A pension is a promise–what will Mnuchin do?

“Dear Mr. Secretary, you are cordially invited to meet with Missouri’s retired Teamsters about their disappearing pensions.”

That was my message to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin this week, because a pension is a promise—and I’m going to make sure he follows through on his promise to me to meet the hardworking folks that’ll be hurt most by the government’s failure to follow through on pensions.

WATCH: Sec. Mnuchin promising to meet with MO retirees
McCaskill gets promise from Mnuchin to meet with Central States Pension Fund retirees

32,000 Missourians who are part of the Central States Pension Fund are at risk of losing their pensions. If no action is taken, the Fund will be out of money in less than 10 years—and that is simply unacceptable. Ensuring Missourians who worked hard and played by the rules receive the benefits they’re owed is a real priority for me, and one I won’t stop fighting for. That’s why I was the only member of Missouri’s congressional delegation—in the House or Senate—to vote against the legislation that would have allowed for cuts to the pensions promised by the Central States Pension Fund.

Read more about my letter and why fulfilling our promise to Missourians who have spent their life paying into this system is so important:
KANSAS CITY STAR: Sen. Claire McCaskill invites Trump’s Treasury secretary to meet retired Teamsters

I bet that if Mr. Mnuchin takes some time to meet with these folks, he’ll see decisions about pensions isn’t some numbers game—in fact, I’m hoping he’ll see it’s not a game at all. It’s people’s lives and hard-earned retirements at stake, and I’m not going to stop until these men and women get the benefits they were promised. I’ve been beating this drum for years and I’m not stopping now.

PHOTO: Hearing from Central States Pension Fund retirees in Hillsboro, MO
Hearing from Central States Pension Fund retirees in Hillsboro, MO

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