USA: Wind power jobs now top 100,000 !!!— IF INFRASTRUCTURE GROWS WE COULD HAVE A MILLION

It’s hard not to get excited about this.
Hi Kevin,

Wind power jobs now top 100,000, according to a new report released by the Department of Energy.

More Americans now work in wind than in nuclear, coal, natural gas or hydroelectric power plants. These jobs span all 50 states, and tens of thousands work at the more than 500 U.S. factories building the towers, blades, and other wind turbine parts and supplies.

Wind workers

Researchers predict strong job growth will continue in the years ahead. Wind remains on track to provide 20 percent of America’s electricity by 2030. At that level, it could create 380,000 jobs.

Importantly, America’s veterans play a big role. They fill roles in the U.S. wind industry at a rate 50 percent higher than the national average.

It’s hard not to get excited about opportunity like this.

Thank you for being a part of the Power of Wind,

Anna Luke
Anna Luke
for the Power of Wind

P.S. Are you one of the 100,000 Americans who work in wind?Record a 30-second video and share why you love your job.

Power of Wind is leading a community movement for the smarter, fairer energy policies we need to unleash the promise of wind energy. Through our smart advocacy campaigns and access to wind energy experts at the American Wind Energy Association, we have the power to get our message heard loud and clear by elected leaders: The time is now for a cleaner, more affordable energy future.

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