Rolling Stone Magazine: Nobel Prize Member Calls Bob Dylan’s Silence ‘Impolite and Arrogant’

I am sure that Dylan is in shock and wonders why the universe has chosen his work to make this statement about poetry and music.

Adrienne Gomez

Nobel Prize Member Calls Bob Dylan’s Silence ‘Impolite and Arrogant

I’ve seen a few stories like this on the internet here and there. I admit I have mixed feelings about it. Does he deserve it? Does he even want it? Do I even care?

I guess things have not changed much for the reluctant prophet in the last few decades. His clear disinterest at being anointed, crowned, heralded, lauded or celebrated as anything other than a simple musician and storyteller has not changed, he has stuck to his six shooters. It is a singular reaction in a time when so many people are crawling over each other to grasp at the brass ring of their 5 minutes in the lime colored light. In a time when “selling-out” is a goal in and of itself.

The only recent interview I could find was one that he gave to AARP to…

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