Fun Contests and Events at Dhofar University along with SCT Students among Contests Yesterday

By Kevin Stoda, Salalah College of Technology

Yesterday, there were a set of contests among Salalah College of Technology and Dhofar University level 1, level 2, and level 3 students.  The events started at around 10am on the DU campus in a large hall and finished in the same location just before 1:30.

After a welcoming by Faical Ben Khalifa (HoD of foundations at Dhofar University) and foundations’ Deputy director Megan M. Putney.  Kevin Stoda of the English Language Forum encouraged the students from both the SCT and DU students played a popular game called Jeopardy.

DU had two teams and SCT had two teams in this event. The two DU teams tied for the win with 190 points, but the SCT teams were close behind with 180 points and 150 points in this geography-, grammar- and general knowledge competition.

In this photo, the second place SCT team is seated. These participants in the photo are Talal Al-Yafai, Ahmed al-Maashani, Adel al-Shahri, and Mohammed Ali Hubais. (Not pictured here are Mazen Hubais, Bayan Sulaiman and Sarah al-Najjar.) 

Jeopardy teams are given a chance of picking from 5 main topics and choosing the value of their question when doing so.  For example, one can choose a 50 point question–or a 10, 20, 30 and 40 points in any of the categories.


In the final jeopardy round, a team can choose, however, to wager all there points, none of their points or part of their totals on the final round.


Following the first competition between the four student teams, DU invited all participants and the 7 staff members from SCT to imbibe in snacks and drinks while the next events were prepared.


A little after 11:30 two other competitions began.   In a side room, SCT and DU students participated in a writing competition. Among those SCT students who participated in the writing contest were: Bayan al-Sulaiman, Sarah al-Najjar, Talal al-Yafai, Ahmed al-Maashani, and Adel al-Shahri.

Back in the main hall, a speaking competition began.   At level 2 speaking, SCT had two speakers participating:  Talal Al-Yafai and Sadeqa Awaidh.

At level 2, these were the topics permitted in this competition: (1) technology–its positive and negative effects, (2) business–discuss a company and its history, (3) weather–favorite type and time, (4) sports–favorite and how to play, and (5) festivals or special occasions.


Later, the speaking contest topics at level 3  were: (1) environment–problems and solutions, (2) manners–courtesies and practices in different cultures, (3) Dhofar–changes in past and present, (4) festivals–favorite occasions, and (5) people–role models, famous people.

Similar topics were chosen for the writing topics on this same date.


This multiple-competition event between DU and SCT had been planned for several years. Last May the head of the English Club at Dhofar University and the head of the English Language Forum at SCT met and determined that DU and SCT calendars dove-tailed best in November of 2016.  Since that time the two campuses had begun preparing for yesterday’s events.


During the awards ceremony at around 1pm, the head of the foundations program announced what was already well-known:  The days events, contests, and activities had been fun.

Faical also noted that next time the foundation programs would like to include the math departments and math clubs in the next intercampus event.  Both SCT and DU would also like to have the Salalah College of Applied Sciences to join us in similar competitions or multi-campus events in 2017 and 2018.

“Well-organized with various activities. The jeopardy was especially good. A really motivating event not only for students, but for teachers as well.  Proves that teaching and learning can be fun. Probably for the future, more students should be there [at such a competition] not only for participation, but for support of their team. Also could be motivating,” said one SCT staffer, Irina Kazumyan, assisting with the events at DU.





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