The thing is – sciatica and pain running down your leg can be caused by the sciatic nerve being irritated. But it can also be caused by trigger points in two important muscles – the gluteus minimus and the piriformis

The other day I had a clinic – and the first half of the day – all I saw were people with buttock and leg pain.

The thing is – sciatica and pain running down your leg can be caused by the sciatic nerve being irritated. But it can also be caused by trigger points in two important muscles – the gluteus minimus and the piriformis.

As you can see from the diagram below, there’s a group of triggers in the gluteus minimus that cause symptoms very similar to sciatica.


The good thing, is that when you’re able to locate and treat these triggers, a lot of people find quite substantial pain relief. And this particularly helpful for pain brought on by sitting for long periods of time.

That’s where the Trigger Point Course comes in. You can use the simple step by step videos to find and switch off these deep buttock muscles.

And – with a tool like a theracane (or tennis ball) you can do this without straining your hands and arms. Here’s where to get started >>

– Jonathan

Attention: People with Pain that’s Lasted More than 3 Months…

“What if there was a Simple System to Find ALL Your Trigger Points, Switch them Off – and Get
Your Life Back?”

Do you:

  • Have chronic pain that robs you of your joy and you from doing simple tasks…
  • Just want to be out of pain!
  • Worry if you can make it through the day…
  • Want to find a solution so you can help yourself whenever you need to…
  • Want to find something that would help with your pain so that you can execise regularly…

Then read on, because this could a life changing opportunity.

Dr. Jonathan Kuttner
Dip Sports Med, Dip MSM, FAFMM
Today, you’re going to discover how thousands of people suffering from chronic, persistent pain in their neck, shoulder, back, and whole body have been able to stop the pain – and get back to an active pain free lifestyle.

You’re also going to find out a way to target and switch off pain points in 2 minutes or less – using just your own hands. And you’re going to find out WHY pain doesn’t get better – and the hidden switch you have inside your brain to turn down pain – anywhere, at any time.

If you’ve ever had pain that lasted more than a few days – and no one can figure out why, if old injuries keep playing up, or if you’ve tried everything and nothing has made a difference, then pay close attention, because what you’re about to hear has helped thousands of people end their pain.

Hi I’m Dr. Jonathan Kuttner and today I’m going to share with you the latest understanding of why pain from an injury – or unexplained pain – doesn’t get better.

And even more importantly you’re going to get a technique you can use yourself to turn off pain points – in two minutes or less.

Once you start using the techniques I’m going to show you – it’s like you get xray goggles into how your body works. You’ll be able to find the exact spot to turn off pain.

And more importantly – you’ll be the one calling the shots. This technique works best when it’s applied by you. It’s not just a way to get rid of pain – it’s a way to get in back control, improve your mobility & quality of life as well.

And I totally understand if you feel like you’ve tried it all before. This is something quite different from the usual massage, chiropractic or strengthening exercises you may have come across before.

In fact, (unless you’ve been to my site before) you won’t find these techniques anywhere else on the net.

What this Program Is Not…

Now before we go any further, here’s what this is not. This program doesn’t involve any medication. There’s no fancy equipment involved, or pills, or difficult and strenuous exercises.

You’re going to learn some simple, gentle and amazingly effective techniques you can do yourself – at home – to relieve pain when you get it.

Really quickly, a bit about me and why I entered the chronic pain field. The reason I got into treating chronic pain was literally life or death, and I’ll tell that story soon.

But for my professional background – I was a family doctor in New Zealand who ended up becoming known nation wide as a fibromyalgia expert (that was in the 80’s and 90’s when fibromyalgia was still being disovered.) Then about ten years ago I became a musculo-skeletal pain specialist – that is – I help people with pain in their muscles and joints that isn’t getting better.

And why did I specialise in chronic pain? About fifteen years ago, I was hang gliding above the cliffs of my home town when I hit a downdraft and crashed into the hillside.

I was lucky to be alive, but for the next 6+ years, I had awful back pain every day.

Each morning it would take me anything from 15-20 minutes just to get out of bed – the pain was so bad. It had a major negative impact on my quality of life, and took the edge off enjoying everything. Looking back, I think I got depressed – either way, when I remember those years, everything is colored a shade of grey – like I just wasn’t able to fully enjoy being there

In fact, things were going steadily downhill when I started using the techniques I’m going to share with you. And the results speak for themselves.

From Daily Pain to Zero Pain – in Six Weeks….

Within six weeks, I went from pain every day – to zero pain. I was able to get back to physical activity in a big way (I even started kitesurfing) and I haven’t looked back. And since then thousands of people have used these same principles to help themselves get out of pain.

Now listen closely to what I am about to share, because this is the most important part of the presentation. In your body, there are thousands of tiny fibers called stretch receptors. These fire when you need to release or tense your muscles.

When everything is working fine – there’s no problems. Your go to make a movement, your stretch receptors fire, your muscles tense or relax exactly as you need them to. But sometimes (and often connected with an injury) something else occurs.

And this is very often the hidden cause of unexplained pain. The kind of pain when you’ve been to see a half dozen medical professionals – and they can’t find anything wrong – but it still hurts.

Here’s what happens:

First, there’s a trigger event – and this can be one of many things. Maybe you trip and fall, or get whiplash in a car accident, or you have an arthritic joint that’s painful – or you spend hours hunched over a computer and get neck and shoulder pain.

To protect you – the muscles around the painful spot go into spasm.

And they don’t turn off.

To be clear – this isn’t a big spasm I’m talking about though. It’s a trigger point – a small area of spasm within the muscle that you can see under a specific type of imaging.

And this trigger point causes pain, and stiffness. In the latest studies doctors have taken samples from this spasmed muscle and shown that there’s actual chemical changes that occur there.

The muscle gets starved of oxygen, has reduced blood flow, and there’s an increase in the chemicals (cortisol, substance P and bradykinin) that cause pain.

And while I mentioned an injury, whiplash or arthritic joint that sets off these micro-spasms (they’re a common cause) an equally usual cause is this: the muscles get stressed and tired. If you’re spending all day with bad posture, stress and tension, that’s a perfect reason for your muscles to get overworked and strained.

Eventually – as a self defense mechanism – they go into spasm. And when that happens, your neck, shoulder back or legs get sore. And – this is absolutely key – even if the original cause of pain gets better – as long as the muscles around the area still have these trigger points – the pain will continue.

So – what this means is – many times persistent pain is caused by trigger points in your muscles. These microspasms are a protective mechanism in your body – but when they switch on – and don’t switch off – they become a major driver of chronic pain.

The good news is – there is a way effectively treat these trigger points by using a technique called ischemic pressure. This will reset the muscles, take away the spasm and return them to normal function.

It only takes 90 seconds and you can learn to do it yourself in a very short time.

The Hidden Cost of Chronic Pain…

The fact is – once you’ve had pain for more than a few weeks, and no one knows what’s going on – it can get really hard to get motivated to do something about it.

Everyone expects that you should be better by now – as if it’s somehow your fault you’re not pain free and back to normal. Maybe you’re thinking the same thing. One thing I know for sure – pain makes everything harder.

It’s like you’re stuck down a dark well. By yourself. With no way to get out and no one truly understanding how you feel.

And when the experts you talk to can’t help you – it’s hard to carry on regardless.

Here’s the Good News….

This is where it gets really interesting.

Well, anything your body can turn on – it can turn off again. The trigger points we talked about earlier are part of that process of sensitisation – and going to find out how to switch them off as well.

What if there was a system for turning off the trigger points?

Can you imagine what it would be like to discover that the area you thought was injured was instead stuck in a cycle of muscle spasm – and active triggers?

And that you could switch the pain off – using nothing but your own two hands – and the power of your mind?

Because here’s thing. Our bodies are amazing at healing. If you broke your thigh bone – the femur – largest bone in your body – in 2-3 months – as long as it was set straight – you’d be up and walking around on it.

Yes, But…

This is the point where some people might be saying – “Yes, but I have a scan on my back – and it’s got wear and tear and other problems which cause my pain.”

A lot of people have MRI scans that show damage in their spine – I know that mine still does. What they might not know – is that damage shown on an MRI is NO predictor of pain.

What that means is – if you took 100 people with MRI scans that looked like a warzone – some of them would have pain – and the larger portion of them would have no pain.

In fact they tested this out with radiologists, and just be looking at the MRI scans and Xrays, they had no way of predicting which people had pain – and who had zero pain.

How is this possible?

Because an MRI scan shows a history of your spine – and more often than not your amazing body has healed the damage.

So there’s no pain – but you can still see the evidence of that damage – like rings on a tree trunk. But when you’re still stuck in a protective spasm in your muscles – and your pain system’s still turned right up into the red zone – THEN that’s when you need to do something new – and a little unconventional – to stop the pain cycle.

This is powerful stuff.

I should know – I went from severe back pain to zero in just six weeks. And every day I see people who have benefited from this knowledge.

To give you an idea of what this system is capable of,
here are just a few examples of the results people have had:

“I have not felt this good in about six or more years. I can control my pain and am now walking two miles a day and just starting Vegan plan eating. I am able to live my life again and am finally travelling in a few weeks. My husband and doctors are extremely pleased as well. So the course, FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much Dr. Kuttner. I have no other words.” ­

Eileen Herceg­Brown

And this one from Tina Wattle:

“I have spent lots of time, mileage and money on all of these doctor visits and none of them gave me as much information and (finally) some relief on my pain and numbing as you have.

“I finally became so frustrated that I gave up on doctors and began researching my symptoms on the internet. I don’t know how I became so lucky to have stumbled upon your site. At first I thought it was a money scam but once the information started arriving in my inbox I knew I had found someone really special.”

And from Brian:

“I am following your videos and working with ice, the massage tool and heat and I already have noticed an improvement in both the pain in my back and the numbing in my arm. ” ­

“When I first discovered your site I knew right away that this is what I needed to learn & put into practise in order to relieve years of debilitating pain in my neck, shoulders & lower back…I was even more convinced that this will be the answer to my problems & the first thing I did on returning home to Canada was to purchase your course.

“.. .I have now had 8 days virtually pain­ free & that includes the lower back. The difference has been incredible.

“Take care & thank you very much for taking care of my pain”

Barbara Snowball says:

“It has now almost one year free of pain. I work my garden as I have been all my life. Cleaning house is a joy and free of pain.”

And finally from Rina Keyser:

“After2 1/2 years of pain, I AM NOW ON DAY 8 OF NO PAIN.”

Now, before we go any further, I want to be totally up front with you.

This system isn’t for everyone. Some people have a different underlying cause to their pain – something they need to have addressed first before they can successfully apply these techniques. And this isn’t like a magic pill you just do once and that’s it.

There is some effort involved. However, for people who’ve had all other factors ruled out – and they still have pain – this could well be the solution you’re after.

And lastly – for you to make progress with this – you need to believe that things can improve. Many times I’ve seen people who believe there’s something fundementally broken in their bodies – that there’s no possible way they could ever have comfort and ease of movement again.

And I want to tell you right now that that’s just not true. Every day our amazing bodies are renewing – making new cells, healing and growing.

We are Built to Heal…Naturally

Every 27 days you’re looking at a new person, as your skin cells will have completely regenerated. So if you have had an injury or persistent condition – as long as you go to treat the underlying cause – your body will naturally heal.

That’s why this is so exciting. You’re going to discover how to go the treat the underlying cause almost no one considers – the cause that’s so big it’s hidden in plain view – your pain system itself is malfunctioning. And you’ll get the tools to fix it.

“Took your new video to heart and was free of pain immediately…”

“I have been in pain for months. I knew about trigger points but I was too aggressive. Took your new video to heart and was free of pain immediately. I am living in anticipation of it coming back. It seemed to belong to me in my head. Hours have passed by. All clear. God Bless you!!!!!” – Alice Benson

Get Ready to Make a Profound Shift in Your Quality of Life

Remember, if you’re like most people with chronic pain – nothing has worked thus far. And now you know why. If you carry on doing what you’ve always done – you’ll continue to get the results you’ve always gotten.

When you’ve had severe pain for years, and it affected every aspect of your life – your work, home life, family, sports, relaxation time – and most importantly – what you can and can’t do. (Or what you’d do anyway – and pay the price later in days of pain recovering.)

This is what made the profound difference in thousands of people’s lives – and I hope it will also be the difference you need.

Imagine the Moment You Make the Switch – to Pain Free Living

This is what I’d love for you: instead of worrying about doing too much – and being sore for days after – I’d love for you to joyously do the activities you love – with no thought for the future – because pain is just not part of your life anymore. It’s not even an issue.

Instead of bracing yourself for the inevitable discomfort when you do certain moves, you’re just thinking of what you want to do next – and your body is strong, healthy, and comfortable.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me back some control over my chronic pain problems. As a retired Nurse I have been looking for something that was user friendly and actually gave relief.

“I had a book on Trigger Point and have seen therapists for this but it was painful. Who wants to treat themselves with something that is causing more pain!! This is painless and works. I could not relate as well to the book alone and now with your technique of not causing pain, along with exercises I can finally make this doable on a daily basis. I do this before I even get up in the morning.

“I have not felt this good in about six or more years. I can control my pain and am now walking two miles a day and just starting Vegan plan eating. I intend to take classes to learn more. This has given me my life back. I could cry just writing this to you. You have made such a tremendous difference in my life that I could never thank you enough. The mind body connection is so important because I too had no pain on my last vacation. Your focus becomes your pain when you are dealing with it for so long.

“It has already exceeded my expectations and released me from my pain bondage. I am able to live my life again and am finally travelling in a few weeks. My husband and doctors are extremely pleased as well. So the course, FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much Dr. Kuttner. I have no other words.”

– Eileen Herceg-Brown


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