We, the People, made this happen–not Donald T.–WE STOPPED THE TPP!

Great news, Kevin!

The TPP is done for. And YOU made it happen.

The Obama administration has at last announced that they are ending their efforts to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in Congress before President Obama leaves office.1,2

For the OpenMedia community, this is a victory that has been four years in the making. The movement against the TPP has campaigned, organized, taken to the streets, lobbied, built support in Congress, and stopped the agreement from being fast tracked.

The TPP could have passed years ago – but together, ordinary people like you and me made it politically impossible. This is the power we have when we act together.

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That both Trump and Clinton came out and opposed the TPP during the election is a testament to the power of our movement. But this victory didn’t come about because of Trump’s election.

In fact, his opposition to the TPP doesn’t stem from a public commitment to protecting the open Internet and our freedom of expression.

That’s why we need to stay vigilant.

You can fuel the movement by reaching out and inviting your friends and family to join us in defending free expression – just forward this email or send them the following link: https://act.openmedia.org/DefendFreeExpression.

We could easily see these same threats to our digital rights repackaged into agreements like TiSA or TTIP, or even made part of new agreements.

And while we keep a sharp eye out for new threats, we need to move forward to enshrine our rights in law, permanently. We need to be stronger than ever before. And with your help, we will be.

So join the movement, and stand with us. Stand with security, privacy and free expression.

Thanks for everything you do.

Victoria at OpenMedia

PS: This campaign has spanned years – and the only reason we were able to win was due to supporters like you. Can you make a small contribution to ensure we can keep campaigning on your behalf?

[1] Obama administration suspends Pacific trade deal vote effort. Source: Reuters
[2] White House gives up on passing the TPP. Source: The Hill


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