MORE NEWS ON MO-MO (the Mosanto Monster) and related Marches, etc.

In my youth I lived near a Monsanto plant in Missouri. At that time we joked about Momo– a Missouri Monster. Now, I am an adult and I have seen than the real Momo was Monsanto where my friends’ parents worked. What a sad and tragic legacy, Missouri.–kas

  1. Organic Consumers Association: Millions Against Monsanto

    Organic Consumers Asso…

    On the eve of a worldwide protest against Monsanto, 71 U.S. senators voted against…. In order to avoid medical compensation expenses, Monsanto continues to claim ….01/28/14 – Food Fight: Hawaii Lawmakers Grapple with GMO Labeling  

  2. March Against Monsanto


    3 days ago – Official website for the March Against Monsanto. On May 24, 2014  Thefight for human health has never been so urgent. Posted by Tami  Currently the two most reliable ways to keep GMOs out of your diet are to choose:

  3. March Against Monsanto | Facebook


    To connect with March Against Monsanto, sign up for Facebook today. ….. We will never get GMO products labeled if we do not stop the TPP first. …. Thank you for being who you are and for joining us in our fight for food freedom and honest  

  4. Despite continuing opposition, Monsanto will not stop opposing 


    Oct 3, 2013 – Despite continuing opposition, Monsanto will not stop opposing GMO state to fight mandatory labeling requirements that the industry fears  

  5. Monsanto, DuPont Spending Millions to Oppose California’s GMO…/monsanto-dupont-spending-million…


    Aug 22, 2012 – The group’s major donors are Monsanto, DuPont, and the Grocery …. safe, why are these companies fighting tooth and nail to preventlabeling?

  6. Monsanto puts $4.6 million into fight against GMO labeling | Local…/2021795347_gmolabelingxml.h…

    The Seattle Times

    Sep 10, 2013 – Monsanto has contributed $4.6 million to fight Initiative 522, the  was made last week and brings the opposition’s war chest to $7.8 million.

  7. Monsanto and Junk Food Companies Spend Millions to Fight GMO…/19853-monsanto-and-junk-food-compan…


    Nov 6, 2013 – Monsanto, Bayer, and Dupont also spent millions to fight the labeling These companies clearly think the effort to keep GMO labels off of groceries is  of junk food have come out swinging against GMO labeling, much of the  

  8. Occupy Monsanto


    “We’re asking that Monsanto stop fighting the will of the American people, 90 percent Monsanto’s executives oppose the resolution, but shareholders, many of 

  9. 15 Ways to take a stand against Monsanto and avoid GMO foods 


    What can consumers do to stop Monsanto and avoid genetically modified foods? Plenty.  You have listed lots of really good ways to fight back. Good work.

  10. Food Companies Fighting GMO Labeling – Inspiration Green


    Because many large corporations are fighting to keep the U.S. consumer in the dark. Ironically most of the companies lobbying against Prop 37 have a stake in the …..And stop hiring Monsanto execs to work for the FDA, it just looks bad.

    1. Farmers vs. Monsanto – Food Democracy Now


      At Food Democracy Now!, we believe it’s time to end Monsanto’s campaign of fear and intimidation against America’s farmers! Join us to stand up for America’s  

    2. Over Easy: Monsanto Spends Millions to Kill GMO Labeling Initiative…/over-easy-monsanto-sp…


      By: Crane-Station Wednesday October 23, 2013 3:58 am …… In this case it wasn’t. But, why make this a boys against girls fight? Bias I guess. Teachers move  

    3. Whole Foods Market Caves to Monsanto | PR Watch…/whole-foods-market-…

      Center for Media and De…

      Jan 28, 2011 – After 12 years of battling to stop Monsanto’s genetically-engineered (GE) to stop opposing mass commercialization of GE crops, like Monsanto’s  WFM is abandoning its fight with biotech companies in part because two  

    4. Monsanto Pours Millions Into GMO-Labeling Fight – Mercola…/monsanto-gmo-fight.asp…

      Joseph Mercola

      Oct 1, 2013 – It’s time to put an end to this hypocritical charade and label foods in the US,  food corporations that fought against GMO labeling in California.

    5. The Battle Over GMOs: Monsanto, Others Fighting on Multiple Fronts…/the-battle-over-…

      Center for Responsive Po…

      Oct 23, 2013 –  in the field are trying to stop similar bills that would apply nationwide.monsanto.jpg In the state of Washington, opposing sides have drawn their weapons Monsanto, the multinational biotechnology company, has been a  

    6. Monsanto to stop seeking GMO approval in Europe – Business…/monsanto-to-stop-seeking-gmo-approval-in-europe…

      Jun 3, 2013 – ‘It’s counterproductive to fight against windmills’— Monsanto  The other is the Amflora potato made by BASF, which stopped selling its GMOs  

    7. March Against Monsanto – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


      The March Against Monsanto is an international grass roots movement as well  foods of wanting to block others from choosing more affordable food options,  The measure failed, but the fight gave her a clearer picture of GMOs, Monsanto,  

    8. Farmers Fight to Save Organic Crops | The Progressive


      Oct 21, 2013 – “There’s no wall high enough to keep that stuff contained. …. Another lawsuit, this one against Monsanto, charges, among other things, that the  

    9. MoveOn Petitions – Stop the Monsanto Riders –


      Stop the Monsanto riders. Unless a citizen’s army of farmers and consumers can stopthem, Congress is likely to ram these dangerous riders through any day 

    10. Family Farmers Continue Fight in Landmark Lawsuit Against


      Jan 7, 2013 – Monsanto—will travel from across America to Washington, D.C. this week to  “It’s time to end Monsanto’s campaign of fear against America’s  

      1. Alfalfa – Canadian Biotechnology Action Network


        The introduction of Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) herbicide tolerant …. the legal action against Monsanto and Bayer to bring about an injunction to stop  

      2. Monsanto and Pepsi trying to stop GMO labeling law in Washington 


        Oct 30, 2013 – Monsanto and Pepsi trying to stop GMO labeling law in Washington and chemical corporations pour millions of dollars against the campaign.

      3. Monsanto Pours Out Millions To Stop Wash. State’s GMO Labeling …


        Sep 13, 2013 – Washington state’s GMO labeling initiative is facing increasedopposition as groups such as Monsanto begin pouring out millions to defeat it.

      4. We Are Winning The Fight Against Monsanto | True Activist


        Sep 27, 2013 – Stay tuned to NaturalSociety and my other updates in the near future as we push forward the campaign to end Monsanto and restore the  

      5. The fight against Monsanto – Seattle natural grocer supporting GMO 


        Apr 26, 2013 – The fight against Monsanto – Seattle natural grocer supporting GMO Monsanto and others spending “millions” to prevent GMO labeling.

      6. Support Organic Farmers In Their Fight Against Monsanto …/support-organic-farmers-in-their-fightagainstmons


        Support Organic Farmers In Their Fight Against Monsanto  decided to fight for their right to grow organic food and keep it free from contamination of Monsanto’s  

      7. How to Help Stop Monsanto | Small Footprint Family | Small 

        And it may be the most important opportunity we will get to stop Monsanto ….companies know what you think about their fight against Proposition 37 and our  

      8. Weeding out Monsanto – Briarpatch Magazine


        Sep 1, 2013 – The fight is on to keep Monsanto alfalfa out of Canada – Canadian action against the release of genetically modified (GM) alfalfa in Canada.

      9. The Fight Against Monsanto Continues | Grassroots International


        May 16, 2013 – The Fight Against Monsanto Continues  company’s seeds, which unlike natural, creole seeds, would not reproduce at the end of the season.

      10. March Against Monsanto participants told fight to label GMO foods …/march-againstmons

        The Berkshire Eagle

        Oct 13, 2013 – March Against Monsanto participants told fight to label GMO foods That will cause companies to stop using the ingredients and switch to  

        1. Monsanto & Big Business Spend Millions to Keep You in the Dark 


          Sep 12, 2013 – More than $11 million has been poured into the fight against GMO labeling in Washington.

        2. Nelson Farm – A Fight Against A Giant — Monsanto Sues North 


          Nelson Farm of Amenia, ND fights Monsanto, the makers of Roundup Ready Biotech ND Seed Board, Monsanto continues its strong-arm tactics against Nelson Farm. Time after time, article after article has called for an end to Monsanto’s 

        3. Prison » The fight against Monsanto – Seattle natural 



          Apr 27, 2013 – The fight against Monsanto – Seattle natural grocer supporting GMO Monsanto and others spending “millions” to prevent GMO labeling.

        4. Petition | Boycott the 9 ‘Natural’ Traitor Brands Who Oppose Truth In 


          Petitioned Boycott the 9 Organic and ‘Natural’ Traitor Brands Who Oppose Truth  at the same time funneling large sums of money to the Monsanto-led campaign to  lobby is fully cognizant of this – that’s why they’re fighting like hell against this  It’s time to put an end to the massive fraud of mislabeled, so-called “natural”  

        5. Monsanto gives up fight for GM plants in Europe | Business | DW.DE 


          Deutsche Welle

          May 31, 2013 – A German media report said the firm would end all lobbying for approval. modified food – and in particular, against seed giant Monsanto.

        6. Anti-Monsanto rally draws I-522 supporters | Seattle



          Oct 12, 2013 – The “March Against Monsanto” event in Seattle drew supporters for Initiative  If these companies would stop fighting against our right to know  

        7. Monsanto vs Farmer | The Grand Disillusion


          They felt that they had a case against Monsanto for liability and the damages  farm equipment and house, in an effort to stop them mortgaging their assets to pay ….. I am hoping more farmers will fight back against this Evil chemical company  

        8. 2 Million People Have Signed This Petition Against Monsanto 


          May 23, 2013 – “It’s unbelievable, but Monsanto and Co. are at it again.  opposition is already growing — to call for a vote to stop Monsanto’s greedy plans.

        9. No More Monsanto GMO! – Starting a Raw Food Diet


          In a reaction to 2 million demonstrators against Monsanto GMO in 436 cities  the company said they’ll give up the fight for genetically modified crops in Europe. Monsanto stops lobbying for GMO in Europe, will focus on in Eastern Europe  

        10. Monsanto antes up $540,000 more to fight I-522 – Strange  – Blogs


          Seattle Post‑Intelligencer

          Oct 29, 2013 – Monsanto has poured in another $540,000 to fight Initiative 522,  well as Washington: Stop the drive for labeling of genetically modified foods before it approach to fight labeling, and directed staff to “oppose all state efforts”  

          1. Monsanto urges FDA to stop “misleading” rBST-free labeling


            Monsanto Company is striking back against a trend among dairy processors to ban “We’re not trying to fight industry, we’re just supplying what our customers  

          2. Stop Monsanto – Hundreds of protests held worldwide against GM 

            Oct 14, 2013 – Uploaded by theonanacatl11

            Stop Monsanto – Hundreds of protests held worldwide againstGM Food  14 year old girl picks fight with bully TV host – and WINS!by Kids’  

          3. FOCUS: Farmers Fight Monsanto’s Threats and Intimidation



            Aug 21, 2012 – major lawsuit against Monsanto was denied in at the district court and their efforts to prevent such contamination, Monsanto will sue them for  

          4. Global day of action against Monsanto a big success


            Party for Socialism and Li…

            May 27, 2013 – At the end of the march was another short rally in which people continued to chant and vow to continue the fight against Monsanto. Los Angeles  

          5. Monsanto, DuPont pour millions into GMO fight –



            Sep 11, 2013 – The most prominent opponents of GMO labeling, Monsanto and DuPont more than $8 million of which came from Monsanto – to oppose that initiative. famously declared at a meeting that stopping GMO labeling was the  

          6. Tell Monsanto to be honest with shareholders about the risks of 



            Their simple request is that Monsanto stops keeping them in the dark on  But unlessMonsanto and its shareholders feel the massive community opposition to  that suing family farmers and fighting truth-in-labelling laws is business as usual.

          7. Influence Explored: Big Ag Lobbies Against Prop 37 in California 


            Sunlight Foundation

            Oct 24, 2012 – The fight to stop Prop 37 isn’t the first time food and agriculture  back in 1992, Monsanto launched its first crusade against labeling GMOs,  

          8. Argentinians fight against a Monsanto seed plant – Combat 



            Mar 7, 2013 – Argentinians fight against a Monsanto seed plant  Assembly Fightingfor Life, the community is looking to stop the company’s progress locally.

          9. BREAKING: House Passes Monsanto Protection Act. Ask Your 



            Sep 23, 2013 – “I’m calling to ask the Senator to oppose the Farmers Assurance  “I hope the Senator will work to stop the Monsanto Protection Act from being  

          10. ‘Monsanto Protection Act’: 5 Terrifying Things To Know About The 


            International Business Ti…

            Mar 27, 2013 – Learn all the scary facts about the “Monsanto Protection Act,” which  So please stop fighting against each other and start with fightingwith  


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            1. [PDF]

              Combatting Monsanto – La Via Campesina


              Stopping Monsanto’s new public-private partnerships / 13  In every continent then, communities are fighting against GMOs and for food sovereignty. Yet there  

            2. We are Winning the Fight Against Monsanto & GMOs 



              Sep 29, 2013 – We are Winning the Fight Against Monsanto & GMOs  near future as we push forward the campaign to end Monsanto and restore the integrity  

            3. ‘Stop Monsanto!’ Hundreds of protests held worldwide against GM food

              Nov 4, 2013

              ‘Stop Monsanto!  ‘If US intervenes in Syria it will be fightingalongside terrorists’  Day of worldwide protests in ‘March Against Monsanto’.

            4. Marching Against Monsanto » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts 



              May 31, 2013 – Monsanto spends millions aggressively lobbying against labeling of GMOs,  and the fight against corporations like Monsanto as interrelated because from stopping the sale and planting of genetically modified seeds.

            5. A Texas Organic Cotton Farmer Takes On Monsanto.


              Feb 7, 2013 – Around LaRhea’s neck, a tiny bale of cotton at the end of a silver chain bounced  For LaRhea, signing onto the lawsuit against Monsanto was an obvious first step.  Monsanto is personal and unquestionably worth the fight.

            6. Prop 37 Opponents Spending Millions To Oppose GMO Label Law


              Oct 26, 2012 – Here’s a list of food companies against Prop 37 and how much Monsanto – $7,100,500  <strong>YES vote: </strong> The death penalty will end in…. ‘Natural’ Food Companies Are Fighting the Effort to Label GMOs?

            7. Monsanto Protection Act Promise: No Renewal Without a Vote


              Salsa Labs

              Write and Call Your Senators to Make Sure They’ll Vote Against the MPA! Victory! Thanks to your calls and letters to your U.S. Senators, the movement to repeal theMonsanto Protection Act (MPA) has achieved a  Let’s keep the pressure on!

            8. Millions Against Monsanto: The Food Fight of Our Lives | Alternet



              Apr 11, 2012 – Millions Against Monsanto: The Food Fight of Our Lives …. The American Dream Can Be a Dead End, Especially If You Grow Up in the ‘Wrong  

            9. Stop the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Today « Just Wondering 



              Mar 16, 2013 – This action is detrimental to farmers who want to fight against Monsanto’s patent infringement lawsuits, those for the preservation of organic  

            10. Help Stop the Oregon Monsanto Protection Act SB 633/863 | Farm 



              Oct 2, 2013 – Today the Oregon legislature could pass Oregon’s Monsanto Protection Act, which would strip  We need a foothold in the fight against GMO’s.

              1. The Monsanto Protection Act is BACK! | The Alliance for Natural 



                Sep 17, 2013 – Help us put an end to this underhanded end-run around the courts once and  She will continue to fight for a regular and timely Appropriations  Tell Congress to oppose the Monsanto Protection Act, no matter what bill it’s in!

              2. Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign to Stop GMO Labeling Alex 


                Alex Jones

                Jul 8, 2012 – Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign to Stop GMO Labeling  It only shows that the fight against GMOs won’t be easy (or cheap). Still, it’s  

              3. Washington farmers join fight against Monsanto – 


                Jun 7, 2013 – Washington farmers join fight against Monsanto  suit Thursdayagainst Monsanto Co. over the unauthorized release of  Please keep it civil.

              4. 10 Ways To Take Action Against Monsanto | Care2 Healthy Living



                Jan 26, 2011 – Take part by signing on-line petitions against Monsanto.  Action does not end with a few good deeds. …. The Laziest Cat Fight Ever (Video)  

              5. Monsanto News, Photos and Videos – ABC News

       › Topics › Business › Companies

                ABC News

                30+ items – Browse Monsanto latest news and updates, watch videos and 

                States Weighing Labels on Genetically Altered Food.
                Wed, 22 Jan 2014.
                Indiana Farmer Loses Battle Against Monsanto.
                Mon, 13 May 2013.
              6. Avaaz – The World in Action


                Major powers are meeting and they could start to stop the suffering if they are  A whole community is under threat for standing against a massive Monsanto GMO  arefighting back and say our outcry could make the difference — Join now!

              7. Why Monsanto Is Fighting Tooth and Nail Against California’s Prop 37


                Common Dreams NewsC…

                Nov 1, 2012 – Why Monsanto Is Fighting Tooth and Nail Against California’s Prop 37 tussle where the United States had tried to block the right to label as a  

              8. Global Protest Against Monsanto – at The Real News


                The Real News
                May 25, 2013

                March Against Monsanto Brings Hundreds into New York Streets…. Will Geneva II Talks Keep Assad in Power in Order to Fight Al-Qaeda?

              9. Monsanto Pours Millions into GMO-Labeling Fight – Health Wire


                Oct 1, 2013 – Join the fight to require GMO labeling…  As in last year’s California Proposition 37 GMO labeling campaign, the opposition from industry is fierce, with  ofMonsanto, the company backs efforts to prevent GMO labeling in  

              10. Can Monsanto Be Stopped? | Nel’s New Day



                Apr 8, 2013 – Little did I know that Monsanto, that started as a small chemical… Other countries are fighting back against Monsanto’s control: Five million  

                1. Activist Post: Monsanto Protection Act Signed Into Law



                  Mar 27, 2013 – This could be our last chance to stop Monsanto from corporate rule and….. GMOs …. this may be the most important thing to fight against in your  

                2. Forward Progressives — How Do We Stop Monsanto? It’s as Easy 


                  May 26, 2013 – So how do we stop Monsanto and their ever increasing stranglehold on….. “agricultural product” and fight tooth and nail against any liability for  

                3. Party for Socialism and Liberation: Global day of action against 



                  Jun 9, 2013 – At the end of the march was another short rally in which people continued to chant and vow to continue the fight against Monsanto. Los Angeles  

                4. Take Action: Coke Fights Recycling Programs, Tell Hershey’s to Kiss 



                  Feb 25, 2013 – Coca-Cola Fights to Stop Recycling Programs  bottles, Coca-Cola poured money into a misleading campaign to oppose the plan.  Rather than stand with Californians, Hershey’s joined with Monsanto, the world’s largest  

                5. Stop the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Today | Alternative



                  Mar 14, 2013 – This action is detrimental to farmers who want to fight against Monsanto’s patent infringement lawsuits, those for the preservation of organic  

                6. Millions Against Monsanto: On the Road to Victory | GreenMedInfo



                  Jul 18, 2013 – The same week as the global March Against Monsanto, the New  the public to fight against federal preemption on GMO labeling, and stop the  

                7. End Transgenic Trespass – The Case Against Monsanto



                  Both farmers and consumers need to say NO to Monsanto to stop them from …. winagainst Monsanto’s claims, but they chose not to fight because they know the  

                8. Monsanto Stops Trying To Force-Feed Europe After Massive Anti-GMO 


                  Jun 5, 2013 – 1 post – ‎1 author

                  “Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food.  accept the technology, it makes no sense to fight against windmills,”  

                9. Another step in the fight against Monsanto – please consider signing 



                  Dec 5, 2013 – But we only have 48 hours to stop this corporate takeover. Sign up now before Monsanto uncorks the champagne: Monsanto’s about to  

                10. Daily Kos: Farmers Win Major Protection Against Monsanto GMO 


                  Aug 8, 2013 – Farmers Win Major Protection Against Monsanto GMO Infringement Lawsuits  In the end the Maine House voted for passage 141-4 and the Maine ……Fighting back within the game “they” have constructed against the  

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