz and by Linda Panetta.


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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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One Response to Videos Of The SOA Watch March To The White House To Close The SOA And Resist Militarization

  1. eslkevin says:

    Videos of the SOA Watch March to the White House to Close the SOA and Resist Militarization

    Movement videographers Gabriela Uassouf, Eddie Becker and Tamar Maya Sharabi have produced high-quality videos about the April 10 march to the White House.

    The videos include footage of the march and the action in front of the White House as well as interviews with participants. Tamar’s video is bilingual and includes English and Spanish subtitles.

    Post the videos on your blogs and facebook pages. The short video clips are a great tool to educate and mobilize family and friends, people who are new to the issues and long-time activists.

    Check in the next few days for additional video footage!

    Did you take photos during the Days of Action in Washington, DC? Click here to upload your photos to the SOA Watch flickr group.

    News from the Americas

    Argentine Junta’s Last President Gets Life Sentence
    General Reynaldo Bignone, the last president in Argentina’s military regime was sentenced on April 14 to life in prison for crimes against humanity.

    An amnesty law, that had protected officers and others involved in the crimes during Argentina’s “dirty war” was revoked in 2005. Since then, Argentine courts have convicted more than 200 leaders of the military regime (many of whom were trained at the School of the Americas), while about 800 former soldiers and police agents have yet to be tried…. Click here to read the full update.

    Salvadoran General Faces Deportation From The U.S.
    General Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova is one of many Salvadoran human rights abusers with links to the notorious School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. Vides Casanova was honored by the School of the Americas for his “exemplary role in the Salvadoran Army” and gave the graduation address in 1985.

    He is now standing trial in Miami and is facing deportation. Check out the comment by his lawyer: “It is ironic that the winds have changed, but no one in the United States government has been called negatively to account for any of these cases.” Click here for more information.

    Meanwhile, U.S. militarization in the Americas continues. The Pentagon is planning to establish another military base in Honduras and the U.S. Southern Command is moving into full gear for the planning of the “Fuerzas Comando” military exercise with Special Forces soldiers from more than 25 nations. “Fuerzas Comando” will be held in El Salvador from June 15-23).

    SOA Watch is getting ready to head down to Honduras in 9 days to stand with the Resistance against the U.S. supported military coup. We are moving forward with the next steps of the campaign to get Obama to sign an executive order to close the SOA (stay tuned for more information) and we have set the dates for the November Vigil to close the SOA and to resist militarization from November 18-20, 2011.

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