Jason Kandor almost won in Missouri even after all of the GOP Dirtiest Tricks were performed on voters this year–and many ballots were not counted and thrown out

Fellow Democrats:

“If you were a part of this campaign in even the smallest way, you might feel like stepping away from it all to lick your wounds. Maybe you think you’re done with volunteering or donating or even believing in anything changing. Well, you won’t get a pass from me. Staying engaged has become more important than ever.”

These are the words of Jason Kander, written immediately after his loss.

I am writing a while after this very painful election to say that the Southwest Missouri Democrats are still engaged and ready for the next stage of our campaign.

Kander continues:

“Be proud of the campaign we ran. In a ‘red’ state that Donald Trump won by 19%, we came within 3% of turning the Senate seat blue. And we didn’t do it by hugging the middle and pretending to be moderate Republicans.”

What a remarkable man!

And how remarkable is Genevieve Williams, who earned an amazing 93,000 votes!

We did really run an incredible race—with countless volunteers phoning, door knocking, bringing food, donating, and showing up for events.  We also ran our first radio and TV ads and they were effective.

Admittedly during the upcoming holiday season, things may slow down. temporarily.  But we still need to pay our bills and we will also need volunteers this winter—for phone banking and other projects. We are beginning our campaign for 2018 and the re-election of Claire McCaskill.  In the meantime Krista needs to take a break after working overtime during the campaign, but you can call her and she will get back to you.

Please continue to make your donations through ActBlue or send a check made out to the Southwest Missouri Democrats and mail it to Andrew Whitehead, 602 S. Ozark Ave, Joplin MO 64801.

Elliott Denniston

P.S.  Here is another excerpt from Kander’s letter:

“…please know that I’m going to be fine. My wife is gorgeous and brilliant, and my son True is my best little buddy in the world. We are not the people who will be hurt by these election results. So please don’t spend any time being sad for me. If you’re going to be sad for someone, make it the single mom who has cancer and is scared to death about being unable to keep her insurance to continue treatments without Obamacare. Worry about the undocumented student who has only ever known this country and is worried about what happens to her now. Worry about the minimum wage worker trying to stretch $30 into a full grocery trip. Let your heart go out to the college student saddled with enormous debt and unable to get help from a parent whose own graduate degree has forced him into bankruptcy.”

Conservative political group launches ad campaign against Jason …


Oct 18, 2016 – Jason Kander will make the Obamacare disaster worse,” a narrator … him to be frequently criticized by Republicans throughout the campaign.


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4 Responses to Jason Kandor almost won in Missouri even after all of the GOP Dirtiest Tricks were performed on voters this year–and many ballots were not counted and thrown out

  1. eslkevin says:

    Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day — Roy Blunt
    Jun 30, 2015 – Roy Blunt has a history of being as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. … of the biggest soldiers in that fight was Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, …. during the worst period of income inequality in the United States in almost a century.

  2. eslkevin says:

    My mom was asked to be a poll watcher in her town, but the Republicans in Joplin and other towns threatened the poll wtchers there and around the area–so mom decided not to watch for the Democrats. In how many other towns was this the case?

  3. eslkevin says:

    I’m not sure my Missouri votes for Kandor was counted.

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