If the most elite bankers can be allowed to get away with crimes, they will keep on doing it

Why have no bankers been arrested? | Snowblog

  1. Libor: The Crime of the Century | The Nation

    6 Jul 2012 – And these guys will most likely not do the time because their kind rewrites the law before committing the crime manipulated “to act as if the banking system was doing better than it  The sad reality is that they will probably get away with it. A Promise Obama Can Keep Before the Election: Make Trade 


    Truth You Can Wake Up To | The blog from Samuel William

    truthyoucanwakeupto.wordpress.com/ – Cached

    5 May 2012 – I think she is doing just fine.  They are happy with a clean getaway. Obviously I could keep on writing those for ever but would it ever be enough to  I tried to make the point that the crimes of the elite bankers  But most people willchoose who to vote for based on how much each candidate is offering.


    Central banks: The twilight of the central banker | The Economist

    26 Jun 2012 – We use cookies to support features like login and allow trusted media partners to analyse  Keep cookies enabled to enjoy the full site experience.  Above all, the report captures what may be the most critical error of the modern central ….Central bankers will inevitably face limits on what they can achieve.


    Being Saved

    That’s why I get hit with “bad luck” often and they know they can target me because I with the elite or bankers controlling the media or most of the mainstream  as to how you can get away with treason, murder or criminal activity yourself that  the reality of the situation so they tend to lie to themselves hoping things will get 


    Ian Welsh

    1 day ago – The horizon is not so far as we can see, but as far as we can imagine Making organizations work if they’re filled with people who don’t  advantage of and abuses virtually everyone and is still able to get them  They are doing fine. …. plant evidence on people and they will, in most cases, get away with it.


    Fraud and Tax Crimes: Do You Really Have to Worry? – The Tax 

    taxattorneydaily.com/topics/ch-10-fraud-and-tax-crimes.php – Cached

    Hire the best tax and/or criminal lawyer you can find.  They will give you the benefitof the doubt most of the time.  A mistake on your tax return might get you a 20% penalty tacked on to your tax bill.  Or, diplomatically tell the auditor you will consider it and then throw the form away If in doubt, keep your mouth closed.


    Crooked Bankers | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

    onpoint.wbur.org/2012/07/18/bankers – Cached

    18 Jul 2012 – They will succeed, and society (that is, we) will have to countenance the If only they could shed the shackles of regulation entirely, surely …. multinational companies wouldn’t be able to get away with effective tax rates in the single digits. ….But there is no rule of law in America for the criminal elite so don’t 


    Now they can say it – this is a criminal operation « Act of Defiance

    actofdefiance.wordpress.com/…/now-theycan-say-it-this-is-a-… – Cached

    28 Jun 2012 – “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.  where banks felt they could get away with irresponsible practices, safe in the …. And most of all, why has all this been allowed to go on for so long, nearly 


    11 Things That Can Happen When You Allow Your Country To 

    theeconomiccollapseblog.com/…/11-things-that-can-happen-… – Cached

    9 Aug 2012 – Aquaponics:The most sustainable and productive way to grow your own Borrowing money from the bankers can allow a nation to have a …. In the end, theyare going to take as much away from us as they can possibly get away with.  #6When things get bad enough, there will be rioting in the streets.


    How to Become a Socialite: 3 Methods – wikiHow

        22 Aug 2012 – As most people that come across this page, you’re probably not When people ask you about your early life -and they will-, think of some interesting details to tell them.  in business (you thought you could still get away without working?  the true elite; lack of sophistication is a crime in the socialite world.

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