Treason should be among the Charges for Corporations (and their leaders) for Big Oil’s False Flags on Climate Change

Big Oil Spends $114 Million to Obstruct Climate Action – Planet Experts

As they say, it takes money to silence science and make money.

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Last year, the oil industry spent a collective $114 million in efforts to stall progressive climate change policies. That’s the word from researchers at InfluenceMap, an independent UK-based nonprofit that analyzes corporate influence in climate policy and legislation worldwide.

“Research suggests ExxonMobil spent $27m and Shell $22m to obstruct climate legislation in 2015, with the American Petroleum Institute and two smaller trade associations [WSPA and APPEA] spending a further $74m on behalf of the entire industry,” the group writes in a press release.

In their report, researchers analyzed the amounts spent by the most powerful entities in the fossil fuel industry across “a range of activities influencing policy makers and manipulating the public discourse on climate change.” These activities included spending on PR, social media and advertising.

According to InfluenceMap, nearly a third of API’s $200 million budget is focused on opposing climate policies. Jack Gerard, the lobbying group’s CEO, is estimated to be one of the highest paid lobbyists ($14m in 2013) in the world.

This latest report adds to the growing body of evidence that the oil industry has willfully impeded meaningful environmental reform. Last year, the Pulitzer-prize winningInsideClimate News revealed that ExxonMobil’s own scientists confirmed the science behind anthropogenic (man-made) climate change as early as the 1970s and yet, instead of publicizing this information, proceeded to fund a decades-long misinformation campaign about global warming.

Last year also marked the historic COP21 Paris Summit, in which nations from around the world not only acknowledged the growing threat of man-made climate change but pledged to take measures to reduce its effects.

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