Three paragraphs on Messi

As many of my readers know, I teach in Oman currently and often create some of my own materials based upon student needs and interests. (I also enjoy disseminating others good material.) In the past, I have published writings that students and I have written together or which summarize what others have told me.  For example, several 5-paragraph essays from Oman are currently popular on my blog.

The essay below is a 3-paragraph essay and should serve as a model for some of my students in both writing and reading classes. (One could also do it as a listening activity.)  I came across this topic because one of my weaker students attempted to write an essay on Leonel Messi yesterday.  His work showed great passion, but his grammar and spelling need to improve greatly.  So, I dedicate this assignment or task to him and his passion.

by Kevin Stoda


(3 Paragraphs on) MESSI

There have been many famous football players from Argentina.  The most famous one was named Diego Armando Maradona. Now, the team in Barcelona has an Argentinean player named Messi who will be even better than Maradona. Let me tell you a little about him.

First, early in his life, while living in Argentina with his family,  Leonel Messi had a hormonal problem that affected his growth. Facing expensive medical treatment for their son, Messi’s parents moved to Spain because no Argentina team wanted to pay for the full medical costs related to Messi’s health condition. After his first trial with Barcelona, the Catalan coaches had no doubts. They decided to sign Messi and pay for his medical treatment. His physical growth was noticeable at Barcelona, and in little time he came to be considered one of the great talents at the club. He made his debut in the first division in October 2004, against the team Espanyol, and Barcelona fans have since adopted him as one of their greatest idols. His first championship would come in the Liga season of 2004-05. Since then, and playing a more prominent role every season, he has won every major club trophy at Camp Nou – including a stunning haul of six in 2008-09 – and claimed the World Player of the Year award four times in four years, leaving many in little doubt as to the fact that Messi is the best player of his generation; possibly of all-time.

Finally, in March 2012 at the age of 24, Messi became the all-time top scorer at Barcelona and he then broke the record for goals in a calendar year when he scored 91. Messi is likely to become one of the most famous football players of all time. He has speed and strength.  This makes it hard for others to tackle the ball from him. I think he will be the best for Barcelona and the Argentinean national team for many years or decades.

Based upon this article:

(1)    Why did Messi’s family move to Barcelona?

(2)    What is the thesis statement in paragraph 1?

(3)    What is the topic sentence or main idea in paragraph 3?

(4)    Who paid for Messi’s medical treatment in Barcelona?

(5)    When did the fans in Barcelona first enjoy watching Messi play?

(6)    When did his team win their first championship?

(7)    In the article, how many world player of the year trophies has he won?

(8)    How many goals did Messi score in his last season?

(9)    Why is it so difficult to take the ball from Messi?

(10) Who is one other famous football player from Argentina?


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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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