Dear Representative Pompeo, where are the jobs and why are you mouthing off phrases written by Karl Rove instead of doing your own thinking?

MIKE POMPEO of Kansas is just as bad as Tim Huelskamp (KS), Member of Congress . Check out his horrible newsletter (below) here–-and then give Pompeo your opinion and earful on Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers he worships like a cool-aid drinking flunky. Demand also that he get us good jobs and stop the promising ad nauseum of the Koch Brothers–who’ve already helped ruin the economy at government and tax payer expenses.

Dear Mr Pompeo,

Today I received a raunchy example of your emails and newsletters.

In the mailing you raved like a fanatic against something you named “OBAMACARE” and against labor unions. (IF I had a job, I’d join a union but you, the Bushites, the Clintonite, and the Koch Bros. have messed up the American Economy so bad, it is hard for a teacher to find a job in Kansas.)

You know very well–many Kansans–like me still don’t have and can’t afford coverage–I pay for my wife and baby and that is it.

Quit playing around with phases like Obama Care and attacking unions.

Be a leader on reform not some crazy sounding anti-government guy with 50 machine guns aimed at the White House!!!

Also, quit telling us the economy and government is broke when you approved a continuation of record tax cuts for the wealthy and waant to spend a trillion dollars on the DOD and wars in the next year.


Kevin Stoda
Copeland, KS67837

About eslkevin

I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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2 Responses to Dear Representative Pompeo, where are the jobs and why are you mouthing off phrases written by Karl Rove instead of doing your own thinking?

  1. eslkevin says:

    OK, Mike Pompeo, you didn’t mention labor unions but you did promise jobs jobs jobs.

    Where are the?

  2. eslkevin says:

    Get to work on cutting the DOD budget, MP.
    The Obama Withdrawal Plan: Too Little, Too Slow; It’s Time to Defund These Wars

    By michael payne

    DefundWar by

    Did we expect anything else from this president? Did we think he would show strong courage and conviction by seizing this brilliant opportunity to withdraw sizable numbers of U.S. troops this year and bring the rest home by the end of 2012? Not really; but many of us still harbored a naïve expectation that he might make such a stunning announcement and do what is right for this nation and the world in the cause of peace; he didn’t rise to the occasion and he failed us once again.

    No, he didn’t listen to the millions of those who elected him; once again he caved in to the U.S. military and the defense industry that continue to make obscene profits from these wars. Well, that should be the last straw; it is time that the decision on pursuing these wars be taken out of his hands. It is time that the American people put intense pressure on the Congress to defund these wars and there is a specific way that it can be done.

    The 2012 Defense Appropriations bill will shortly be discussed and debated in the Congress. It includes funding of $119 billion for overseas wars. This is the point where the power of the people can be exercised by millions of Americans who must demand that their representatives significantly reduce this funding; if Congress would decrease this funding by one half, the president and the Pentagon would have no choice but to greatly scale back these wars. Yes, the president could and would veto the bill but it could be overriden if the Senate felt intense pressure from the power of the people.

    Sure, it may be a long shot but this is the only way that these wars will ever be ended. There is a movement underway by any number of organizations to mobilize millions of Americans against these wars. One of them is the RootsAction Team, who through its website is mobilizing Americans to sign a petition to, Ask Congress To Deny War Funding, copies of which will be sent to their representatives in Congress.

    This is how the power of the people can be used in this democracy to bring about change. The power is there for the taking. These movements and mobilizations aren’t easy but multi-millions of Americans need to understand that it’s time to take a strong stand against these endless wars.

    Some well meaning and respected writers such as Robert Parry, in his June 23 article, “Afghan War: No Vietnam Redux”, think that too many on the Left and we progressives are being too hard on him, that we should understand that he is trying to “maneuver through the Washington minefield toward a more peaceful world” and, therefore, we need to cut him some slack.

    I disagree, we are not being too hard on him; it’s been two massive wars, ten years and a tremendous waste of well over a trillion dollars; and, while nation-building has been going on in these occupied nations, America has been falling apart because no funds are available. No, we are not being too hard on him; he is being too tentative and soft. Our taxpayer dollars are fueling these wars that bring only destruction and create nothing of value. The people are tired of not having any voice in how their money is being spent. Enough is enough.

    Have you ever once heard Mr. Obama say anything of substance about the need to make reasonable reductions to the $1.3 trillion annual defense budget and that we must establish an appropriate balance between appropriations for defense and domestic needs? I do not recall one instance when he discussed this most critical issue. Is there any reason whatsoever whey he has failed to do so?

    Mr. Parry indicated that, because of our criticisms, we may be endangering his chances at reelection in 2012, but I have a different view. If he is allowed to continue to make decisions that are in total opposition to the wishes and, yes, demands of the large majority of the American people, without being challenged to do far more, then he will be personally responsible if the people turn on him and elect a Republican president.

    The American people need to get a better understanding of why this nation is caught up in seemingly endless wars; what and who are the driving forces that fuel them. That would be the military-industrial complex (MIC), the most powerful entity in America and here’s how it came into existence.

    The MIC that President Dwight D. Eisenhower had strongly warned against as he left office in 1961 was initiated at the end of World War II. The massive war industry was already in place and then, after the war ended, the birth of the military empire began when thousands of U.S. troops remained in Germany, Italy, France, Britain, Spain, Japan and numerous nations in Europe and around the world.

    There was no way that the huge defense industry was going to dismantle itself so the plan was to continue to find ways to sustain and expand it, and that entailed using national security and wars to justify its existence. The next step was the initiation of the Korean War, promoted and pursued as a means by which to stop North Korea’s invasion of South Korea and to stop the spread of communism. It ended in 1953 but, not surprisingly, over 28,000 U.S. troops still remain there to this day.

    Then came the Vietnam War in which 58,000 troops died before it ended in 1975. There are no troops stationed there now because all of them were forced to leave the country. Since that time we have seen the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which could have been avoided through more rational and logical thinking; but that’s not the way that the MIC and our government operates.

    We can fully expect, regardless of what Mr. Obama is currently saying, that when these formal occupations are supposed to end, there will remain 25,000 to 30,000 U.S. troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq — and the military empire will have expanded again. They will join the existing empire that now includes more than 350,000 U.S. troops stationed at more than 865 military installations in 130 nations around the world.

    The MIC, with its military, industrial and financial components, long ago recognized that to maintain its power, influence and massive profits, then war would have to be perpetuated and it has. The empire continues to expand, the wars go on and the members of the MIC prosper. Down through the years their cause has been strongly supported by the Congress, that’s why it’s sometimes more accurately called the military-industrial-congressional complex, and various presidents. And that’s where we find ourselves today, hooked on war.

    In this clever plan to perpetuate wars and expand the military empire, there are winners and losers, so let’s examine each:

    The generals and high officials of Washington know wars are the way to earn advancement, more prestige, more money and lucrative jobs in the defense industry when they retire from government; they fully support this agenda of perpetual war and they clearly are winners.

    On the other end of that spectrum we have the troops who find themselves deployed time after time in Iraq or Afghanistan. Their morale is very bad, suicides are increasing; far too many have been killed; multi-thousands have sustained brain injuries that will cripple them for life. They are among the losers.

    The big winners also include the titans of Wall Street, their CEO’s, and their investors who reap billions of dollars from the massive, continuous financial agreements that are involved in the proliferation of wars. Their partners in these endeavors, the giant corporations of the industrial sector, are assured of a continuous stream of massive profits from the number one industry in America, weapons of war. They are big winners.

    Also on the losing side are people on both sides of the wars. First, the people of America are experiencing a great crisis in their lives as they try to survive in a nation that has allocated a lion’s share of its wealth to war rather than to addressing the critical domestic needs of America.

    And those who are losing most of all are the people of those nations that have been invaded and occupied; those thousands of innocent people who are caught between the U.S. troops and the supposed enemy. They have seen their homes and their loved ones destroyed by the terrible weapons of war, including the deadly drones that rain death upon them as they try to live normal lives.

    So here we are with a president who is following the same script that has been followed by a succession of presidents since World War II. It calls for maintaining and expanding the military empire and sustaining the MIC. Since he has, once again, completely rejected the wishes of the American people there is only one solution to this festering problem.

    The power of the people must be energized and mobilized through petitions and every other means available to inform the Congress that they have had enough, that the president’s latest plan is totally unacceptable and that this Congress must take the steps to defund the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya. This is the time to act; there is more and more opposition building in both the Senate and the House over the costs and length of these wars, and nation-building in other countries while America’s critical domestic needs are ignored.

    Defunding can be done in a logical, rational manner; in a systematic, effective way that will guarantee the safety and security of the American people. We have to stop thinking that we are powerless to do anything about these wars; we have the power, it must be used, the process to do it is there; these wars must be defunded. Please sign the petitions at the above mentioned site or when other organizations contact you via e-mail.

    Michael Payne

    Author’s Bio: Michael Payne is an independent progressive who writes articles about domestic social and political matters as well as American foreign policy. He is a U.S. Army veteran. His major goal is to convince Americans that our perpetual wars must end before they bankrupt our nation. His articles have appeared on Online Journal, Information Clearing House, Peak Oil, Google News and websites around the world.

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