Dan Snyder is BACK to Defend His ‘Worst Owner in the NFL’ Crown

Whether they’re charging your family $500 to go to a game, paying lip service to player safety, or leaving town altogether, bad NFL owners are a dime a dozen.

And yet.

Somehow, for the last 20 years, one man has managed to float to the top of this sea of stupidity. He’s a fan-screwing, employee-firing, football dilettante who’s managed to make himself the  laughingstock in a league full of laughingstocks. And now, with the start of NFL free agency upon us, he’s re-emerged to remind us just how loathsome he really is.

Dan Snyder, congratulations. You are the worst owner in the NFL.

The surface-level news, which you’ve no doubt heard, is that Snyder just fired Washington GM Scot McCloughan after two years on the job. But the real story goes a lot deeper — and it’s a lot uglier:

  • First, McCloughan mysteriously missed the NFL Combine, which is kind of a big deal for a general manager whose job it is to evaluate talent in the upcoming draft.
  • Then, the team had absolutely nothing to say when former Washington tight end Chris Cooley, who does color for NFL broadcasts and has a show on a Snyder-owned radio station, publicly suggested that maybe, possibly, McCloughan was drinking on the job. (McCloughan has been candid in the past about experiencing problems with alcohol.)
  • Finally, Snyder fired McCloughan, citing — you’ll never guess — alcohol problems.

This wasn’t kicking a man while he was down. It was sending a team of paid hitmen to stomp Scot McCloughan into the curb — all so Dan Snyder could come in at the end, shake his head sadly, and declare the man dead.

And this is just one incident. We could talk about dozens of anti-fan things Snyder has done throughout the years. Suing season ticket holders? Selling expired peanuts at FedEx Field? Forcing fans to park in the stadium’s expensive lots? Yep — Dan’s done all that.

Maybe it wouldn’t all be so insulting if Snyder were a winner. But he’s not. He’s the anti-Midas — everything he touches turns to crap:

  • Washington’s record under Dan Snyder is 125-162-1 — the seventh worst winning percentage in the league during that time frame.
  • The team has just two playoff wins in 18 seasons.
  • They’ve never so much as made the conference title game.

For all these reasons and more, Dan Snyder is one of the worst owners in NFL history — and the worst the league has going today. If you agree, make your voice heard:


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John Feinstein Blog: Snyder Is Worst Owner In History Of Sports …


Mar 25, 2015 – Here’s a new one for you: Washington’s NFL football team is such a mess it … Dan Snyder, perhaps the worst owner in the history of sports if you … Like Kornheiser did back in 1992, Reid worked at The Washington Post as a columnist. … Kornheiser is a longtime friend of mine and one of hisdefenses of the …

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Nov 25, 2014 – Snyder sued McKenna and the paper anyway, because he wanted to see if the size of hiswar chest would back them down. Because he could.

Missing: crown



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