What Trump’s Win Exposes About America

November 2016

Yesterday many in the nation came to grips with an unexpected reality. We wondered what our future would hold, if campaign promises would be upheld, and, as a truly horrifying collection of tweets demonstrated, if we could keep our loved ones safe. But we also saw people all over the country take to the streets, exercise their rights, and prove democracy is alive and thriving. Knowing there are things you can do to keep fighting is important; nothing can doom the movements for minority rights, reproductive freedom, orcriminal justice reform except apathy. Younger generations will not forget this time; they may be scared, but will someday be the ones in charge. For now, we can all learn lessons from the resilience of the LGBTQ community (and how much we still need to support them), our legacy of civil rights activism, and even Hillary Clinton herself. So take care of yourself (even if it means an urgent trip to the gyno). Then, when you feel ready, have a real look at election processesand media perceptions. Stay informed, stay focused, critically examine your social media feeds, and never, ever, give up hope.—Laura Feinstein


How a Republican Congress and President Trump are a lethal combination.

Black women voted for Hillary on Tuesday in record numbers—but where were their white counterparts?

In Los Angeles, folks came out in a showing of love and resistance.

Our reporter spent election night with the people who helped elect Trump.

What it was like for prisoners to watch Trump—who is currently preparing for a fraud trial—win the election.


We have to yet to find out how President-elect Donald Trump will actually preside over the country, but one thing is for sure: Trump’s 2016 presidential run will be remembered for the way he routinely dehumanized and disparaged various marginalized groups. I’ll never forget the moments when I found myself in shock—not because a presidential candidate believed the things Trump was saying, but because he was actually saying them. A prominent political figure was plastered across our screens all day, bumbling from state to state, shining a light on an America so many were sure only existed in black-and-white documentaries.

Trump supporters favorably cited the fact that their candidate didn’t mince words, which I actually found refreshing, too. It offered momentary relief from the seemingly never-ending burden of calling out prejudice and bigotry. That burden exists because modern America has an advanced degree in disguising its -isms and -phobias, in gaslighting marginalized groups. But finally, here it was in all its grotesque splendor. Watching the anti-PC brigade do its thing under Trump’s tent was therapeutic. It was a regular reminder that I am not going crazy. Read more.


The Republican party might have temporarily ruined pachyderms for us, but one organization is diligently trying to protect these majestic,and endangered, beasts. A campaign to stop the slaughter of African elephants for their ivory, 96 Elephants, attempted to break the Guinness World Record for “largest display of origami elephants” to raise awareness of the ivory trafficking crisis. Follow #ElephantOrigamiChallenge to see all the fun foldies yourself.🐘


We’re living in strange times—and what better way to deal with an uncertain future than a vibrant conversation with a room filled with original thinkers. On November 15th, in Oakland, CA, the Real Future Fair is bringing you special guests like Edward Snowden,Malkia Cyril, and Dr. Mae Jemison, the first woman of color in space, to discuss everything from VR to the diversity in tech. The best part?It’s completely free.


How detained immigrants joined last night’s anti-Trump protest from behind bars

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This girl is fierce as hell and her anti-Trump speech will make you stand up and cheer

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