Why are left and Right Talking the Same Talk?

by Kevin Stoda

I don’t like the way words like the DEEP STATE are being used in both the right wing Breitbart press and in the left, like OpEdNews and the Intercept.  We need a distinction in language and topics at this junction in history.  Don’t you agree?

Below are examples.

Donald Trump

Trump’s latest “art of the deal”, capitulation to the deep state

It was probably inevitable. The idea Trump had the moral courage to w/stand the onslaught of the deep state was expecting too much. As Finian Cunningham relates Trump conceded Russia probably hacked the election & “That seeming turnaround by Trump signals the ‘Donald’ is being tamed to toe the ‘official’ Washington line.” Does it matter who is Pres of the US, Repub or Dem ? Both are under the hegemony of the deep state.

By Dave Lefcourt  


Breitbart ·


How The Deep State Facted Up!

ByTerry Sneller  

The Intercept

I have also seen a trend to promote and support positivie media reports on Russia and Putin lately.

What gives?

BizPac Review ·

Deep state in the United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A fringe minority of writers, journalists, political scientists and political activists in the United States have for decades expressed concerns about the existence of a deep state or state within a state, which they suspect secretly controls public policy, regardless of which political party controls the country’s democratic institutions.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

According to Philip Giraldi, the nexus of power is centered on the military–industrial complex, intelligence community, and Wall Street,[11] while Bill Moyers points to plutocrats and oligarchs.[12] Professor Peter Dale Scott also mentions “big oil” as a key player,[13] while David Talbot focuses on national security officials, especially Allen Dulles.[14] Mike Lofgren, an ex-Washington staffer who has written a book on the issue, includes Silicon Valley, along with “key elements of government” and Wall Street, but emphasizes the non-conspiratorial nature of the “state”.[15][16]

Political scientist Michael J. Glennon believes that this trend is the result of policy being made by government bureaucracies instead of by elected officials.[6]

State within a state

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For sovereign states whose territory is surrounded by another sovereign state, see Enclave and exclave § Enclaved countries.
“Deep State” redirects here. For the alleged Turkish system, see Deep state.

State within a state is a political situation in a country when an internal organ (“deep state”), such as the armed forces and civilian authorities (intelligence agencies and police), does not respond to the civilian political leadership. The term, like many in politics, derives from the Greek language (κράτος εν κράτει, kratos en kratei, later adopted into Latin as imperium in imperio[1] or status in statu).

Sometimes, the term refers to state companies that, though formally under the command of the government, act de facto like private corporations. Sometimes, the term refers to companies that, though formally private, act de facto like “states within a state”.[2]

Certain political debates surrounding the separation of church and state revolve around the perception that if left unchecked, the Church might turn into a kind of State within a State, an illegitimate outgrowth of the State’s natural civil power.[3]

Imperium in imperio was also the first state motto of Ohio, reflecting its great size and influence within the early United States. The motto proved unpopular and was replaced two years later.[4][5]

Alleged cases of state within a state[edit]

See also[edit]


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