The Kochs Media Plans for America

May 29 at 8:23 AM
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Kevin —

Some other things I’ve read this week: Karl Taro Greenfield on cultural literacy in the social media era, Ann Friedman on hashtags and journalism, Rob Wile on the likely growth of solar energy in America, and Jonathan Chait on Chamber of Commerce fearmongering. This recording of Studs Terkel interviewing Maya Angelou from 1970 is fantastic.

John Whitehouse 
Twitter: @existentialfish

Kochs And The Media

KochsThe Koch brothers have the most powerful empire in the conservative movement. Media Matters‘ Joe Struppspoke to Koch biographer Daniel Schulman about their key media allies and how they intimidate reporters into getting the coverage they want:


hayesWhen he announced that the war in Afghanistan would be drawing to a close, President Obama criticized pundits who believe “military intervention is the only way to avoid looking weak.” Fox pundit Stephen Hayes declared that no one believed this – and then immediately undercut himself:
Related: Fact check: Here are some of the military leaders who recommended drawdown in Afghanistan:


MartinezIn the wake of yet another mass shooting, media figures are again discussing gun laws in America — but they are getting some basic factswrong. One common mistake they are making is treating small gun laws as equal to major gun laws.


StuIn one of the worst segments we have ever seen, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze featuredskits mocking sexual assault and rape:


HannityIt’s not surprising that Sean Hannity’s pro-drilling propaganda was wrong. It is surprising just who debunked him this time:


Hobby Lobby
Get The Facts On The Hobby Lobby Case


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