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February  2017

If you wanted to turn up this week, the place to be was your local town hall. Republicans across the country have been catching straight hell—fielding questions from angry constituents on Obamacare, coal, immigration restrictions, and the border wall. You know it’s bad when a 7-year-old (but he’d like to remind you he’s almost 8) roasts you in front of a packed auditorium. Scroll on to see what else is cooking today.🔥 —Anne Branigin


The ICE immigration crackdown takes a brutal turn as federal agents allegedly lock up an undocumented immigrant who was hospitalized for a brain tumor.

Yesterday, a viral video showed an off-duty LAPD cop firing his gun after roughing up a teenage boy, but the officer wasn’t the one arrested. Fusion’s Wilfred Chan spoke to the boy’s father about what went down.

We take you inside a Los Angeles gallery show made for and created entirely by undocumented immigrants.

After the White House gutted federal protections for trans students, school districts, Trump’s inauguration singer, and even Queen Bey herself have come out in support for trans rights.

Chinese moviegoers don’t care about your outrage over The Great Wall and its white saviors. Fusion’s Charles Pulliam-Moore tells us why.


The week before the election, I tried to assign a piece about how Texas had a decent chance of turning purple in 2016. One Austin-based writer I reached out to, Andrea Grimes, gently cautioned me about going all in on this premise. “Hate to be the Debbiest Downer,” she wrote, but “very few people in Texas are actually working on making this place a swing state.” Grimes warned me that despite the polls, conservatives still had deep influence in virtually every county.

She turned out to be more right than any of us could have imagined. One by one, states that once seemed within Democrats’ reach went to Trump: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio. States projected to possibly become political battlegrounds like Georgia, Arizona, and, of course, Texas, remained red. In the election’s aftermath, the internet was littered with self-flagellating think pieces about What The Media Got Wrong. In a Politico roundup on the topic, Univision’s Isaac Lee, who also oversees Fusion Media Group, replied that journalists “have too often been holed up in elite areas of New York, Washington, Palo Alto, Miami, or LA.” Everyone seemed to agree: It’s time we got out of the bubble.

I began to notice job postings for itinerant reporters, ones who would be tasked with investigating “Trump’s America” but based in those same media-hub cities where, for the record, Fusion is also based. These jobs are a start, but seem to me like an incomplete solution. I thought back to Grimes, who’d politely told me my election assignment was bullshit. We’re not the experts; the writers on the ground are. Read more.


February needed a hero, and just in time, it got one. Bree Newsome, the IRL Wonder Woman who took down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse in 2015, was speaking last night at the University of Charleston when protesters showed up waving the rebel flag. Until one man summoned up all the power of “Not today, Satan,” and proceeded to fly through a barricade to snatch the racist symbol out of the air. It’s a feat of such athletic prowess that our buddies over at Deadspin dubbed it the “sports highlight of the day.”

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