CAN I KICK IT 💥 Hate crimes against Muslims in America have surged recently. Rather than live in fear, watch these fun, empowering self-defense videos for and by Muslim women.

Welcome to a special Valentine’s Day-themed edition of the newsletter! We’re crazy in love with Laverne Cox for perfectly summing up the importance of trans rights (in under two minutes!). Breaking up is hard to do—unless you’re (former) National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn, who turned in his walking papers last night after two-timing with the Russians—and telling little white lies to VP Mike Pence. We’ve got some bitter and some sweet in today’s news bag, but as the divine Ms. Janet Jackson once said, that’s the way love goes. 💜 —Anne Branigin


HMU ☎️
The White House phone line is finally back up. What better day to hit up Trump for a long overdue “we need to talk” session?

Hate crimes against Muslims in America have surged recently. Rather than live in fear, watch these fun, empowering self-defense videos for and by Muslim women.

After turning out in the streets of Milwaukee yesterday, the “Day Without Immigrants” movement is reportedly popping up across the country.

Before everyone texted romantic memes (or nudes) to each other, there were lacy cards with idyllic, Victorian scenes. It turns out, that classic Valentine look was perfected by a woman who never married.

From Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee to Barack and Michelle Obama, The Root’s Michael Harriot lists the greatest black romances of all time—and what we can learn from them.


Donald Trump has found in the young Stephen Miller an adviser with the qualities to channel him: politically incorrect, self-confident and experienced with a microphone. All of this is on display in a video obtained exclusively by Univision News showing Miller on stage in his high school days.

Miller, now 31, has become one of the president’s favorite – and most hotly discussed – spokesmen, partly because he is able to dissemble about election fraud without blinking, as he did this weekend in a round of interviews on cable TV channels. Trump rewarded him with a complimentary tweet.

In the high school video, Miller displays a precocious ability to go against the current and provoke controversy.

The video contains fragments of a brief 90 second speech by Miller during his junior year at Santa Monica High School in California in the spring of 2002, including a controversial reference to the job of janitors. Read more.


We’re suckers for old-fashioned cards and flowers, but let’s be real: Most of the time, we’re using our phones to express our love. So the annual Valentine’s memes are as much a tradition now as boxed chocolates and Netflix dates. There are Muslim-themed ones (if that’s your fancy), Trump ones (no thanks), or if you want to be real meta, relationship memes based on…memes.

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