February  2017

Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster night of reality TV: Donald Trump is addressing a joint session of Congress tonight. No, it’s technically not a State of the Union, which usually happens a year into a presidency and is used to outline the administration’s agenda and priorities and reflect on how Americans are doing, but frankly, we don’t know what we’re going to get. We do have some pointers on what to watch out for, and how Democrats might react to what POTUS lobs their way. Join us for some live commentary from our witty friends at The Onion during the speech, here and on Fusion TV at 9 PM ET. And if you feel like getting a little loose on a school night, our cousins over at The Root have your drinking game right here. If you’re sitting this one out (no judgment), keep scrolling for more stories worth tuning in to. —Anne Branigin


Betsy DeVos calling HBCUs “pioneers of school choice”’ is a profound misreading of the history of segregation that made those institutions necessary.

From refusing to fund Trump’s wall to not accepting deportees that (gasp) aren’t Mexican, here are five ways Mexico can play spoiler to the White House’s plans.

It’s been nearly a week since a Kansas shooting took an Indian man’s life—and the president still hasn’t said anything about it. This is why he must break his silence.

Juliet Evancho, the trans sister of Trump’s inauguration singer, just scored a major court ruling for trans rights that could have national implications.

Over the last couple weeks, people across the country took democracy by the reins by showing up at town halls and holding their reps accountable. Jezebel explores the leaders we don’t know.


Since the moment Donald Trump was elected president, the junior Bush’s public profile has softened to the point where reasonable people gaze wistfully back on the presidency of a man who started a protracted war to plunder oil and presided over the worst tanking of the economy since the Great Depression.

The haze of revisionist thinking remembers Bushisms like “misunderestimated” as adorably podunk and the last Republican to hold the highest U.S. office as a paragon of class. It’s also quite useful for Bush, whose comeback tour is clearly being orchestrated around the image of a kinder, gentler GOP commander-in-chief.

Bush might look good in comparison to Trump, but we’re not ready to let those benchmarks move too far back yet. Here are some of the things Dubya should be remembered for—not his PR-approved statements in advance of hawking a coffee table book. Read more.


Tune into our new podcast Containers, hosted by Fusion’s Alexis Madrigal, exploring how global trade has transformed the economy and ourselves. In eight episodes, we’ll travel through the world of ships and sailors, technology and tugboats, warehouses and cranes to understand how capitalism actually works now—and how that trickles into our lives. The first episode is out today, so you know what to do: Hit that subscribe button.

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