What is Fibromyalgia Fog?

The primary symptom of fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder, is persistent muscle tenderness and pain. In addition to pain, another group of symptoms is extremely common in fibromyalgia patients. This group of related symptoms are colloquially referred to as “fibromyalgia fog” or “brain fog.” Fibromyalgia fog refers to the extreme, persistent levels of fatigue associated with fibromyalgia sufferers. This fatigue can lead to a decrease in concentration, memory and lucidity at times; this is where the description “brain fog” comes from.

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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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One Response to What is Fibromyalgia Fog?

  1. konjoo lee says:

    If we contact with negative charge, brain fog may appear. Body electric tune up can disappear the fog. I met a lady who have brain fog. She said the brain fog was disappeared after electric tune up.
    Mental disorder, chronic fatigue, chronic pain or other invisible disease may easy cure. It need only 2 step. First remove the negative charge source. Second body electrical tune up( remove the negative charge )

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