Gaza Bled as the World Watched. By Miko Peled

This is a much read.

Miko Peled

December 27, 2008 will forever be etched in our memory as one of the darkest and most shameful days in the long history of the Jewish people. A day when the Jewish State committed horrendous shameful crimes against an entire civilian population, including 800,000 children.  Its hard to believe the three years have gone by since those dreadful bloody three weeks between December 27 2008 and January 20 2009. Those were three weeks of such death and destruction that one can hardly comprehend. I recall stories of the Israeli air force pilots of the IDF Terror Organization who flew sortie after sortie, dumping hundreds of tons of bombs on Gaza, exposing a civilian population to unimaginable horror and then returning home to their families to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Hanukah, believe i or not but the attacks took place during Hanukah. Then these pilots, having enjoyed the celebration slept…

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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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