Trump Facts are Fiction (Fox & CBN won’t tell you, either)

Trump Factoids are dsicussed best on this video.

What the Actual Fact? – The Trump Administration’s “Alternative Facts”: The Daily Show

‘Alternative Facts’: The Needless Lies of the Trump Administration …

6 days ago – If the president and his aides will tell easily disproven falsehoods about crowd sizes and speeches, what else will they be willing to dissemble …

Missing: factoids

Trump Adviser Calls President’s Lies ‘Alternative Facts’ | GOOD

5 days ago – Welcome to the world of alternative facts. Remember when Stephen Colbert first introduced us to the concept of “truthiness?” Back then, it was …

Missing: factoids

Dear team Trump, ‘alternative facts’ are lies –…/alternativefactslies-obeidallah-opinion/

5 days ago – Tom Perez: Dear Mr. President, we’re going to fight back … Conway: Trump White House offered ‘alternative facts‘ on crowd size. But even …

Missing: factoids

Trump and academia actually have a lot in common – The Washington ……/trump…/34123034-e3fc-11e6-a453-19…

9 hours ago – President Trump speaks at a congressional Republican retreat in … A habit no doubt intensified when adults in high places speak breezily of “alternative facts.” … about thepresident and his accomplices in the dissemination of factoids is not …. Opinion There’s a reason Trump keeps lying about voter fraud.

WWW.11-11.TV :: View topic – Facts and the truth are not partisan…0…

6 days ago – 3 posts – ‎1 author

blank · Welcome · Who did this? Guestmap · Gallery · Factoid … It’s emblematic of Trump’sentire lie-ridden presidency, and Mr. Rather knows it. … of the United States wrap up a lie in the Orwellian phrase “alternative facts”…

Trump needs to shed campaign mode, become presidential | Forsyth ……/Trump-needs-to-shed-campaign-mode-become-pre

3 days ago – It is time for President Donald Trump to give up his twitter account and concentrate on serving … Alternative facts, as one reporter curtly told White House strategist Kellyanne Conway, “alternative facts” are just lies. … dishevel Hillary Clinton’s campaign and then turn on Trump with a different set of factoids.

Trump Idiot Scottie Nell Hughes Says Facts Don’t Exist, Also She’s The ……/trump-idiot-scottie-nell-hughes-says-facts-dont-exist-als…

Dec 2, 2016 – Trump Idiot Scottie Nell Hughes Says Facts Don’t Exist, Also She’s The Lindbergh Baby … If someone says something is a fact, and it’s not true, it’s a lie. …. The topic was “How do we deal with a president that lies about everything? …… Trump-post-factoid: The glass is full to the rim, but only half of it is water.

Trump Versus the Media: This Could End Badly – Resilience…01…/trump-versus-the-media-this-could-end-badly…

16 hours ago – The first week of the Trump presidency has seen an extraordinary and … responded that the Trump administration was merely adhering to “alternative facts. … produced) a “lie” and a “falsehood”—terms that news outlets named above … is the factoidthat George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984—in which the …

A Russian journalist has a little advice for his American counterparts …

4 days ago – US President-elect Donald Trump calls on reporters during a news … And somewhere along the line, falsehoods got relabeled as “alternative facts.” … Instead, he says, the events are a one-man show to create a barrage of factoids and … admit a lie, or an inconsistency in his previous statements [because …

United Future leader Peter Dunne ‘congratulates’ the new American …

4 days ago – Nor do I think you will be a good President for the United States or the world. …. The 3% of buyers of existing homes with foreign sounding names is a data factoid produced out of a … that is the difference between trump and dunne, when trump makes …. Alternative Facts is a euphemism for bare-faced lies.

Debunking Almost Every Republican Lie Against President Obama

Mar 24, 2013 – Debunking Almost Every Republican Lie Against President Obama …. With this conflict they’ve created an alternate reality where facts don’t matter, …… instea of this constant neener neener neener, my facts trump yours bullshit. …… I want all of these (and more!) as littlefactoids that can be autoposted on my …

At This Point, If You’re Still a Donald Trump Supporter, Here’s What …

Oct 8, 2016 – Praised a Russian president who obviously hates the U.S. and Americans. …. that the fact that the defendant took and passed a lie detector test had … too many living in analternative reality,still mentioning Benghazi is just asinine. …… You really, really, really need to back up your bs ‘factoid‘ statements.

On the Lewdness of Donald Trump – American Greatness

Oct 8, 2016 – President Kennedy joked about his presidency being like a golf course; … the grossness of Trump’s remarks becomes playing into a larger Lie and … Scientists rely on evidence and facts and not of fanciful conjecture based …. The alternative to isolationism is not unending involvement in foreign civil wars.

Fighting Back – 9 Nov 1992 – Page 36 – Google Books Result

New York Magazine – ‎Vol. 25, No. 44 – ‎Magazine

The story totally fascinated Donald Trump, touching as it did on some of the … when he showed such poor judgment in releasing the divorce factoids and …. hanging around his heat, nudging their Lycra rumps into his sight lines. … They’re his weapon of choice — Ivana, Palm Beach — a rational alternative to paying up.

Spicer goes after the media with both feet. – CSNbbs › Active Boards › Lounge › The Kyra Memorial Spin Room

6 days ago – 6 posts – ‎5 authors

Interesting factoidsTrump … The inauguration of President Trump got a 20.1 Nielson rating, the 2nd worst for a new president in the last 50 years. Both are tweets by … Call it an ‘alternative fact‘ if you’d like, but its still a lie.

Plagiarism and neologisms – Christian Discussion Forums | CARM ……/page3

5 days ago – 15 posts – ‎6 authors

Conway is making stuff up, she is lying and Trump is lying, very … factual. Your president islying to you, has been, and all HA is doing is ….. The other gave the alternative fact: “A Ford Fiesta. … For you alternative factoids, yes.

White House deletes military family support page from official site

Jan 20, 2017 – Shortly after President Donald Trump raised his right hand and took the Oath of Office, the Joining Forces page on …. There is plenty of examples of his continuous lies. … lol not an “alternative fact” here …. Mr factoid says:.

An excess of intellectual emptiness –

4 hours ago – A presidential minion thinks this assertion is justified because it is the … been given to the non-college-educated voters who rallied to Trump. … their employer’s promiscuous use of “alternative facts,” will routinely … of the illegal voting factoid: It is the president’s “long-standing belief,” so … This president lies.

Baltimore Nonviolence Center: I’ve Reported on Putin: Here Are My ……/ive-reported-on-putin-here-…

3 days ago – So my message for covering President Trump’s administration is this: … /jan/22/donald-trump-kellyanne-conway-inauguration-alternativefacts

Actually Accurate Headlines About Donald Trump’s Birther Nonsense …

Sep 16, 2016 – No mention of the fact that after President Obama produced his birth … DonaldTrump Finally Admitted Obama Was Born In The US — And Lied ….. By this evening, the Literally Trump factoids had been shared 18,000 times on social media. …. doesn’t do it for you, the Internet offers you these alternatives:.

Lies and Politics: CQR

Feb 18, 2011 – The rumor of presidential deceit lingers even in Congress. …. “I don’t recall any time when things were more problematic in terms of made-up factoids and innuendos and … “Letting ideology trump facts and ignoring facts because one’s … citizens may have mistaken evaluations of policy alternatives,” wrote …

The Putinization of Trump | US Message Board – Political … › US Discussion › Politics

5 days ago – 10 posts – ‎8 authors

First Step: Alternative Facts This is something already quite familiar to … be useful in looking at President Trump’s comments to the Washington press corps. … a one-man show to create a barrage of factoids and misinformation as a … admit a lie, or an inconsistency in his previous statements [because he …

– Bishop Hill blog – Breaking with Jim and Dan – Josh 387

3 days ago – So were environmentalists telling lies about Brent Spar? …. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, President Matt McGrath at the BBC asks “Are the recent actions taken by the Trump team on the issues of climate and energy … There are noalternative facts , but , witness GWPF and this blog, …

Kellyanne Conway: Press Secretary Gave ‘Alternative Facts’ on … › … › Off-Topic Forums › General Off-Topic

6 days ago – 20 posts

So, if Trump declares himself the 2nd coming of Christ would his followers call it an alternative fact and start worshiping him? They already …. Obviously the crowd size factoid is important enough to have a press secretary bring it up. I guess it … It’s the president and his spokespeople lying. Who cares about …

Democrats and Republicans Switched Platforms – Fact / Myth

Jan 10, 2017 – Related Factoids …. For an alternative viewpoint, check out the story of William Jennings Bryan, … Lincoln (the first Republican President – 1861) was an anti-slavery ….. or even 1920’s Republicans… but Palin and Trump… their message is …… The big party switch of the 60 is a lie perpetrated by the left to …

‘Memmos’: Memmott’s Missives & Musings | NPR Ethics Handbook

Let’s be sure to say that President-elect Trump has “nominated” someone to a post if … their “tribe,” as they call it, their greatest points of unity lie in what they are against: …… A “factoid,” then, resembles a fact — but isn’t one, according to Mailer’s definition. … But those aren’t greatalternatives, as is often the case with labels.

Debate Fallout: Even Conservatives Are Appalled By Republican …

Oct 30, 2015 – This time, she reached back to the 2012 Republican campaign to invent afactoid about women’s … President Trump Pledges To Put ‘America First’ In Nationalist Speech … I don’t think anyone disputes the fact that Hillary is better at lying …… election, because she’s still better than the Republican alternative.

Downtrodden D.C.: In federal offices, tears and sadness about working ……/downtrodden-d-c-in-federal-offices-tears-and-sadness-abo…

Dec 10, 2016 – And as you point out Trump is even President yet. … I prefer actual news andfactual analysis to partisanship. … Another factoid – in VA, the governor gave voting rights to 60k convicted felons – and with the letter telling them …. More than 60% of what he says is either wrong, illegal to do, or an outright lie.

Lighting malfunction causes 38-minute delay at Coliseum…/power-outage-causes-38-minute-delay-at-o-co-colis…

Jun 14, 2014 – Is Ronda Rousey’s next opponent President Trump’s pipeline? …. up team’s new jersey ad: ‘I like free money’. Ball Don’t Lie … Gregg Popovich, Steve Kerr and NBA TV can’t stop making ‘alternative facts‘ jokes. Ball Don’t Lie …

Intellectual emptiness | Opinion columnists |

11 hours ago – Soon the results include the presidential megaphone being used to amplify facially … when adults in high places speak breezily of “alternative facts. … Much attention has been given to the non-college-educated voters who rallied to Trump. … voting factoid: It is thepresident’s “long-standing belief,” so there.


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