JFK– Remembering What Could Have Been

I was a baby when JFK was shot, but I grew up with children’s books, like MEET JFK, MEET MLK, and MEET RFK. I have taken students many of times to the exact location at the foot of the grassy knoll where JFK was murdered. Most Americans believe there was a cover-up–and retrospectively historians tell us that it may not have been the military industrial complex that killed JFK after all–just a mob hit trio supported by one of the USA security agencies whom JFK and Bobby had threatened. We wish that our recent Presidents had had, however, the gall and foresight to get the military industrial complex, the DOD, the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI in line. I.e. keeping American military and American participation in wars out of the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.–kas

Fifty years after the assassination, USA TODAY explores the death and legacy of John F. Kennedy. Read about the lives he touched and the promises he kept, and go behind the scenes of the National Geographic Channel film Killing Kennedy, based on the best-selling book.

  1. News for jfk remembering what could have been

    1. New York Daily News ‎- 18 hours ago
      LUPICA: Remembering the day President John F. Kennedy was shot …. Cuomo, who should have been President himself a quarter-century 
    1. CBS Local‎ – 22 hours ago
  2. Remembering JFK | National Review Online


    7 hours ago – Remembering JFK – There was a time when our nation was united in the He could have done anything, but he wanted nothing more than to fight for his Winning the Cold War may have been Ronald Reagan’s crowning  

  3. Nation pauses to remember John F. Kennedy’s death – CNN.com


    14 hours ago – Just after noon Friday, Dealey Plaza in Dallas will go quiet to President Kennedy’s alleged sexual encounters have been widely discussed  

  4. Remembering JFK By Rewatching His Inaugural Address : The Two 

    1 day ago

    Very few of us need to be reminded about what happened 50 years  We thought watching and reading it again might be a proper way of noting this day.  and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of  

  5. Dallas Remembers JFK At Downtown Event « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth



    23 hours ago – The 50th: Remembering JFK. As one might expect, security at the Friday event is extremely tight. Only those people who have been granted a  

  6. US To Remember Kennedy’s ‘Remarkable Life’ – Sky News



    1 day ago – US To Remember Kennedy’s ‘Remarkable Life’ …. And whether that hopewould have been realised, whether things would have been better  

  7. Remembering the JFK Assassination and Other Fascinating News 


    20 hours ago – Remembering the JFK Assassination and Other Fascinating News on the  Remembering the Day  We really should have been roommates.

  8. JFK’s assassination: Readers remember a day that changed history 



    She then said “Someone has killed President Kennedy” Being our ages, there  Iremember going outside when I got home and can remember the stillness in  

  9. Remembering The Kennedy Assassination, Fifty Years On | On Point 



    19 hours ago – For fifty years, that terrible, stunning day has been held in national memory.  for those who remember and for the millions not then born, remembering JFK,  the things we know about her and the things we never quite will.”  

  10. People around the world pause to remember JFK assassination 


    21 hours ago – Kids were immediately sent home from school; many remember their parents weeping.  mixed with anger, over how a president could have been murdered so senselessly.  Unlike Reagan, Kennedy did not need a script.

    1. Remembering the key players and witnesses in the JFK assassination


      2 days ago – Much has been written about Oswald and whether he was truly the lone told Kennedy, “Mr. President, you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you.

    2. JFK: Remembering 50 years ago – The Norfolk Daily News : News


      1 day ago – Yet we will always remember the day of JFK’s funeral.  A great manhad suddenly been taken from us — how could such an event happen?

    3. Remembering the day JFK died – News – The Times-Tribune



      1 day ago – 22, 1963, the JFK assassination is one of those touchstones of history, For the previous generation, that event would have been the  

    4. Editorial: Remembering JFK and what might have been | Tampa Bay 



      2 days ago – President John F. Kennedy delivers his inaugural address on Jan. 20, 1961, in Washington. Hopes of what might have been linger 50 years 

    5. Dallas remembers JFK 50 years after his death – Star-Telegram.com



      2 days ago – Dallas remembers JFK 50 years after his death  Some downtown roadshave been blocked off, and many more will be closed near the event  

    6. Canadians remember JFK assassination | Globalnews.ca



      18 hours ago – She said Kennedy’s involvement in that saga had been enough to force the  READ MORE: What did JFK do for the history of Canada? He and  

    7. The gunshot that changed America | New York Post



      1 day ago – John F. Kennedy may have been Boston-born and DC-based, but. History will always remember Jackie Kennedy’s pink suit on November.

    8. Remembering JFK: A reporter’s firsthand account of Nov. 22, 1963 



      1 day ago – Everybody now realized shots had been fired; some of the reporters wanted the driver to stop, so they could get off. He wouldn’t; the bus kept  

    9. Your comments: Remembering President John F. Kennedy on the 



      1 day ago – President John F. Kennedy: Remembering JFK 50 years after his assassination  My family were listening to the news on the radio (we did not have a TV) and  What I thought was a “bad dream” had actually been my mother  

      1. Boise man remembers JFK’s assassination on 50th anniversary 


        1 day ago – After returning to school, the Dallas native can still remember when he heard the news that Kennedy had been killed. His principal made an  

      2. The Women Behind JFK: Remembering Jackie | Video – ABC News


        13 hours ago – Kennedy, we remember the woman by his side, whose face also looked like  Would lincoln have been as great a president, if he had lived?

      3. JFK: How Greater Cincinnati remembers the Kennedy assassination 


        1 day ago – In January, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to WCPO.  “JFKwas a favorite of Navy officers, since he had been one also,” Mann  

      4. Remembering the true legacy of JFK | Daily Maverick



        2 days ago – As luck will have it, an academic aunt of mine worked with Manchester The young Kennedy (who had been mauled in the recent Bay of Pigs  

      5. MacNeil and Lehrer remember the shock, special sorrow of JFK’s 


        2 days ago – Sometimes, your mind drifts to the most extreme thing that could happen, and …. ROBERT MACNEIL: And last rites of the church have just been  

      6. John F. Kennedy assassination 50 years later: Lehigh Valley 



        1 day ago – Many questioned what could have been.  Gene Lennon remembers the college being completely shut down and classes canceled for the  

      7. Remembering John F. Kennedy, Nov. 22, 1963  – The News Journal


        1 day ago – “I think JFK would have been the greatest president ever had he not been struck down at such an early age,” wrote Maddux. Remembering  

      8. Remembering JFK 50 Years Later | Lean Blog Mobile



        1 day ago – In recent years, Parkland has been in the news for quality problems  Why did JFK ignore warnings that it might not be safe for him in Dallas?

      9. Nation Pauses On Anniversary Of John F. Kennedy Assassination 



        1 day ago – “If he had lived longer, things might have been different,” said Teruo …. “Iremember watching the 1956 convention when John F. Kennedy ran  

      10. JFK Assassination Tributes: Celebs Remember President John F 



        14 hours ago – Folks have been discussing the milestone pretty much all year, new  #JFK”. Kris Jenner “‘…Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what  

        1. Remembering JFK: Warm, Witty And Wise – Forbes



          2 days ago – Has it really been half of a century since that awful day?  counted among the sizable minority of Americans who can remember exactly where  

        2. Jodine Mayberry: Remembering assassination of JFK



          2 days ago – Would his brother Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King have beenassassinated five years later? Would Richard Nixon have been elected  

        3. Remembering JFK: What could have been – The Reporter



          3 days ago – Friday will mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of PresidentJohn F. Kennedy.

        4. Remembering the real JFK: What is the late president’s legacy with 



          1 day ago – ANALYSIS – Rather than remember Kennedy with rose-colored  of heartbreak about what could have been, not only for JFK but also for his  

        5. Remembering Kennedy: I saw JFK the day he died | Washington 



          2 days ago – Remembering Kennedy: I saw JFK the day he died. Comment(s)  Imight have been able to touch the car, except for all the security.”.

        6. Jim Lehrer remembers the day JFK was assassinated | Fox 


          1 day ago – Journalist and author Jim Lehrer remembers the day JFK was assassinated in  SO IT WOULD HAVE BEEN 2 1/2, THREE HOURS LATER.

        7. Officials, politicians, journalists recall assassination of JFK 


          2 days ago – I can’t remember if we had the school play that night.  classroom and made the solemn announcement that President Kennedy had been shot  

        8. Remembering the day JFK died – Daily News



          2 days ago – President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, arrive Nov. It could have all been so much better had he lived. I was a  

        9. Topeka Man Remembers Working For President John F. Kennedy



          16 hours ago –  and how he felt when he learned President Kennedy had been shot. on and worked with Lyndon Johnson it could’ve been the same or not.

          1. French author remembers JFK assassination – JFK ANNIVERSARY 



            2 days ago – I have been working on this story for many years, and I myself hesitated for a  I write that the only thing that could have brought these two very  

          2. JFK’s death: People recall where they heard the fateful news



            2 days ago – Americans recall where they were when they learned of JFK’s murder. heard again, and I can still remember his words: “We have just been  

          3. Remembering John F. Kennedy and the end of an American dream 



            1 day ago – Remembering John F. Kennedy and the end of an American dream  SO MANY TOO HAVE BEEN REACHING OUT TO US AND SHARING SOME OF THEIR YOU COULD TELL FOR HER AND SO MANY PEOPLE OF HER  

          4. Charlotte region remembers JFK assassination – Charlotte Observer


            2 days ago – Up to now many of us had been praying, through the atmosphere was What I will always remember most about the event came days later.

          5. Remembering John F. Kennedy, the first president to have been a 



            1 day ago – Remembering John F. Kennedy, the first president to have been a Boy I would have empty pockets and nothing to gain and 20 cents to lose.

          6. Remembering John F. Kennedy; solemn events mark JFK’s 



            2 days ago – Remembering John F. Kennedy; solemn events mark JFK’s  to marching drummers to discussions about who else might have been in on the  

          7. Bartlett: Remembering JFK: Kennedy reflected on assassinations 


            1 day ago – On the morning of the day it happened, he referred to the ease with which a president could be shot. This may or may not have been a  

          8. Unpublished JFK Tapes Released 50 Years After Assassination



            2 days ago – The historians have been quoting from the transcripts for years,” she said. journalist who would later become a close friend of Kennedy, tells of the mishaps of Princess Grace is heard remembering JFK asking her about a  

          9. Leonard Pitts Jr.: On anniversary of JFK assassination, remembering 


            1 day ago – The notion that anything could ever be too big for America would have been laughable before John Kennedy died. So what America lost that  

          10. Remembering John F. Kennedy, President, Sailor – Navy Live


            1 day ago – In recent weeks there has been plenty of news coverage of his political …. It is fitting that the future John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) will serve into the  

            1. Remembering JFK: The Zapruder film, the cult of conspiracy and 


              16 hours ago – Remembering JFK: The Zapruder film, the cult of conspiracy andKennedy’s  Closeup, we flash back on what was and what could have been.



              20 hours ago – We were about to go on stage, when the stage manager suddenly said, President John F. Kennedy might have been shot. The stage manager  

            3. Remembering JFK: Johnson City Press readers reflect on 50th 



              2 days ago – I remember being pro-Richard Nixon way back during the Presidential Many try to say what life in America would have been if Kennedy had  

            4. Remembering JFK: 50 years of loss | JPost | Israel News



              1 day ago – Dallas observes the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s  Theyhave come to Dallas in force this year but will not be part of the official event. “His death  The “X” had been seen as tasteless by many while the official  

            5. Remembering John F. Kennedy, 50 Years Later | The Vineyard 



              22 hours ago – 22, 1963, that President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. and the general atmosphere of mourning which could everywhere be felt,  

            6. Remembering JFK in style: interactive approaches to the 



              23 hours ago – Remembering JFK in style: interactive approaches to the anniversary of John F Kennedy is a news event that should have been in the diaries  

            7. Remembering JFK’s death: ‘People wondered if our whole world 



              2 days ago – Unsavory details about his life that emerged later were disillusioning, but still, she believes — this would have been a better country had he  

            8. Remembering a President: John F. Kennedy


              2 days ago – Remembering A President: John F. Kennedy From VOA Learning English, this  VOA National reporter Jim Malone will join us in the studio to help us Jim, where were you when you heard that the president had been shot?

            9. Remembering President John F Kennedy, 50 years after 


              1 day ago – Prominent people have been remembering where they were when they heard US President John F Kennedy had been shot.  “It would have been about 8pm when by accident we came across an American channel which  

            10. ABC News’ Cokie Roberts Reflects on JFK Assassination – WGGB.com



              2 days ago – She remembers the 22nd like it was yesterday.  [It does make you wonder what might have been had November 22, 1963 never happened.].



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