It is time to know the Truth about Hot Coffee & Propaganda–See the film!

Coming from a right-to=work state, I know that labor is not protected well by the legal system and lawyers. It is just as bad in many other states–anti-lawyer-propaganda up to my WAZOO! See the film.–KAS

NOTE: “Filmmaker Susan Saladoff, a former public interest lawyer, talks about her documentary “Hot Coffee,” about the McDonald’s coffee case, which continues to be cited as a prime example of how citizens use “frivolous” lawsuits to take unfair advantage of America’s legal system. But is that an accurate portrayal of the facts? The movie looks at the infamous legal battle that began with a spilled cup of McDonald’s coffee and investigates America’s zeal for tort reform, which, Saladoff argues, could restrict the legal rights of everyday citizens and undermine the entire civil justice system.”


Everyone has heard the story about Stella Liebeck, the 79-year-old woman who supposedly received millions of dollars after spilling hot McDonald’s coffee.

Corporate interests shaped her story into one about “sue-crazy consumers” and “greedy lawyers” teaming up to file a “frivolous lawsuit” against poor unsuspecting businesses like McDonald’s.

Corporate America’s version of this story was designed to manipulate the media and dismantle consumer rights.

Watch the trailer for “Hot Coffee,” the new documentary about corporate attacks on our civil justice system and learn what really happened.

For decades, Public Citizen has been fighting Big Business’ attempts to stop consumers from using our civil justice system to hold reckless corporations accountable.

In addition to the corporate misinformation campaign about the McDonald’s case, the documentary also details efforts to undermine the very structure of our legal system.

Attempts by lawmakers to prevent injured patients from holding big players in the medical industry accountable for wrongdoing are one example of such attacks.

Another example is the forced arbitration clauses that many corporations bury in the fine print of contracts for employment and consumer products. The clauses force wronged individuals into making their case before biased, unaccountable arbitrators that are dependent on corporations for repeat business.

Learn about what really happened in the McDonald’s case and other important issues facing consumers in the courts.

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Rick Claypool
Public Citizen’s Online Action Team

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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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