The press has to start fighting back, Obama Derangement Syndrome one last time, Google’s efforts on fake news, and more …


Beyond the notable Media Matters work below, here are some other things I’ve read this week: Julia Ioffe on state-sponsored blackmail in Russia, Will Oremus on how Trump is turning the media against itself, Alexey Kovalev on what American reporters should learn from Vladimir Putin’s press conferences, and Molly McHughon how Facebook plans to address fake news.

John Whitehouse

Donald Trump

The Press Needs To Fight Back

A bombshell CNN report this week revealed that intelligence chiefs briefed Donald Trump on Russian efforts to compromise him, and that there was a possible “exchange of information” between Trump surrogates and Kremlin operatives. At the time they should have been aggressively pursuing the story, much of the political press got caught up in pointless infighting. When CNN reporter Jim Acosta tried to confront Trump about the report the next day at his press conference, Trump berated him, Trump’s press secretary threatened to throw him out, and the rest of the press present didn’t even blink. Acosta himself did not back down, later criticizing Trump for insulting CNN’s report, and Carl Bernstein even comparedTrump surrogate Kellyanne Conway to a “propaganda minister.” Meanwhile, Trump ally and Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich called for Trump to “close down the elite press.” The concept of a free press has never been under siege like this in American history. We need journalistic solidarity to fight back. Sign the petition telling the White House press corps to stand up to Trump’s blacklists and share it on Facebook.


Trump’s Favorite Outlet Tries To Wash Its Stench Off

With its hire of a Wall Street Journal reporter, Breitbart is trying to distance itself from the scum of the “alt-right,” months after former Breitbart chief and current Trump chief strategist Stephen Bannon bragged about Breitbart being the home of misogynists and white nationalists. The hiring came days after the site pushed a completely false story about a German Church. Meanwhile, Trump rewarded the website for its loyalty by using his press conference to call onBreitbart’s Matthew Boyle for an absurd softball question.

Barack Obama

Obama Derangement Syndrome To The Very End

President Obama gave his farewell address this week — and conservative media sent him off with the same lies, smears, and conspiracy theories that they did for all of his presidency. Bill O’Reilly even denied ever attacking Obama personally.


Keeping Tabs On Google’s Efforts On Fake News

Fake news gets its money in large part from Google’s ad network. In November, Google pledged to remove fake news from it’s advertising network. In December, we reviewed fake news websites, finding dozens that were still making money through Google’s ad network. Now, Google has quietly removed language about fake news from their advertising policies. In a statement to Media Matters, Google said that they remained committed to fixing the problem. It’s not about what they call these websites — it’s Google’s actions that matter. Now is a time for action.


Featured Video

While much of the political press just rolled over when Trump attacked CNN’s Jim Acosta, Fox News anchor Shep Smith did speak up:

Featured Post

Trump supporters Joe Scarborough and Sean Hannity have been feuding online. This raises an important question: Can you tell their praise for Trump apart?


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