Finding out a petition you created or signed was victorious feels like winning a gold medal


Finding out a petition you created or signed was victorious feels like winning a gold medal. Except this kind of gold medal is one that we can all win, and it starts with learning from each other. Take a look at the six successful Care2 petitions below. Do you notice something they all have in common?

In each of the petitions below, the authors made smart choices when picking which decision-makers to target and deliver their signatures to. By carefully deciding to go after the right decision-maker – from local restaurant owners to university administrators – each author made sure their message landed on the ears of the person best able to implement change.

These successes prove that with just a little bit of planning, you can spearhead a winning petition campaign, too!

If you want to read more about how to choose a smart target just like these authors did, and make a difference in your own community, check out our Activist University blog post here.

Now what are you waiting for? Read up on the successes below and then start your own Care2 petition! Everything you read here is something you can do, too.

Coco the Puppy Returned to Her Loving Family

On July 3rd this year, a little boy named Thomas watched as police took his best friend Coco the puppy away from him. Police noticed Coco when she was out for a walk with her family, and incorrectly assumed she was a pit bull. Later on, officers turned up at the family’s property and informed the owners that they were taking Coco away. Thomas’s family was devastated. When Diane Coles heard about their story, she created a petition demanding local police allow Coco to come home to her loving family. Thanks to thousands of activists who signed Diane’s petition, the puppy is now back with her loving family. Read more about Coco’s successful return here.

UK Restaurant Is Finally Wheelchair-Accessible

Beth Granter thought she’d enjoy a nice dinner with her family at a local restaurant for her birthday. She called the restaurant ahead of time to make sure it was fully wheelchair accessible as advertised, so that her mother would be able to join. But when she showed up, it was clear the restaurant was not accessible at all. Not only was there a huge step to surmount, but the venue also had no wheelchair ramp. Beth launched a Care2 petition demanding the restaurant buy a ramp. After it gained 13,881 signatures, the restaurant apologized and agreed to Beth’s demands! If there’s a local business that you want to be more inclusive, start a Care2 petition now!

Sexual Assault Survivors at Mormon University Are Now Safer

Brigham Young University (BYU) is a religious, Mormon-owned university with a strict Honor Code that prohibits coffee, alcohol, and premarital sex. But this code has also led to the silencing and shaming of sexual assault victims. After student Madi Barney was raped, the college opened an Honor Code investigation against her. So Madi started a Care2 petition demanding amnesty for all BYU sexual assault survivors. After seven months of tireless advocacy, rallies, and collecting 117,000 signatures, her petition was successful! Because of Madi, BYU will be a safer place for all students. Do you know of a school that should do more to help sexual assault survivors? Start a Care2 petition!

Charges Dropped Against Democracy Now‘s Amy Goodman

You may have heard of the Dakota Access Pipeline, a sprawling project to pump petroleum right through Native American grounds in the US. You may also know that security officers have been assaulting peaceful protesters with pepper spray, rubber bullets, attack dogs and more. But did you know police issued an arrest warrant for Amy Goodman, reporter and host of news program Democracy Now, after she filmed the attacks? When activist Kelsey Bourgeois heard about this, she started a Care2 petition demanding North Dakota police drop the warrant. 67,636 people signed her petition in just a few weeks and public pressure successfully convinced them to drop the charges! But other journalists still face legal action for covering the pipeline protests. Sign the petition to support freedom of the press!

TripAdvisor No Longer Sells Animal Experience Tickets

TripAdvisor owns the world’s largest travel site – but part of their company’s profits have come from promoting cruel wildlife tourist attractions. It even ranks these venues through a Popularity Index and rewards them using Certificates of Excellence, which encourages tourists to buy tickets to these places. An international nonprofit, World Animal Protection, wanted this influential travel company to stop profiting from the sale of these tickets, so it started a Care2 petition. More than 558,000 supporters across the world called upon TripAdvisor to take action. Less than six months after the organization launched its petition, TripAdvisor announced it will stop selling tickets for some of the world’s cruellest wildlife activities. If you want to protect animals from abuse and exploitation, start your own Care2 petition!

95 Countries Ban Trade of Wild African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots are on the brink of extinction in the wild. Once common throughout Africa, their population has plunged as trappers snatch the birds and trade them as pets all over the world. When animal-lover Sammy Bryant heard about this situation, she knew the international community had to act – and fast. So she started a Care2 petition asking the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to ban the Greys trade. 77,037 people signed her petition, which she delivered along with the nonprofit World Parrots Trust, and CITES listened! Are there animals out there that need your help? Start a Care2 petition now and be a hero!


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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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