Importance of Breathing and Back Pain

I’m excited to share a life changing story with you today!


This was a conversation with Katherine Cotter, one of our graduates from the Life After Pain Course on Treating Pain Sensitisation.

As part of the course (after the 6 weeks intensive practice) we do a follow up session with each student to learn about their progress and provide further feedback.

So this was a talk with Katherine, reporting on the amazing results she got in just 12 weeks.

“My mornings have gone from maybe a level 4 or 5 of pain, to a 1, if that.”

Listen to Katherine’s story here to find out some of the techniques she used to produce a transformation to get her life back from chronic pain.

You’ll find out more on topics such as:

  • Importance of Breathing

  • Setting expectations

  • Shifting the minds focus

  • Power of Journaling

We will also tackle the difference between active and passive treatments and the importance of finding the right combination of methods that are most effective for you.


– Jonathan

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