CNN and FOX Should Watch Democracy Now–Notes on Thursdays AMERICAN MEDIA GIANTS GET THIS WRONG


  1. News for cnn and fox gets insurance decision wrong
    1. CNNFox News get Supreme Court ruling wrong at first


      Asheville Citizen-Times‎ – 1 day ago
      CNNFox News get Supreme Court ruling wrong at first  decisionincorrectly on President Barack Obama’s health care law on Thursday. / AP 
      Wall Street Journal‎ – 3 hours ago
  2. Confusion spreads as CNNFox News get health-care ruling wrong 

    John Bowman
    by John Bowman – in 76 Google+ circles

    Confusion spreads as CNNFox News get health-care ruling wrong. by John Bowman Posted: June 28, 2012 11:16 AM Last Updated: June 28, 2012 11:38 AM 

  3. Supreme Court Health Care Ruling: CNNFox News Wrong On 

…/cnn-supreme-court-health-care-i… – Cached

    1 day ago – She said that the decision was “thick” and “legally dense,” scanning the CNNFox News get health care ruling wrong We 

  4. CNNFox report wrong ruling on health care | Seattle

…/CNN-reports-wrong-ruling-on-health-care… – Cached

    1 day ago – CNNFox report wrong ruling on health careCNNFox  Get Jesse Is Orbitz steering Mac users to higher-priced hotels?add to reading list 

  5. CNNFOX gets Obamacare Supreme Court ruling wrong, mocked 

…/story.html – Cached

    1 day ago – CNNFOX gets Obamacare Supreme Court ruling wrong, mocked on that most Americans get insurance by 2014 or pay a financial penalty.

  6. Healthcare ruling: CNN and Fox News report wrong decision 

    Adam Gabbatt
    by Adam Gabbatt – in 192 Google+ circles

    1 day ago – CNN was not the only news organisation to get it wrong – FoxNews also  individual mandate portion of health care law. 

  7. CNNFox News get health care ruling wrong |

…/CNNFox-News-get-health-care-ruling-wro – Cached

    1 day ago – President Barack Obama reacts to Supreme Courts decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act.  CNNFox News get health care ruling wrong 

  8. CNNFox report wrong ruling on health care | Austin


    1 day ago – CNN and Fox News went on across the board Thursday incorrectly reporting the heart of President Obama’s health care law had been 

  9. OOPS! CNNFox News Gets Supreme Court Ruling Wrong | 93.1 

…/oops-cnnfox-news-gets-s… – United States – Cached

    1 day ago – CNNFox News Gets Supreme Court Ruling Wrong  got the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Obama’s health care law wrong — and even 

  10. CNNFox News Get SCOTUS Ruling Wrong |

…/cnnfox-news-get-scotus-ruling-wr – Cached

    1 day ago – CNNFox News Get SCOTUS Ruling Wrong. Both CNN and Fox News Channel incorrectly reported Thursday that the law’s central provision, 

  11. memeorandum: CNN and Fox get it wrong on health-care ruling 


    1 day ago – Josh Levs / CNN: What the health care ruling means to you. Justin Sink….. Zeke Miller / BuzzFeed: CNN Gets ObamaCare Decision Wrong 

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