Growing Moral Relativism among American Evangelicals is Worrying the Rest of the Planet


By Kevin Anthony Stoda

For decades, for American Evangelical Christians there was “no more a severe charge than the judgement that one has abandoned the gospel.” said Wes Markofski in his New Monasticism and the Transformation of Evangelicalism. Now, the overwhelming majority of Christian Evangelicals are proudly using Post Modern Relativism to make their voting decisions. The greater world looks on in horror.


Relativism and Post-Modernism are now dominating Christian Evangelical Thinking more than ever America“For American Evangelical Christians there is no more a severe charge than the judgement that one has abandoned the gospel.”–Wes Markofski in New Monasticism and the Transformation of Evangelicalism

Too Many Christian Evangelicals becoming Fuzzy Thinking and Moral Relativism in 2016–Better Christian Education (and education for all) Needed!!

by Kevin Stoda, in Oman (but viewing the American Evangelical landscape)

Some years ago, I met a wonderful Australian missionary whom I shared my concerns for the worrying trends and fates of my militaristic and nationalistic evangelical Christendom friends in my homeland, the USA. The man nodded, sighed, and shared that origininally, i.e. 4 or 5 decades ago, the evangelicals in Asia, the Middle East and Australia had looked to American evangelical christians for leadership, but for many years since, they no longer look toward American evangelical churches for models or even for leadership.

Whether on the progressive side or the conservative side of the evangelical christian perspective, christians have been talking about the need to restore logic to the narration that evangelical christians share with the world, especially now in 2016. Until now, the majority of Christian evangelicals in the rank and file have ignored it–as have their TV fare from CBN and their ilk–especially over the past decades, i.e. when it was evangelicals who helped push the non-sensical invasion of Iraq in 2002-2003, even though no just war theory could be used to support such an unwarrented and awful action by a state in the name of a christian people who could not get their president, vice-president and congress to avoid the mess we have been in for so many years. I live in a fragile Middle East–and Islam has not been the sole problem here by any means for people living safer and just lives. Endless wars are what evangelical christians provided in the time of W. Bush and appear to be in vogue again now in the time of Trump and his illogical Cheney-wannabee-Mike Pence.

American Christian Logic for God and the Bible must become the main or current issue in the evangelical in the wake of the fact that 4 in 5 people, who claim to be evangelical christians, voted for Donald Trump this election in th USA in November 2016 .

From this fact alone, it appears that relativistic moral theories on behavior are dominating a sector of the Evangelical Christian Churches in America-— a sector which once upon-a-time used to once pride itself on knowing the Bible. These disciples of Evangelicalism were supposed to train each other as to how to logically live out their faith here and now on Earth. Instead they go to bed at night trying to tell their children that voting for a rapist is good and voting for a woman who raised her daughter well is OK, i.e. now that Post-Modern Relativism Dominates their Muddled and illogical minds.

Upon noting publically–i.e. right after the election of Donald Trump earlier this month–thatI was proud to be among the 20% of evangelical christianswho did not follow like little Fuhrer-fanatics the mass media manipulations and messages of this world purporting all the relativist nonsense that all politicians are basically the same.

I proudly voted for a woman for president (Jill Stein) because I felt that the platform of the Green party is more in line with how God expects us to treat our neighbors, women, our environment (or climate )and the world’s refugees. Because of non-fuzzy logic, I could say that I was setting a better christian example by voting for her than by voting for more of the evil-sameness of a Hillary Clinton Administration or a Neo-Dick Cheney administration under Donald Trump.

A week later, an evangelical christian Mennonite (former Seminarian from Indiana) whom I have known from my college days, wrote to defend his christian fellowship and the illogical but dominate world view eminating from his supposedly Christian Indiana community that these days that (1) all politicians are liars and not to be trusted anyway.

By stating this, my evangelical friend was implying: (2) It was really no crime nor sin to vote for a man who stood throughout his whole life-style across 5 to 7 decades as a racist, a woman-abuser, an abuser of laborerers, and as someone who tells Christians it is OK to turn their backs on refugees of war–wars that the USA helped created with Christian Coalition help back in 2001-2003.

In short, Christian Evangelical leadership and those living and working in the evangelical movements have fallen badly.

Perhaps this mass-ducking of responsibity in the 2016 election, in terms of really trying to promote christian living (i.e. through voice and vote), is not as bad as the Sodomites who found no crimes in sins of ooutragesou, sex, bad language– and abandoning the poor, needy or those in refuge. On the other hand, perhaps it is.

Tony Campolo told Bill Clinton’s prayer breakfast back in 1997–perhaps such voting in America is sinking to the level of Sodom. American christians were outraged. Since that time, I have seen things only getting worse among the masses of evangelical christian communities I have seen active in big American media (especially the wealthiest Christian media networks) over these past two decades.

Wes Markofski in New Monasticism and the Transformation of Evangelicalism wrote some time ago, “For American Evangelical Christians there is no more a severe charge than the judgement that one has abandoned the gospel.”

Now, with all the logistical gymnastics by Franklin Graham and others to make clear why they support the new KluKluxKlan types (under the leadership of the Inidana Favorite Son Fascist Mike Pence) who are ready to lead America further into Sodom and Gomoryah as this decade goes on.

By American Evangelicals supporting a sinner like Trump to the hilt this election, America has elected its own leader who now is comparable in nature and stature to those whoring Saudi princes who took over in the 1960s and 1970s (or even today) here in the Middle East. They were bad examples for all and led to insurrection at home and abroad due to their sexual excesses and their crimes against their own faith. You will never win converts to your brand of faith that way.

How illogical and un-biblical can you be? You will never win converts to your muddled way of viewing the world You only make it dangerous for all of us–at home or abroad–to live out our faiths.


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KEVIN STODA-has been blessed to have either traveled in or worked in nearly 100 countries on five continents over the past two and a half decades.–He sees himself as a peace educator and have been– a promoter of good economic and social development–making-him an enemy of my homelands humongous DEFENSE SPENDING and its focus on using weapons to try and solve global issues.

“I am from Kansas so I also use the pseudonym ‘Kansas’ and ‘alone’ when I write and publish.- I-keep two blogs–one with BLOGGER and one with WORDPRESS.- My writings range from reviews to editorials or to travel observations.- I also make recommendations related to policy–having both a-strong background in teaching foreign languages and degrees in teaching in history and the social sciences.–As a Midwesterner, I also write on religion and living out ones faith whether it be as a Christian, Muslim or Buddhist perspective.”

On my own home page, I also provide information for language learners and travelers,-


About eslkevin

I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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