COGNATES= German and English Examples

I am getting ready to do a workshop on the psychological aspects of learning a third language. I will focus on cognates in German and English because German was recently selected as the second foreign language to by taught in Omani public schools. Many of my colleagues here in Oman have learnt one or more other language. Many of my students speak two other languages.–KAS

NOTE: It appears to me that on this list are included many Latin/Greek cognates, which might have rather moved into English through other routes than Germanic or Saxish ones. Usually two or one syllable words, like “Mutter, Sohn, Tochter, und Vater”, are of exclusive Germanic origin–whiles longer syllabic words may have entered English through French or other Romance languages.–kas


urverwandtes Wort

  A COGNATE is a word that has the same original source as a similar word in another language and is therefore related to that word. The German wordHaus is a cognate related to the English word “house.” A FALSE COGNATE is a word that may appear to be a cognate but is not (e.g., bald or fast in German). >English-German Cognates



English-German Cognates




Here is an alphabetical list of German-English cognates

Genuine Cognates: A

Words that are identical or similar in English and German

ALSO SEE: False Cognates (False Friends) > Cognate Sound Shifts

Noun Genders: r (der, masc.), e (die, fem.), s (das, neu.)
Abbreviations: adj. adjective, adv. adverb, Am American English, Br British English, diff. used in a different or limited sense, f.c. false cognate, n. noun, pl. plural, pron. pronounced, v. verb

baby s Baby

badminton s Badminton

balcony r Balkon

Balkans, the r Balkan

ball r Ball

ballet s Ballett (from French)

balloon r Ballon

banana e Banane

band e Band (music)
  r Band (diff.) volume (book)
  s Band (diff.) ribbon, tape

bank e Bank
  e Bank (diff.) bench

barometer s Barometer

bath s Bad* > Consonant Sound Shifts (d-th)

battery e Batterie

bear r Bär

bed s Bett* > Consonant Sound Shifts (tt-d)

bee e Biene > Vowel Sound Shifts (ie-ee)

beep r Piep (also “peep” in English)

beer s Bier > Vowel Sound Shifts (ie-ee)

benzene s Benzol (s Benzin) NOTE: Benzene is an ingredient in gasoline; Benzin = gasoline

Bible e Bibel

bikini r Bikini

billiards e Billard

bitter bitter

blind blind (pron. BLINT)

blinken blinken (flash, turn signal)
blinker r Blinker (turn signal)

blitzkrieg r Blitzkrieg**

blizzard r Blizzard

bloc/block r Block
  (diff.Block in German can have several meanings: bar (soap), bulk, (note) pad, etc., but not a city block.

blockade e Blockade

blond(e) blond

blood s Blut > Vowel Sound Shifts (u-oo)

blouse e Bluse*

blue blau*

blue jeans die Bluejeans (pl.)

board > on board an Bord (pron. on BORT)

boat s Boot* (pron. BOAT)

book s Buch*

born (p.p.geboren*

boulevard r Boulevard (from French)

boxer r Boxer (dog and fighter)

brackish brackig (water)

bratwurst e Bratwurst**

Brazil s Brasil

bread s Brot*

broccoli die Brokkoli (pl.)

buffet s Buffet/s Büffet

bungalow r Bungalow

bus r Bus (pron. BOOCE)

butter e Butter

buzzard r Bussard


NOTE: Many c-words in English are k-words in German. The C and CH words in English usually reflect the c/ch-k shift in German. See Cognate Sound Shifts for more.

cabaret s Kabarett

cabinet s Kabinett

cable s Kabel

cadet r Kadett

cadre r Kader

café s Café

Cairo s Kairo

calendar r Kalender

calorie(s) e Kalorie(n)

camel s Kamel

camera e Kamera

Canada s Kanada

candidate r Kandidat

cannibal r Kannibale

cannon e Kanone

cape s Kap (geographic)

caravan e Karawane

carbuncle r Karbunkel

card e Karte

cardinal r Kardinal

Caribbean e Karibik*

Carnival (Mardi Gras) r Karneval

carp r Karpfen*

carrot e Karotte

cassette e Kassette

cassette recorder r Kassettenrekorder

cat e Katze

chapel e Kapelle*

charter flight r Charterflug

check (bankr Scheck

chemical (adj.chemisch*
chemical (n.e Chemikalie*
chemist r Chemiker*
chemistry e Chemie*

China s China

chocolate e Schokolade

cigarette e Zigarette

clown r Clown

club r Club (pron. KLOOP)

cobra e Kobra

cocktail r Cocktail
  diff. – Cocktail in German can also refer to a cocktail party or reception.

coffee r Kaffee

coma s Koma

comment, commentary r Kommentar

communism r Kommunismus
communist r Kommunist

compass r Kompass

compatible kompatibel (tech., lit.)

competence e Kompetenz
  diff. – Kompetenz in German refers more to “authority” or “jurisdiction.”
competent (adj.kompetent
  diff. – Also “authorized” or “having jurisdiction”

complex (adj.komplex
complex (n.r Komplex

complicated kompliziert

compromise r Kompromiss

computer r Computer

concert s Konzert

confetti s Konfetti

confirmation e Konfirmation (only in religious sense)

congress r Kongress
  diff. – Kongress in German can also refer to a convention or trade show.

continent r Kontinent

cool kühl
cool! cool!

coral e Koralle

cork r Kork(en)

cost(s) die Kosten (pl.)
  (f.c.e Kost = food, fare

countess e Komtess

cow e Kuh

cowboy r Cowboy

creative kreativ

credit r Kredit (also means “loan” in German)
credit card e Kreditkarte

criminal r Kriminelle
criminal (adj.kriminell

critic r Kritiker
  (f.c.e Kritik = criticism

crocodile s Krokodil

crocus r Krokus

crown e Krone*

crucifix s Kruzifix

Cuba s Kuba

cuckoo r Kuckuck*

curve e Kurve


dame e Dame
  diff. – German Dame means “lady” (meine Damen und Herren = ladies and gentlemen) or “queen” in a deck of cards.

dance r Tanz
dancer r Tänzer/e Tänzerin
  NOTE: Similar to dance/Tanz, other English-German cognates also reflect the so-called “d-t shift” in which an English d replaces the German t or th: dollar/Thaler, door/Tür, etc. This shift also works in the other direction: thank/danken, leather/Leder.

data e Daten (pl.)
data bank e Datenbank

date s Datum (calendar)

day r Tag* (d-t shift; see more under “dance” above)

dead tot* (TOTE)
death r Tod* (dare TOTE) (d-t shift; see more under “dance” above)

deaf taub* (d-t shift; see more under “dance” above)

debacle s Debakel

debut s Debüt

decadence e Dekadenz
decadent dekadent

decimal Dezimal-e Dezimalzahl (decimal number)

December r Dezember

deck s Deck (nautical, bus)

decorate dekorieren

defect r Defekt (mech., physical)

demo e Demo (protest, sample)

Denmark s Dänemark

depot s Depot (storage, garage)

deserter r Deserteur

design s Design
designer r Designer

devil r Teufel* (TOY-fel) (d-t shift; see more under “dance” above)

diamond r Diamant

diesel r Diesel
  NOTE: The diesel engine gets its name from its German inventor, Rudolf Diesel.

dike r Deich (barrier)

discipline e Disziplin

disco e Disko

discuss diskutieren (über)
discussion e Diskussion

dock s Dock (nautical)

doctor r Doktor
  NOTE: As in English, the term Doktor can refer to various kinds of doctors (Ph.D., MD, etc.). A medical doctor or physician is der Arzt (m.) or die Ärztin (f.).

dollar r Thaler (d > th shift: Cognate Sound Shifts)
  NOTE: A Thaler (pron. TALLER) is an old unit of currency from which “dollar” also gets its name.

dolphin r Delphin

domino r Domino (piece), s Domino (game)

door e Tür (d-t shift; see more under “dance” above)

doping s Doping

dove e Taube* (d-t shift; see more under “dance” above)

dozen s Dutzend

dream r Traum (TROW-m) (d-t shift; see more under “dance” above)

drink trinken
drunk(en) betrunken* (d-t shift; see more under “dance” above)

drug e Droge (illegal)
drugstore e Drogerie (sells cosmetics, toiletries, but NO prescriptions!)

dumb dumm (not smart)

dynamic dynamisch (adj./adv.)
dynamic(s) e Dynamik

dynamite s Dynamit

dynamo r Dynamo

dynasty e Dynasti


earth e Erde*
  NOTE: The earth/Erde pair reflects the so-called “t-d shift” in which an English th or t is replaced by a German d, as in leather/Leder or thank/danken. This shift also works in the other direction: door/Tür. More in Cognate Sound Shifts.

earnest (seriousernst

edit (computingeditieren
editor (computingr Editor

effective effectiv

ego s Ego (also s Ich)
egoist r Egoist

Egypt s Ägypten*
Egyptian ägyptisch*

eight acht > Cognate Sound Shifts (ch-gh)

elastic elastisch

elbow r Ellenbogen*

electric(al) elektrisch
electrician r Elektriker
electricity e Elektrizität

electron s Elektron
electronic elektronisch
electronics e Elektronik

electrostatic elektrostatisch

elegance e Eleganz > Cognate Sound Shifts (z-c)
elegant elegant

element s Element
  NOTE: Most of the chemical elements in German are also cognates and neuter (das). There are only a few Germanic exceptions that are masculine. For more see Chemische Elemente.

elephant r Elefant

elk r Elch > Cognate Sound Shifts (ch-k)

e-mail e E-Mail

emancipate emanzipieren
emancipation e Emanzipation

emblem s Emblem

embolism e Embolie

end s Ende

energy e Energie

engineer r Ingenieur* (with univ. degree)

England s England

English s Englisch

entertainer r Entertainer

equator r Äquator

era e Ära

erotic erotisch

ersatz** Ersatz– (in compounds)

Eskimo r Eskimo

Esperanto s Esperanto

espionage e Spionage*

espresso r Espresso

ethic(s) e Ethik
ethical ethisch

euro r Euro

Europa s Europa
European europäisch

even eben (level, flat)
  SEE: Cognate Sound Shifts (b-v)

exact exakt

exclusive exklusiv

exist existieren

exotic exotisch

experiment s Experiment

explosion e Explosion

expressionism r Expressionismus


fable e Fabel

fabrication, manufacture e Fabrikation

fabulous fabulös

face lift s Facelifting

facet e Facette

facsimile s Faksimile (also see “fax”)

fact s/r Fakt
  Anglicism: Fakt ist, dass… = the fact is, that…

faction e Fraktion*

factor r Faktor

faculty e Fakultät
  diff. – the German word also refers to a “school” or “college” within a university

fair adj. fair
fairly adv. fair
  Also: unfair = unfair(ly)
fairness e Fairness
fair play s Fairplay

fakir r Fakir (Indian mystic)

falcon r Falke*
falconer r Falkner

fall v. fallen
fall n. r Fall (waterfall, a fall [tumble])
  f.c. r Fall = case > False Cognates

fallout r Fallout

false, wrong falsch

familiar familiär
  diff. – the German word also means “having to do with family”
family e Familie

fan r Fan (supporter)
fan club r Fanklub

fanatic adj. fanatisch
fanatic n. r Fanatiker
fanatical adj. fanatisch
fanaticism n. r Fanatismus

fantastic adj. fantastisch
fantasy e Fantasie (imagination; false picture)

farce e Farce (theatrical)

farm e Farm
farmer r Farmer
farmhouse s Farmhaus

fascism r Faschismus
fascist adj. faschistisch
fascist n. r Faschist

fat n. s Fett (also “grease”)
fat(ty) adj. fett
fat(ty) adj. fettig

father r Vater*

faux pax r Fauxpas (from French)

favorite r Favorit

fax (facsimiles Fax

feather e Feder*
  NOTE: The feather/Feder pair reflects the so-called “t-d shift” in which an English th or t is replaced by a German d, as in leather/Leder or thank/danken. This shift also works in the other direction: door/Tür.

fecal adj. fäkal
feces Fäkalien pl.

feed, fodder s Futter*

feel fühlen*
feeler (bugr Fühler*

fenestration s Fenster* (both from Latin)

ferry e Fähre*

fetish r Fetisch

fever s Fieber*

fiasco s Fiasko

field s Feld

figure e Figur

filet, fillet s Filet

Filipina n. e Filipina
Filipino n. r Filipino

filling, stuffing e Füllung*

film n. r Film (also movie)
film v. filmen (make a movie)
film festival n. s Filmfest

filter n. r Filter
filter v. filtern

final adj. final

finance n. e Finanz (the German word refers to the “financial world”)
financial adj. Finanz– (in compounds)
financial adj. finanziell

find v. finden
finder r Finder

finger r Finger
  See Parts of the Body (Lesson 15)

finite (verbfinit (in grammatical sense only)

Finland s Finnland
Finn (personr/e Finne
Finnish adj. finnisch
  See Land & Leute – nationalities

fire n. s Feuer*
fire v. feuern*

firm, company e Firma

fish n. r Fisch
fish v. fischen
fisher(man) n. r Fischer
fish market r Fischmarkt
fish(ing) net s Fischernetz

fission e Fission

fit adj. fit
fitness e Fitness
fitness center s Fitnesscenter

fix n. r Fix (drug slang)

flag e Flagge

flame e Flamme

flamingo r Flamingo
  Exception to the rule that nouns ending in -o are usually das – See German Noun Suffixes and Gender for more

flask e Flasche (s Flakon)
  diff. – Flasche means “bottle,” but the words are related

flat platt – See Consonant Sound Shifts (p-f) 
flesh s Fleisch (also “meat”)

flight r Flug*

flirt n. r Flirt (a flirtation)
flirt v. flirten

flora e Flora

flounder (fishr Flunder

fluid, flowing adj. flüssig*

fodder, feed s Futter*

foible (weakness, liking) s Faible*

foil n. e Folie (metal, plastic)

fold v. falten > Cognate Sound Shifts (t-d, a-o)

folk s Volk* > Cognate Sound Shifts (v-f)

foot r Fuß*
football (soccer) r Fußball*

force v. forcieren
forced adj. forciert

forest r Forst (r Wald is more common)
forest v. forsten
forester r Förster

form n. e Form
form v. formen

formal adj. formal
formality n. e Formalität
formalize v. formalisieren

format s Format

formula e Formel*
formula-1 race s Formel-1-Rennen*

forum s Forum

forty vierzig* > Cognate Sound Shifts (v-f)

forward vorwärts* > Cognate Sound Shifts (v-f, d-t)

fossil n. s Fossil
fossil/fossilized adj. fossil

foul n. s Foul (sports)

four vier* > Cognate Sound Shifts (v-f)
   forty vierzig*

fox r Fuchs*

France s Frankreich*

freeze v. frieren*

freight e Fracht*

French adj. französisch*
French (lang.s Französisch*
French (manr Franzose*
French (womane Französin*
  See Land & Leute – nationalities

fresh adj. frisch

friend m. r Freund
friend f. e Freundin

frog r Frosch*

front e Front
frontal frontal

frost r Frost

frustration r Frust*

full voll* > Cognate Sound Shifts (v-f)

future (tense) s Futur (in grammatical sense only)


gag r Gag

gait (going) r Gang*  > Also see “gang”/die Gang

gala e Gala

gall, gall bladder e Galle

gallery e Galerie

gallium s Gallium

gallon e Gallone = 3.8 liters

gallop r Galopp

gang e Gang (group)

gangrene s Gangrän

gangster r Gangster

garage e Garage

garden r Garten

garotte e Garotte

garnish, decoration n. e Garnierung
garnish v. garnieren

garrison e Garnison

gas s Gas
  diff. – The German word only refers to gaseous (natural) gas, not gasoline (s Benzin); exception: Gas geben = to step on the gas, accelerate
gas pedal s Gaspedal

gastronomic gastronomisch
gastronomy, catering trade s Gastronomie

gazelle e Gazelle

gendarmerie (policee Gendarmerie (Austrian rural police; from French)

generation e Generation

general (adj.generell
general (mil.r General
generalize (v.generalisieren

genius s Genie

Gesundheit!** (exclam.e Gesundheit = health

ghost, spirit r Geist*

giant, titan r Gigant

gin r Gin

giraffe e Giraffe

give v. geben > Cognate Sound Shifts (i-e, v-b)

ghetto s Ghetto

glacier r Gletscher

gladiator r Gladiator

glamour s Glamour (art, press)
glamour girl s Glamourgirl

glass s Glas

glide gleiten*

global global
globe r Globus

glossary s Glossar

go (v.gehen*

god, God r Gott > Cognate Sound Shifts (d-tt)

gold s Gold
golden golden

golf s Golf

good gut > Cognate Sound Shifts (d-t)

gorilla r Gorilla

gourmet r Gourmet

grandfather r Großvater

grapefruit e Grapefruit

grass s Gras

grave s Grab* > Cognate Sound Shifts (v-b)

gray grau*

great, grand, large groß* > Cognate Sound Shifts (t-ß)

Great Britain s Großbritannien

Greece s Griechenland*
Greek r Grieche/e Griechin
Greek (adj.griechisch
Greek (lang.s Griechisch

green grün
greenhorn s Greenhorn
Greenland s Grönland

greet grüßen*

grey grau*

grill r Grill
grill (v.grillen (cooking)
  f.c. – die Grille = cricket; see False Cognates 
grotto e Grotte

ground r Grund

group e Gruppe

gum s Gummi

goulash s Gulasch

guard (mil.e Garde (unit)
guardsman (mil.r Gardist

guarantee e Garantie
guaranteed garantiert

guerilla r Guerilla

guest r Gast*

guitar e Gitarre*

gulf r Golf

gum, rubber s Gummi
  chewing gum s Kaugummi

guppy r Guppy

guru r Guru

gymnastics e Gymnastik
  Note: das Gymnasium = high school; see False Cognates

gyroscope s Gyroskop


ha interj. ha (ha ha)

habit r/s Habit (nun’s dress only)

hack v. hacken (also: chop, mince, hoe)

hacker comp. r Hacker

hair s Haar

Haiti s Haiti

half adj. halb
half n. e Hälfte

hall e Halle (large room)

halo s Halo

halogen s Halogen
  halogen lamp e Halogenlampe

hamburger r Hamburger

hammer r Hammer
hammer v. hämmern

hamster r Hamster

hand e Hand

handicap n. s Handikap (sports)

handy handlich
  f.c. das Handy = cell phone, mobile phone

hang v. hängen

hangar r Hangar

happy ending s Happy-End

hard adj. hart > Cognate Sound Shifts (d-t)

harsh adj. harsch

hat r Hut

has v. hat/hast (form of have/haben below)

have v. haben > Cognate Sound Shifts (v-b)

hazelnut e Haselnuss

head s Haupt*

heal v. heilen*

hear v. hören*

heart s Herz* > Vowel Sound Shifts (e-ea) and Consonant Sound Shifts (z-t)

heat e Hitze*
heat (up) v. heizen*

helicopter r Helikopter (also r Hubschrauber)

helium s Helium (sym. He)

hell e Hölle*

helmet s Helm

help n. e Hilfe*
help v. helfen > Consonant Sound Shifts (p-f)

hematoma s Hämatom (med.)

hen e Henne

herd e Herde
  f.c. der Herd = stove, range

here hier

high adj. hoch
high n. s Hoch


hobby s Hobby

hockey s Hockey
  ice hockey s Eishockey

hold v. halten* > Consonant Sound Shifts (t-d) and Vowel Sound Shifts (a-o)

Holland s Holland

holy, sacred heilig*

homage e Hommage

home s Heim*

honey r Honig*

hoof r Huf*

hop n. r Hops/Hopser
hops (in beere Hopfen (pl.)

horn r Horn (on animal)

horror r Horror

hot heiß > Cognate Sound Shifts (o-ei, t-ss)

hotel s Hotel

hound (dog) r Hund

house s Haus

humane adj. human
  diff. – r Mensch = human (being), menschlich = human
humanism n. r Humanismus
humanist n. r Humanist
humanistic adj. humanistisch

humor r Humor

hundred adj./num. hundert
hundred n. e/s Hundert

hunger r Hunger

hurrah, hurray interj. hurra

hurricane r Hurrikan (also r Orkan)

hut e Hütte

hygiene e Hygiene
hygienic hygienisch

hymn e Hymne

hypochondriac r Hypochonder

hypothesis e Hypothese

hysteria e Hysterie
hysterical hysterisch


iambic adj. jambisch
   iambic pentameter fünfüßiger Jambus

Iberia Iberische Halbinsel (Iberian Peninsula, Spain & Portugal)
Iberian adj. iberisch

ibis s Ibis

ice s Eis (pron. like English “ice”) > Vowel Sound Shifts (ei-i)
iceberg r Eisberg
ice cold adj. eiskalt
ice hockey s Eishockey

Iceland s Island (pron. EEZ-lant)

ichthyology e Ichthyologie (also e Fischkunde)

icon s Icon (computing)
icon e Ikone (person/religion)

icy adj. eisig

idea n. e Idee (pron. ee-day)

ideal adj. ideal
ideal n. s Ideal
idealism r Idealismus
idealize v. idealisieren

identical adj. identisch
identity e Identität

ideological adj. ideologisch
ideology e Ideologie

idiot r Idiot

idol s Idol (also r Götze)

idyll n. s Idyll
idyllic adj. idyllisch

igloo r/s Iglu

ignore ignorieren

illegal adj. illegal (also ungesetzlich)

illustrate illustrieren
illustrated adj. illustriert

immune adj. immun (to, gegen)

imperative (mood) r Imperativ (grammar, also e Befehlsform)

imperfect (tense) s Imperfekt (grammar)

imperialism r Imperialismus
imperialist n. r Imperialist
imperialistic adj. imperialistisch

import v. importieren

India s Indien
Indian r Inder (from India)
Indian adj. indisch (of India)
Indian adj. indianisch (American)
Indian r Indianer (Native American)
   Note that German makes a distinction between an American Indian and a person from India.

Indian Ocean Indischer Ozean

Indonesia s Indonesien

industry e Industrie

influence r Einfluss > Vowel Sound Shifts (ei-i)

information e Information (pl. Informationendie Infos)
   In German the plural (Infos) is more common; the singular Information means “a piece of information.”

insect s Insekt

intelligent adj. intelligent

intense/intensive adj. intensiv
   intensive course r Intensivkurs

international adj. international

iota s Jota

Iran r Iran
Iranian adj. iranisch
Iranian n. r Iraner/e Iranerin
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

Iraq r Irak
Iraqi adj. irakisch
Iraqi n. r Iraker/e Irakerin

Ireland s Irland
Irish adj. irisch
Irish n. r Ire/e Irin

iridium s Iridium
   For more elements, see: Chemical Elements in German

Islam r Islam
Islamic adj. islamisch

isolation e Isolation (state)
isolation e Isolierung (act)
   Isolierung can also mean “insulation.”

isomer s Isomer (chem.)

isometric adj.isometrisch
isometrics e Isometrik

Israel s Israel
Israeli adj. israelisch
Israeli n. r Israeli/e Israeli

Italian See Italy below

Italy s Italien
Italian adj. italienisch
Italian n. r Italiener/e Italienerin



jackal r Schakal*

jacket e Jacke

jade (stone) e/r Jade (pron. YA-da)

jaguar r Jaguar

Jamaica s Jamaika
Jamaican adj. jamaikanisch/jamaikisch
Jamaican n. r Jamaikaner/e Jamaikanerin
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

January r Januar (pron. YA-nu-ar)

Japan s Japan
Japanese adj. japanisch
Japanese n. r Japaner/e Japanerin

jargon r Jargon

jasmine r Jasmin

Java s Java

jazz r Jazz (pron. like the English word)

jeans e Jeans (pl.pron. like the English word)

Jesus r Jesus (pron. YEAH-zoos)

jet (plane) r Jet (pron. like the English word)
jet set r Jetset
jet ski r Jetski

jewel s/r Juwel (pron. yu-VAIL)

job r Job (pron. like the English word)

jockey r Jockey

jogger r Jogger (pron. like the English word)
jogging s Jogging (pron. like the English word)

joker r Joker (cards)

Jordan r Jordan
Jordanian adj. jordanisch
Jordanian n. r Jordanier/e Jordanierin

journalist r Journalist

Judas r Judas (traitor)

juggle jonglieren*
juggler r Jongleur/e Jongleuse*

jumbo (jet) r Jumbo (pron. like the English word)
jumbo jet r Jumbojet (pron. like the English word)

jungle r Dschungel*

June r Juni

junior (Jr.) junior (with names)

Jupiter r Jupiter

jury e Jury (in contest/competition)

justice e Justiz (formal, legal)



kangaroo r Känguru

kaput kaputt**

karma s Karma

karate s Karate

kayak r Kajak

Kenya s Kenia
Kenyan adj. kenianisch
Kenyan n. r Kenianer/e Kenianerin
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

kerosene s Kerosin (jet fuel)

ketchup r/s Ketchup

kettle r Kessel

khaki r Khaki (cloth)

kHz s Kilohertz (kHz)

kidnapper r Kidnapper

kick n. r Kick (soccer)
   The German word Kicker is a false cognate meaning soccer player (Fußballer).

killer r Killer

kilogram s Kilogramm
kilohertz s Kilohertz
   Named for Heinrich Hertz, see: Inventors in German
kilometer r Kilometer
kilowatt s Kilowatt

kindergarten r Kindergarten**

king r König*

kiss r Kuss
kiss v. küssen

kitchen e Küche*

kitsch r Kitsch**
kitschy adj. kitschig**

kiwi r Kiwi (bird)
kiwi e Kiwi (fruit)

kleptomania e Kleptomanie
kleptomaniac r Kleptomane/e Kleptomanin

knee s Knie
knee-length knielang

knot r Knoten

knuckle r Knöchel/r Fingerknöchel

KO r KO (pron. KAH-OH, “knockout”)

Koran r Koran

Korea s Korea
Korean adj. koreanisch
Korean n. r Koreaner/e Koreanerin
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

Kuwait s Kuwait



lab (laboratory) s Labor (from Latin)
   in the lab im Labor

labyrinth s Labyrinth (Greek)

ladder e Leiter*

lady e Lady
ladykiller r Ladykiller

lamb s Lamm

lamp e Lampe

lantern e Laterne

Latin s Latein

latrine e Latrine (Latin)

laugh v. lachen* See Vowel Sound Shifts (a-au)

lava e Lava (Italian/Latin)

lay v. legen*

learn lernen/erlernen

leather s Leder* – See Cognate Sound Shifts (d-th)

Lebanese – See Lebanon below

Lebanon s Libanon
Lebanese adj. libanesisch
Lebanese n. r Libanese/e Libanesin
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

legion e Legion

legitimate legitim (lawful)

leitmotiv/leitmotif s Leitmotiv**

lesbian adj. lesbisch
lesbian n. e Lesbierin

lesion e Läsion (med.)

liberal adj. liberal (polit.)
liberal n. e/r Liberale (polit.)
liberalism r Liberalismus (polit.)

libretto s Libretto (mus.)

Libya s Libyen
Libyan adj. libysch
Libyan n. r Libyer/e Libyerin

license e Lizenz (Latin)

lick lecken

lie (recline) liegen

lied (song) s Lied** (pron. LEET)
lieder pl. Lieder** (pron. LEEDER)

lieutenant r Leutnant (mil.)

life s Leben*
live v. leben*

light adj. leicht (weight, difficulty)
light n. s Licht

lily e Lilie

linden e Linde/r Lindenbaum

line e Leine (rope)
line e Linie

link r Link (Web)

lip e Lippe
lipstick r Lippenstift

lisp n. s Lispeln
lisp v. lispeln

list n. e Liste

literary literarisch
literature e Literatur

lithium s Lithium (chem.)

live adj. live (pron. LYFE)
live v. leben*

liver e Leber* – See Consonant Sound Shifts (b-v)
   Idiom: Ihm ist eine Laus über die Leber gelaufen.
   He’s in a bad mood/in ill humor. (“a louse ran across his liver”)

MORE > German-English Idioms – L

lobby e Lobby (polit.)

local adj. lokal

locomotive e Lokomotive/e Lok

logic e Logik (Greek)

long adj./adv. lang/lange

louse/lice e Laus/Läuse (also see ‘liver’ above)
lousy lausig

love n. e Liebe* See Vowel Sound Shifts (ie-o)
love v. lieben*

lox (salmon) r Lachs* (German/Yiddish)

Lucerne s Luzern (city)

luke warm lauwarm*

lung(s) e Lunge (sing. in German)

Luxembourg/Luxemburg s Luxemburg
Luxemburgian adj. luxemburgisch
Luxemburger n. r Luxemburger/e Luxemburgerin

luxurious adj. luxuriös
luxury r Luxus

lymph n. e Lymphe
lymphatic adj. lymphatisch

lyrical adj. lyrisch


machine e Maschine
   machine room r Maschinenraum

macro s Makro

magazine s Magazin

magic e Magie

magnet r Magnet
magnetic adj. magnetisch
magnetic field s Magnetfeld

malt s Malz

Malta s Malta
Maltese adj. maltesisch/Malteser-
Maltese n. r Malteser/e Malteserin
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

man r Mann

manage v. managen
manager r Manager

mango e Mango

march e Mark (geog.)
march v. marschieren
March r März (month)

margarine e Margarine

market r Markt

mask e Maske (chem.)

mass e Messe (rel.) – See Vowel Sound Shifts (e-a)

massacre s Massaker

massage e Massage

massive (adj.massiv

mast r Mast

maximum s Maximum

May r Mai

medicine e Medizin

melancholy e Melancholie

melody e Melodie

melon e Melone

meter/metre s/r Meter

method e Methode

Mexico s Mexiko
Mexican adj. mexikanisch
Mexican n. r Mexikaner/e Mexikanerin

micro Mikro
microphone s Mikrofon
microscope s Mikroskop
microscopic adj. mikroskopisch

midnight e Mitternacht

mild adj. mild

mile e Meile
   nautical mile e Seemeile

military adj. militärisch/Militär

milk e Milch

mill e Mühle*

million e Million
millionaire r Millionär

mine e Mine (pron. MEEN-ah)

mineral s Mineral

minister e Minister (polit.)

minus minus

minute e Minute

mission e Mission

mobile adj. mobil

model s Model (fashion)
model s Modell
   model railway e Modelleisenbahn

modern adj. modern

moment r Moment

monarchy e Monarchie

Monday r Montag

monitor r Montor

monk r Mönch

monster s Monster

moon r Mond

more mehr*

mosaic s Mosaik

mother e Mutter

motor r Motor

motto s Motto

mouse e Maus

mouth r Mund* – See Cognate Sound Shifts (d-th)

muscle r Muskel

museum s Museum

music e Musik

Muslim r Muslim/e Muslime

myth r Mythos
mythical adj. mythisch



nabob r Nabob

nadir r Nadir

naked nackt – See Cognate Sound Shifts (t-d)

name r Name

nano- Nano
nanosecond e Nanosekunde

NATO e Nato

nature e Natur
natural(ly) natürlich

nautical nautisch

navigation e Navigation

Nazi r Nazi

Neanderthal/Neandertal (man) r Neandertaler**
  MORE (Neandertal) > How Do You Say “Porsche”?

nectar r Nektar
nectarine e Nektarine

negative adj negativ
negative s Negativ (film)

nephew r Neffe – See Cognate Sound Shifts (ff-ph)

nerve r Nerv
   That gets on my nerves. Das geht/fällt mir auf die Nerven.

nest s Nest (also f.c.)

net s Netz

Netherlands e Niederlande
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

neuro- Neuro
neuron s Neuron

neurotic adj. neurotisch
neurotic n. r Neurotiker

neutral neutral
neutrality e Neutralität

new neu (pron. NOY)

niche e Nische

nicotine s Nikotin

Niger r Niger (river)
   For more world rivers, see: Rivers in German
Niger s Niger (nation)

Nigeria s Nigeria
Nigerian adj. nigerisch
Nigerian n. r Nigerianer/e Negerianerin
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

nihilism r Nihilismus
nihilist r Nihilist
nihilistic nihilistisch

Nile r Nil
   For more world rivers, see: Rivers in German

nine neun

nipple r Nippel (tech.)

nirvana s Nirwana/Nirvana

nitrate s Nitrat

nitrite s Nitrit

nitro- Nitro
nitroglycerine s Nitroglyzerin

niveau, level s Niveau (diff.)

Nobel prize r Nobelpreis
nobelium (No) s Nobelium
   For more elements, see: Chemische Elemente

north r Nord – See Cognate Sound Shifts (d-th)
North Pole r Nordpol

note e Note (music, money, etc.)

notebook computer r Notebookcomputer (r/s Notebook)

notice e Notiz

nougat r/s Nugat

nuclear nuklear

nudism r Nudismus
nudist r Nudist

number e Nummer – See Cognate Sound Shifts

nun e Nonne

nut e Nuss – See Cognate Sound Shifts (ss-t)

nylon s Nylon

nymph e Nymphe

nymphomaniac e Nymphomanin




oasis e Oase

obelisk r Obelisk

object r Objekt
objective n. s Objektiv (lens)
objective(ly) adj./adv. objektiv
objectivity e Objektivität

obligation e Obligation
obligatory adj. obligat
obligatory obligatorisch

oboe e Oboe
oboist r Oboist

obscure(ly) obskur

observance e Observanz
observation e Observation
observatory s Observatorium
observe observieren

obsessive obsessiv

obsidian r Obsidian

obstinate obstinat

obscene(ly) obszön
obscenity e Obszenität

ocean r Ozean
   Atlantic Ocean der Atlantische Ozean/der Atlantik

ocelot r Ozelot

octagon s Oktogons Oktagon
octahedron s Oktaeder

octane rating e Oktanzahl

octave e Oktave

octet s Oktett

October r Oktober

Oder e Oder (river)
   For more world rivers, see: Rivers in German

Odyssey, odyssey e Odyssee

oedipal(ly) ödipal
Oedipus complex r Ödipuskomplex

officer r Offizier

official offiziell

offline offline

often oft

ohm s Ohm – named for the German physicist Georg Simon Ohm (1789-1854)

oil s Öl
oil industry e Ölindustrie
oily ölig

OK, okay OKokay

old alt – See Vowel Sound Shifts (a-o)

oleander r Oleander

olive e Olive

Olympiade e Olympiade
Olympic adj. olympisch
Olympics/Olympic Games die Olympischen Spiele

Olympus r Olymp (Mount Olympus)

Oman s Oman
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

ombudsman r Ombudsmann (from Swedish)

omelette s Omelett

omen s Omen

oncology e Onkologie

online online

ontology e Ontologie

onyx r Onyx

opal r Opal


open offen – See Cognate Sound Shifts (ff-p)

opera e Oper

operate operieren (medical)
operation e Operation (medical)

operetta e Operette

opium s Opium

opposition e Opposition (astron., polit.)

optician r Optiker

optics e Optik

optimal optimal

optimist r Optimist

order n. e Ordnung
order (to rank, put in order) ordnen

organ s Organ (biol., med.)
organ e Orgel (musical)
organ bank e Organbank

organization e Organisation

orgy e Orgie

orientation e Orientierung

original(ly) adj/adv originaloriginell
original n. s Original

orthodox orthodox
orthodoxy e Orthodoxie

osmosis e Osmose

Ottoman adj osmanisch – See Cognate Sound Shifts (s-t)
Ottoman Empire das Osmanische Reich

out adj out (not in fashion)
out v. outen (to out someone)

oven r Ofen (stove)

ox r Ochs – See Cognate Sound Shifts

oxide s Oxid

oyster e Auster – See Vowel Sound Shifts (a-o)

ozone s Ozon




Pacific r Pazifik (from Latin)

pack n. s Pack
pack v. packen
package s Packets Päckchen (small package, packet)
pack ice s Packeis

pact, lease e Pacht (the German word is limited to its “lease” meaning)
pact r Pakt (from Latin)

paddle n. s Paddel
paddle v. paddeln

paean r Päan (Greek)

page (bellboy) r Page (pron. PA-zha)

pager r Pager

paginate paginieren
pagination e Paginierung

pair, couple s Paar
   a couple, a few ein paar (adj)
   a pair of shoes/socks ein Paar Schuhe/Socken

Pakistan s Pakistan – See Countries & Nationalities for more Pakistani adj. pakistanisch
Pakistani n. r Pakistaner/r Pakistani

palace s Palais
palace r Palast

Palestine s Palästina – See Countries & Nationalities for more
Palestinian adj. palästinensisch
Palestinian n. r Palästinenser/e Palästinenserin

palette e Palette

palm (tree) e Palme
   Note: The palm of the hand is e Handfläche.
palmtop (PDA) r Palmtop

Pan myth. r Pan
pan n. e Pfanne*
pan- prefix pan
   pan-European paneuropäisch

Panama s Panama
Panama Canal r Panamakanal

panchromatic panchromatisch

pancreas s Pankreas

panda r Panda

pandemic e Pandemie

panic e Panik

panorama s Panorama

panther r Panther/Panter

papa r Papa
   daddy r Papi

paparazzo r Paparazzo (pl. Paparazzi, paparazzi)

paper s Papier

papist r Papist

paprika s Paprika (Swiss = “hot chili pepper”)

parasite r Parasit

parade e Parade

pardon n. r Pardon
pardon interj. pardon

parity e Parität

park n. r Park
park v. parken

parliament s Parlament
parliamentary parlamentarisch

parody e Parodie


Qatar s Katar* – See Countries in German

quack n. r Quacksalber*
quack v. (duckquaken

quad, square s Quadrat*
quadrant r Quadrant
quadratic quadratisch

qualification e Qualifikation
quality e Qualität*

quantum s Quantum

quark s Quark (physics) – Note: r Quark is a False Cognate meaning a type of cheese or a “trifle.”

quarter s Quartal* (financial)
quarter(s) s Quartier (accomodation, district)

quartet s Quartett

quartz r Quarz**

quasar r Quasar (physics)

quasi quasi (adj/prefix)

quay, waterfront r/s Quai (also r/s Kai)

quiche e Quiche (from French)

quicksilver, mercury (Hg) s Quecksilber* – See Chemical Elements

quiz s Quiz
quizmaster r Quizmaster (from English)
   Note: Unlike “quizmaster,” other so-called “English” words in German, such as der Talkmaster (talk show host) are not used in English. See Words and Expressions – Part 2 for more.

quorum s Quorum

FALSE COGNATE: die Quote is
False Cognate meaning “rating” or “quota.”

quote (v., price/ratequotieren

Quran r Koran* (alt. spelling)

QWERTY (keyboard) e QWERTY-Tastatur (English)
QWERTZ (keyboard) e QWERTZ-Tastatur (German)


rabbi r Rabbi

race (breed) e Rasse*
racial rassisch*
racism r Rassismus*
racist r Rassist*

radar r/s Radar

radiator r Radiator

radical (adj.radikal
radical (n.s Radikal (chem.)

radio s/r Radio (from Latin)
radiology e Radiologie (from Latin)

radish s Radieschen*

radium (Ra) s Radium – See Chemical Elements

radius r Radius

radon (Rn) s Radon – See Chemical Elements

is a False Cognate meaning “Rote Armee Fraktion” (“Red Army
Faction”), a German terrorist group in the 1980s.

RAM  s RAM (computing)

ramp e Rampe

rank r Rang*
ranking s Ranking (sports)

rap r Rap (music)
rapper r Rapper

rarity e Rarität*

rat e Ratte

FALSE COGNATE: der Rat is a
False Cognate meaning “advice, council.”

ration(s) e Ration (pron. RAHT-see-ohn)

raven r Rabe*

reaction e Reaktion

reactor r Reaktor

reality e Realität*

realpolitik e Realpolitik** – See German Loan Words

rebate (discount) n. r Rabatt*

reception e Rezeption (hotel)

recession e Rezession (econ.)

recipe s Rezept
  Caution! Das Rezept has other meanings in German, including “prescription” and “remedy.”

record r Rekord
  to set a record einen Rekord aufstellen

recycling s Recycling (from English)

redundance, redundancy (n.e Redundanz
redundant (adj.redundant

refined raffiniert*

reflexive (adj.reflexiv

reform (n.e Reform
reform (v.reformieren*
Reformation e Reformation (religion)

refrain r Refrain (music)

regatta e Regatta

register s Register (list, index, musical)

regular regulär

regulate (v.regulieren

relative Relativ– (in compounds)
  relative pronoun s Relativpronomen
relative(ly) (adj./adv.relativ

relativity e Relativität
  theory of relativity e Relativitätstheorie

relax (v.relaxen (from English)

relay s Relais (elec.)

relic s Relikt

relief s Relief (art)

religion e Religion
religious religös

renovate renovieren

repair (v.reparieren
repair(s) (n.e Reparitur (-en)

report r Report
reporter r Reporter
reporting, report e Reportage*

requiem s Requiem

reservation e Reservierung (hotel, travel)
reserve (v.reservieren
reserve(s) (n.e Reserve (-n)
reserved (adj.reserviert

respect r Respekt

rest (repose) r Rast*
rest (v.rasten*
  Wer rastet, der rostet. (“who rests, rusts” = “A rolling stone gathers no moss.”)
rest (remainsr Rest

restaurant s Restaurant

revenge e Revanche*

revision e Revision

revolution e Revolution

revolver r Revolver

revue e Revue (theater)

rheumatic rheumatisch
rheumatism s Rheuma

Rhine (river) r Rhein

rhyme r Reim

rice r Reis*

ride (n.reiten (horseback)
rider r Reiter (horseback)

right, on/to the right (adv.rechts*
right(s) (n.s Recht*

ring r Ring

ripe, mature (adj.reif*

risk s Risiko*

rival r Rivale

robot r Roboter

rock (music) r Rock – Also a false cognate!

rocket e Rakete*

role e Rolle

FALSE COGNATE: der Roman is
False Cognate meaning “novel.”

romance e Romanze (lit., music)
romantic romantisch

room (space) r Raum

rose e Rose

round (adj.rund*

routine e Routine

rucksack r Rucksack

rudder s Ruder

rum r Rum

Russia s Russland* – See Countries in German

rust r Rost


sabbath r Sabbat

saber, sabre r Säbel*

sabotage e Sabotage (from French)
saboteur r Saboteur (from French)

sack r Sack

sacrament s Sakrament (from Latin)

saddle r Sattel
saddle v. satteln

sadism r Sadismus
sadist r Sadist
sadistic sadistisch

safari e Safari

safe r Safe (vault)

saga e Saga

Sahara e Sahara

saint r Sankt (from Latin)

salad r Salat (also means “lettuce”)

salamander r Salamander

salt s Salz
salty salzig

salve e Salbe (ointment)

Samoa s Samoa – See Countries in German

sand r Sand
sandal e Sandale
sandwich r/s Sandwich

sapphire r Saphir

sarcasm r Sarkasmus
sarcastic sarkastisch

satellite r Satellit
satin r Satin
satire e Satire
satiric satirisch
satirist r Satiriker
Saturn r Saturn

sauce e Soße*

Saudi Arabia s Saudi-Arabien – See Countries in German

sauerkraut s Sauerkraut**

sauna e Sauna

saw e Säge
saw v. sägen

Saxony s Sachsen

say sagen*

scale e Skala (musical, etc.)

scandal r Skandal

Scandinavia s Skandinavien

scene e Szene

schnapps r Schnaps (hard liquor)

schnauzer r Schnauzer**

schnitzel s Schnitzel**

school e Schule*

schuss r Schuss (skiing)

Scotland s Schottland – See Countries in German

scruple(s) r Skrupel

sculpture e Skulptur

sea e See

der See = lake; German has two more words meaning “sea” or “ocean”: das Meer andder Ozean.

season e Saison (sports, opera, travel, etc.)

second e Sekunde (time)

secretary e Sekretärin/r Sekretär

sect e Sekte

der Sekt = sparkling wine, champagne; see False Cognates

see sehen*

segment s Segment

self selbst
selfless selbstlos

seminar s Seminar

senat r Senat (from Latin)
senator r Senator

send senden

senior r Senior (senior citizen)

sensation e Sensation
sensational sensationell

sentimental sentimental

September r September (from Latin)
septet, septette s Septett (from Latin)

sequence e Sequenz (certain meanings only)

Serbia s Serbien

serenade e Serenade (certain meanings only)

series e Serie (TV)

serif e Serife (printing)

serum s Serum

service r Service (certain meanings only)

serviette e Serviette (British = Am. “napkin”)

sesame r Sesam (seasoning)

set setzen (place, put)

seven sieben* (see German Numbers)

sex r Sex (sexual)
sexual sexuell
sexy sexy

shade, shadow r Schatten*

Shah r Schah

shaman r Schamane

shame e Scham
shame v. beschämens. schämen

shampoo s Shampoo

sharp scharf

shear v. scheren

shellac r Schellack

sheriff r Sheriff

sherry r Sherry

shield r Schild
  Note: s Schild = sign

shiite r Schiit/e Schiitin

shine r Schein
  sunshine r Sonnenschein
shine v. scheinen (light, glow)

ship s Schiff*

shock r Schock

shoe r Schuh
shoemaker r Schuhmacher

shop v. shoppen (see Denglisch – Neudeutsch)

shoulder e Schulter

shovel e Schaufel*

show e Show

shower r Schauer (rain, snow)

shrill schrill

Also see: False Cognates

Siberia s Siberien

side e Seite* (also means “page”)

sieve s Sieb

signal s Signal

silver s Silber

sing singen
  singen/sang/gesungen – See Verbs – Ablaut Patterns
singer r Sänger/e Sängerin

singular r Singular (gram.)

siren e Sirene

sister e Schwester*

sit sitzen

situation e Situation

six sechs*
sixteen sechzehn* (see German Numbers)
sixty sechzig* (see German Numbers)

skeleton s Skelett

ski r Ski

slang r Slang

slave r Sklave

slit r Schlitz

slogan r Slogan

Slovakia s Slowakei

Slovenia s Slowenien

smear (be)schmieren

smith r Schmied

smog r Smog

snapshot r Schnappschuss* (photo)

snob r Snob

social sozial (some meanings)
socialism r Sozialismus
socialist r Sozialist

sock e Socke

sofa s Sofa

software e Software – See Computers & Internet Glossary

soldier r Soldat

sole s Sohle (shoe)

solid solid (some meanings)

solo s Solo
soloist r Solist

son r Sohn

song r Song


south r Süd(en)*
southern südlich

spaghetti Spaghetti (pl.)

Spain s Spanien* – See Countries in German
Spanish spanisch (adj.)
Spanish s Spanisch (language)



Note: Many German “v” cognates begin with “f” in English: father/r Vater, folk/s Volk, full/voll, etc.

vacuum s Vakuum

vagabond r Vagabund

vagina e Vagina
vaginal vaginal

vague(ly) vage

vampire r Vampir

vandal r Vandale
vandalism r Vandalismus

vanilla e Vanille (pron. va-NEEL-ya)

variable adj/adv variabel

Vatican r Vatikan
Vatican adj vatikanisch
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

vector r Vektor

vegan r Veganer / e Veganerin

vegetarian n r Vegetarier / e Vegetarierin
vegetarian adj vegetarisch
vegetarianism r Vegetarismus

vegetate vegetieren

vegetation e Vegetation

vegetative vegetativ

vehemence e Vehemenz

velour s Velour

vein e Vene

Venezuela s Venezuela
Venezuelan adj venezolanisch
Venezuelan n r Venezolaner / e Venezolanerin
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

ventilate ventilieren
ventilator r Ventilator

venous venös

Venus e Venus (myth., astron.)

verb s Verb (das Zeitwort)

verboten verboten**

veteran r Veteran
   Caution: In German Veteran may also refer to a classic/antique car (“Oldtimer”). See False Cognates.

veto s Veto

VHS s VHS (pron. fow-ha-ess – “Video Home System”)
   The abbreviation VHS in German can also refer to “die Volkshochschule” (adult education/evening school). For more see: Abbreviations in German

viaduct r Viadukt

vibrate vibrieren
vibration e Vibration
vibrator r Vibrator

vice- Vize– (second in command)
vice-president r Vizepräsident

video s Video
video camera e Videokamera

Vietnam s Vietnam
Vietnamese adj vietnamesisch
Vietnamese n r Vietnamese/e Vietnamesin
   For more countries and nationalities, see: Countries in German

villa e Villa

vinyl s Vinyl

viola e Viola

violet adj violett
violet s Violett

violin e Violine


viper e Viper

virus r/s Virus

visa s Visum – Note: The plural of Visum is Visa or Visen.

FALSE COGNATE: die Visite is a False Cognate
meaning “house call, round” (for a doctor or business person).

visor s Visier

visual visuell

vitamin s Vitamin

vocabulary (word) e Vokabel; plural: Vokabeln (vocabulary)

volcanic vulkanisch – See Vowel Sound Shifts (u-o)
volcano r Vulkan

volt s Volt
voltmeter s Voltmeter

voodoo r Voodoo

votive Votiv– (s Votivbild = votive picture)

voyeur r Voyeur (from French)

vulgar vulgär




* = Less obvious cognates that may not closely resemble each other in both English and German, but are cognates
** = Words used in English that come from German



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    If you wish to learn Dutch (Holland/Netherlands) using English and German cognates, you can try:

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