“We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights….We truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us. All of us.”–Aaron Burr to Trump and Pence

‘Aaron Burr’ engages in another duel — this time with Donald Trump on Twitter

Read these articles and find out how this occurred.–kas


Aaron Burr – Wikipedia

Aaron Burr Jr. (February 6, 1756 – September 14, 1836) was an American politician. He was the third Vice President of the United States (1801–1805), serving …

Burr–Hamilton duel – Wikipedia


The Burr–Hamilton duel was fought between prominent American politicians Aaron Burr, the sitting Vice President of the United States, and Alexander Hamilton, …

Deaths‎: ‎1 (Hamilton)
Date‎: ‎July 11, 1804
Location‎: ‎Weehawken, New Jersey‎, U.S
Weapons‎: ‎Wogdon pistols

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More than two centuries after killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel, “Aaron Burr” exchanged …

Mike Pence Booed at ‘Hamilton’

TMZ.com1 day ago

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Aaron Burr – U.S. Vice President, U.S. Representative, Lawyer …

Oct 24, 2016 – Aaron Burr was the third vice president of the United States, serving under President Thomas Jefferson. Burr fatally shot his rival, Alexander Hamilton, during a duel. … In 1800, he ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. presidency, and became vice president instead.

The American Experience | The Duel | People & Events | Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr was born in Newark, New Jersey, on February 6, 1756. His father, Reverend Aaron Burr, was president of the College of New Jersey, which would …

Biography of Aaron Burr – USHistory.org

Aaron Burr was born in 1756 in New Jersey. He was the son of Aaron Burr, Sr. — the second president of Princeton as well as the grandson of Jonathan …

Aaron Burr Jr. (1756-1836) < Biographies < American History From …

The younger Aaron Burr was left an orphan when he was two years old, his father and mother (and both maternal grandparents) having died within a year.

Burr slays Hamilton in duel – Jul 11, 1804 – HISTORY.com

In a duel held in Weehawken, New Jersey, Vice President Aaron Burr fatally shoots his long-time political antagonist Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton, a leading …

Donald Trump takes to Twitter, demands apology from ‘Hamilton’s …

1 day ago – In this image made from a video provided by Hamilton LLC, actor Brandon Victor Dixon who plays Aaron Burr, the nation’s third vice president, …

Aaron Burr Cidery, LLC


Home. “The Cidery”, which produces Aaron Burr Cider in Wurtsboro, New York, is a small homestead farm dating back to the early 19th century. We specialize in …


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