“Democracy dies in darkness” meanwhile undocumented Mexican man committed suicide after being deported from the U.S. for a third time

February  2017

Democracy dies in darkness,” under pre-2017 circumstances, could have been a great title for a dystopian work of fiction, a punk album, or something woke Batman might say while brooding over a ledge somewhere. Current circumstances being what they are, it’s now a slogan for a national newspaper. And as a fan of alliteration and good journalism, we totally get it! It definitely beats “OMG everything is TERRIBLE” as a slogan (also, there’s still plenty to be hopeful about, we swear!). Here are the stories worth shining a light on today. —Anne Branigin


Want to resist, but find it hard to keep track of what’s going on? We’ve rounded up some of the major protests and rallies going on around the country this week.

The deadline for #NoDAPL protesters to evacuate their campsite was today. But in this stunning video, the women of Standing Rock promise they’ll keep the fight alive.

A new version of the Muslim ban could turn away doctors from hospitals that need them most—including those in rural, underserved communities that voted for Trump.

In the face of aggressive immigration raids, families around the country are attending trainings and sharing resources to help them prepare for “being disappeared.”

Late night shows still struggle with diversity—especially on major networks. But with Jimmy Kimmel possibly leaving soon, we’ve got some great potential replacements who aren’t white men.


I went to federal prison for a hate crime in my early twenties. And when I went in there I was a neo-Nazi skinhead. I went in with the idea that, Oh my god, I’m going to get my ass kicked all over the place. But there were many women I encountered who knew why I was there, who knew I committed a hate crime, and treated me with kindness and compassion regardless of that. And I was absolutely disarmed, because I spent years dealing with any kind of emotion or experience, with aggression, hate, anger, violence.

I don’t think I understood it fully and intellectually in the moment, but what happened was that as those women treated me as an actual human being, knowing they were women that I would have dehumanized at one point, it really changed the core of who I was. Read more.


With the Dakota Access pipeline construction back on, this afternoon was the deadline for #NoDAPL protesters to vacate the area. The fight for clean water has affected marginalized communities from Standing Rock, North Dakota, to Flint, Michigan, and Corpus Christi, Texas. Little Miss Flint (who really has been taking activism to a whole ‘nother level) shared an important message of solidarity—and a welcome reminder that the need for water unites us all.

The Latest

An undocumented Mexican man committed suicide after being deported from the U.S. for a third time

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The Trump administration is gutting federal guidelines that protect trans students in schools

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I am a peace educator who has taken time to teach and work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman over the past 4 decades.
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