CNN’s Corey Lewandowski fiasco is probably the worst conflict-of-interest problem in the history of cable news

Trump’s close ties to white supremacists examined, Sean Hannity’s sycophancy, Charles Blow drops the hammer, and more …


Beyond the notable Media Matters work below, here are some other things I’ve read this week: Maddie Stone on climate change in south Florida, Trevor Timm on Gawker and freedom of the press, Jamelle Bouie on how Republicans lacked the courage to stand up to white nationalists, and Pema Levy on Trump’s lousy record at hiring women.

John Whitehouse

Donald Trump

Alt-Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Right

The so-called “alt-right” has gotten a lot of attention since Republican nominee Donald Trump appointed one of their foremost advocates, Breitbart News chief Stephen Bannon, to lead his campaign. In reality, the “alt-right” is just an attempt to rebrand white supremacy. After Hillary Clinton gave a speechcriticizing Donald Trump for aligning with white nationalists, Chuck Todd pointed out that no Republican outside the Trump campaign disputed a word of it. Shep Smith said that Trump “trades in racism” and that Clinton simply used Trump’s own words against him. Alex Jones and white nationalistsboth stood by Trump. Meanwhile, Trump himself tried to pretend the entire controversy didn’t exist — until Anderson Cooper confronted him with the obvious problem with that. With Fox News left in an awkward position between white nationalists on one side and Hillary Clinton on the other, Megyn Kelly lashed out atMedia Matters.

Corey Lewandowski

CNN’s Fiasco

CNN’s Corey Lewandowski fiasco is probably the worst conflict-of-interest problem in the history of cable news. In addition to still being paid money by Trump, Lewandowski announced Thursday that he was joining the Trump campaign on the trail. The situation is so bad that Lewandowski is now being confronted on the air. Stephen Colbert even brought it up with Anderson Cooper. Please take a moment to add your name to our letter telling CNN that they must cut ties with Lewandowski.

Sean hannity

Dear Donald, It’s Sean

The NY Times reported this week that Sean Hannity is serving as an informal adviser to the Trump campaign. Hannity has turned his Fox News show essentially into the Trump Propaganda Hour. In fact, Hannity has given over $31 million of airtime to Trump since the campaign began. In a town hall with Hannity, Donald Trump polled the audience in an attempt to walk away from months of bigoted fearmongering about immigrants. Conservatives had varied reactions to Trump’s abrupt shift in positions, while Latinos across the ideological spectrum were clear that Trump could not magically erase his bigotry. Hannity, meanwhile,received wild applause from the crowd for shouting “All Lives Matter.”

Hillary Clinton

The Making Of A Conspiracy

Right-wing media have been going to great lengths to put Hillary Clinton’s health into question. Trump’scampaign and surrogates have capitalized on these conspiracies by continuing to peddle them any chancethat they get, with Rudy Giuliani even telling people to “go online,” prompting widespread mockery. While there have been many individual segments that push back on this baseless nonsense, over time mainstream news outlets have started to give credence to the conspiracies.

Rush Limbaugh

The Lesbian Farmer Conspiracy

Rush Limbaugh and the Washington Free Beaconlaunched a wild conspiracy theory: that President Obama was sending lesbian farmers to infiltrate the American heartland. Limbaugh, who has a lengthy history of opposing LGBT rights, angrily lashed out at people mocking him, saying that “leftists” and “young millenials” simply don’t understand his brilliance. In a related story, news about Rush Limbaugh’s latest contract doesn’t mentionits price because he no longer draws a salary.

Featured Video

NY Times columnist and CNN commentator Charles Blow called out Donald Trump’s bigotry, sexism, and bullying, and explained how people who support Trump cannot wash their hands of any of it. This was amazing:

Featured Post

While they were discussing Donald Trump’s “extreme vetting” proposal for Muslims entering the United States, Rachel Maddow had to explain the Constitution and history to Donald Trump’s new campaign manager:

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