Missouri, Asking my Electors to do what is right and send some votes away from Trumps Campaign for the Sake of American Democracy

Dear Missouri Electors  Tim Dreste, Jan DeWeese, Hector Maldonado, Sherry Kuttenkuler, Casey Crawford, Tom Brown, Cherry Warren, Scott Clark, Al Rotskoff, & Susie Johnson:

Elsewhere I have written of the need and urgency for the American Electors to do what the founding fathers of our country determined over 220 years ago–namely that the American Electoral College was to be a group of thinking persons who could help America avoid a disaster in the Executive Branch through tendencies towards mobocracy carried our over the past year by an unthinking national media, which ignored good solid debating of issues and instead made America’s presidential a practice in tribal infighting, which had actually been the reason that many of our ancestors left Europe and other continents generations ago to avoid in their homelands.

At almost no time in history has it become more important than now for our state electors to think out side of the box and avoid a disaster in the White House, whereby the majority of Americans are left in fear by what they see as a trend for a mob to take over the Presidency, Vice-Presidency and the Executive Branch, which overseas the day-to-day operations of the federal agencies that service our state and peoples across this land.  Already people are afraid that hundreds of thousands will be laid off and that their will be no health care to protect most of us working Americans left after a few months. More than 60% of the voting age residents in Missouri did not vote for Donald Trump and definately don’t want Mike Pence near the  nuclear buttons either.  Please vote for someone other than these two men.  Join other electors who have already decided to think out of the box and are committed to real electoral reform for the first time in decades.

America needs hope and a change in the status quo.  We do not want bullies who threaten voters or would-be voters and poll-watchers to not show up at the polls.  (This happened in Joplin and  here in Carl Junction, where I am a registerd voter and tax-payer.)  Many others suspect their votes were not counted–including me, who is out of the country currently and had to vote by mail.

Please  talk with other electors across the country, including members of the GOP, who feel this is the right thing to do.




Kevin A. Stoda

902 Pennell St.

Carl Junction, MO 64834

who voted by mail and feels his ballot was not counted in the 8th of November vote (like thousands of others in Missouri and across the land. 



About eslkevin

I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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