This is why Americans are distrusting their law enforcemtn officials more and more————–+++++++++BIG LITTLE LIES 👀 Lawyers for a detained DACA recipient now say customs officials doctored paperwork to include a gang affiliation. Here are three more cases where ICE earned its reputation for deception.

We got there, folks! It’s Friday, it’s a three-day weekend for us (and we hope for you too), and we’ve got a very sexy date with our couch lined up. Unless it’s this “Peggy sofa” from West Elm, in which case we should probably start seeing other couches. Meanwhile, Trump is turning up in Florida this weekend to kick off his 2020 campaign (yes, it only *feels* like he’s been in office three years). With that in mind, you have our permission to treat the hell out of yourself this weekend. —Anne Branigin


Lawyers for a detained DACA recipient now say customs officials doctored paperwork to include a gang affiliation. Here are three more cases where ICE earned its reputation for deception.

The House GOP finally teased its plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. It includes a major Medicaid overhaul that could endanger the health of our country’s most vulnerable citizens.

Scott Pruitt is the new head of the EPA—controversial, considering he has sued the department at least 14 times. And the way he started his tenure doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

If you think The Great Wall is some BS, you’re not the only one. Skip the white savior nonsense and savor these far-more-entertaining #ThankYouMattDamon tweets instead.

These Miami activists fasted for 100 hours to protest Trump’s executive order defunding sanctuary cities—and their mayor’s compliance with the divisive law.


Looking around the Eisner & Lubin Auditorium at New York University this past Wednesday evening was a pretty heartwarming thing. The air was electric. I was surrounded by around 200 or so people, most of whom were women of color, excitedly chatting, catching up, connecting, and finding places to sit. We were all there to see the same thing: Brown Girls.

Brown Girls (not to be confused with the upcoming Freeform show) is a new webseries about two 20-something best friends living in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago and trying, as they say, to figure it all out. It stars Nabila Hossain as Leila, a South Asian writer coming to terms with her queerness, and Sonia Denis as Patricia, a black musician coming to terms with commitment, whether it’s with boys or her job. It’s hilarious, it’s moving, and it’s exactly what groundbreaking media looks like. A second season is already on the way.

Believe me when I say you’ve never seen anything like Brown Girls. Let’s be real: These flawed characters who tangle with their identities in such a nuanced and relatable way through their mistakes and flaws simply do not exist in mainstream media. Read more.


To up your trivia game, we’re sharing some fun, fast facts from presidents whose names do not rhyme with “dump.” This rebellious president once got a speeding ticket on a horse; this bear of a president had really bad asthma; and this kitesurfing president may have been our first comic-book-nerd commander in chief.


On Monday, Fusion TV will celebrate the UN’s World Day of Social Justice—and we want to hear from you. We’re opening up our channel to hear from those on the front lines of the battle for a safer, more just and inclusive world. Our special day of programming starts at 6 AM ET. Join the conversation with #JusticeNow.

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The DACA recipient detained in San Antonio has been released. But he’ll still have to see ICE.

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A draft memo reportedly calls for the National Guard to help round up undocumented immigrants

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