Exposing the Religious Bigotry of the Far Right


Exposing the Religious Bigotry of the Far Right

Earlier this month, nearly every major GOP presidential candidate, along with the top two Republicans in the House of Representatives, spoke at the Religious Right’s annual Values Voter Summit. In response to calls from PFAW and others, presidential candidate Mitt Romney made a modest effort to distance himself from the bigoted hate speech regularly pushed by the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer at the event.

In our coverage of the Summit and its participants, PFAW’s Right Wing Watch also seized on the anti-Mormon comments of a Perry supporter and Radical Right preacher from Texas, fueling a media flap that’s still going even two weeks after the Summit. Questions of religious bigotry on the Right, and the anti-Mormon and anti-Catholic statements of the preacher in question, Robert Jeffres, continue to be a part of the GOP presidential primary narrative.

Recap of the Values Voters Summit >

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Who’s Who: A Guide to the Anti-Gay, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Mormon, Anti-Choice Activists Who Spent the Weekend with the GOP at the Summit >

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