Police Blast #NoDAPL Activists With Water Cannons in Sub-Freezing Temps—NORTH DAKOTA & AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS AT WORK?

News & Views | 11.16


    Police Blast #NoDAPL Activists With Water Cannons in Sub-Freezing Temps
by Nika Knight
“Water cannons. Rubber bullets. Mace. Flash grenades. It’s an army vs. unarmed people who only want to protect their water and graves”


  With ‘A Friend in the White House,’ Texas Lawmakers Prep Anti-Woman Attack
by Deirdre Fulton
‘These men who would do away with abortion might find more success or at least more support in a nation ruled by President Donald Trump’
  Trump Infrastructure Plan a ‘Trap’ Democrats Should Reject, Experts Warn
by Nadia Prupis
Former Obama aide calls plan a ‘mistake in policy and political judgment [Democrats] will regret’
  Trump Considering Gen. James “It’s Fun to Shoot People” Mattis for Pentagon Chief
by Andrea Germanos
Marine Gen. James Mattis also led U.S. Marines during bloody 2004 bombardment of Fallujah, Iraq
  Gallup Finds Record Divisions in Trump’s America
by Lauren McCauley
Half of Americans believe the president-elect will continue to divide the United States
  Trump’s Obamacare Repeal Could Spell Chaos for Unstable Insurance Market
by Nadia Prupis
Insurers could leave marketplace early to avoid losses, as new report warns 25 percent of already-insured children still lack healthcare
  Will Trump Administration Be Mega-Friendly to Mega-Mergers?
by Deirdre Fulton
Antitrust enforcement could be hobbled under President-elect Donald Trump and his pick for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions
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  What Standing Rock Needs Obama to Do Quickly—Before Trump Takes Over
by Tom Goldtooth, Annie Leonard
Trump will try to fast-track fossil fuel projects across the country. That makes the final months of President Obama’s term more important than ever.
  Listening to Trump
by Christian Parenti
What I learned by going down a weeks-long, late-night, YouTube rabbit hole
  Life Under Trump: Night Terrors and Daytime Hopes
by Rebecca Gordon
I’m too old and too stubborn to cede my country to the forces of hatred and a nihilistic desire to blow the whole thing up just to see where the pieces come down.
  We Are All Deplorables
by Chris Hedges
If we shed our self-righteousness and hubris, if we speak to the pain and suffering of the working poor, we will unmask the toxins of bigotry and racism.
  To Defend Democracy, We Must Demand Financial Transparency from Trump
by Jeff Hauser
From executive appointments to policy, understanding Trump’s personal financial interests will be essential to judging his adminstration
  The Terrorism Targeting Our Grandchildren
by Paul Buchheit
Four decades of American narcissism and greed and exceptionalism have allowed the super-rich to dictate the future path of our nation.
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