Toxicology tests for seventh Russian operative who’s died amid Donald Trump-Russia scandal

Yesterday the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations suddenly dropped dead in New York, shocking all involved. The death of Vitaly Churkin might not have been considered suspicious in its own right, if not for the fact that he’s the second Russian diplomat to drop dead in New York since the Donald Trump and Russia scandal exploded, and he’s the seventh Russian diplomat or operative to drop dead worldwide since the scandal began. And it turns out NYC is taking Churkin’s death seriously.

The city medical examiner in New York believes that Vitaly Churkin’s death “needs to be studied further” and such further studies include “toxicology and other screenings, which can take weeks,” according to a CBS News report. The results may be instructive. The last time a Russian diplomat dropped dead in New York, it was on election day, and although the Russian consulate claimed Sergei Krivov had died of a heart attack, BuzzFeed recently learned that his skull had been bashed in. Additionally, his name and listed home address turned out to be phony.

Churkin and Krivov are two of the seven Russian operatives who have died amid the Trump-Russia scandal, some of whom had direct connections to the Trump-Russia investigation. We’ve previously previously documented the seven mysterious Russian deaths.Contribute to Palmer Report

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