Ocean Wildlife Needs Forage Fish

Environment Update
Rare Blue Whale Photos Inspire Conservation
A migration mystery, pungent lab specimens, and a whale with a beguiling birthmark—it’s all in a day’s work for Asha de Vos. Take a peek at this Pew fellow’s life on the water as she gets up close with Earth’s largest creatures.

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Ocean Wildlife Needs Forage Fish
We love iconic ocean predators. But it’s time their prey got some attention too.

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Squid Deserve a Summer Break
An important food source for countless ocean predators, Atlantic longfin squid gather every summer to spawn off Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard—increasingly sparking a fishing frenzy. Tighter commercial management for this forage species is needed, for the benefit of squid, ocean predators, and fishermen.

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Lake Mead Needs Repairs
Minutes from Las Vegas lies the third-largest National Park Service area outside Alaska. Lake Mead National Recreation Area spans 1.5 million acres, includes three of America’s four desert ecosystems, and is home to the Hoover Dam. Unfortunately, it has a deferred maintenance list that exceeds $170 million.

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