Thoughts on why the electoral college needs to be taken on out of the constitution–it only helps political parties–not people.

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In all three states, third-party candidate voting was up (although it … Third party voting was up from 1% of the totalto 7%, but overall turnout and voting was down from 2012.

Trump’s victory another example of how Electoral College wins are bigger than popular vote ones

Pew Research Center
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Clinton’s Substantial PopularVote Win. David Leonhardt NOV. 11, 2016. Continue reading the main story …

Latest Popular Vote Results 2016: Hillary Clinton Has Almost 400000 More Votes Than Winner Donald Trump

International Business Times – 

Presidential write-ins skyrocket in 2016; names serious and silly

WBIR.comNov 10, 2016
Here’s a look at the serious and silly candidates of voters‘ choosing. … In Knox County a total of 3,837 voters wrote in a name for president, …

Electoral College a scam from the start – Las Vegas Sun News

Nov 6, 2012 – The Electoral College was invented to shift the focus from the citizens’ direct popular vote and to conceal an unbridled intention by the …

Now We Know Why It’s Time to Dump the Electoral College | The …

Apr 12, 2016 – The US Electoral College distorts campaigns, disenfranchises voters, and drives partisanship, say scholars who argue the popular vote is far …

Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy – YouTube

Nov 9, 2015 – Uploaded by CollegeHumor

Watch “Adam Ruins Everything,” Tuesdays at 10pm, on truTV! … Mix – Why The Electoral College Ruins …

Electoral college – Wikipedia

An electoral college is a set of electors who are selected to elect a candidate to a particular office. Often these represent different organizations, political parties, …

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Electoral College Can Stop Unfit Trump — With Another Republican … Stealing America’s Future: How For-Profit Colleges Scam Taxpayers and Ruin Students’ Lives.

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The electoral college is an outdated mechanic that directly causes ……/the_electoral_college_is_an_outdated_mechan…

Nov 28, 2015 – The Electoral College has nothing to do with voting for congressmen and senators, and we have even more voter apathy on the years that don’t …


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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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