Over the past Six Months: 180,000 People Displaced from West Mosul Amid Fighting

Iraqi Officials: 180,000 People Displaced from West Mosul Amid Fighting


H11 iraq displaced

President Trump met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at the White House Monday, on the 14th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003. During their meeting, Trump pledged continued U.S. military support for the ongoing campaign against ISIS militants, including in the city of Mosul. On Monday, the Iraqi government said as many as 180,000 people have been displaced from west Mosul amid the ongoing fighting. More than 100,000 of those who have fled are now in temporary refugee camps.

Map of Mosul, Iraq
Mosul, Iraq

The battle for western Mosul | ISIS | Al Jazeera

4 days ago – A sniper from the Iraqi army’s emergency response division fires at ISIL fighters in western Mosul from the eastern bank of the Tigris.

Iraqi forces try to bring civilians out of west Mosul, U.S. pledges more …

21 hours ago – As many as 600,000 civilians remain in the western sector of Mosul, complicating a battle being fought with artillery and air strikes as well as …

Islamic State shells recaptured areas in west Mosul | Reuters

9 mins ago – Islamic State militants shelled areas recaptured by Iraqi forces in western Mosul, hitting civilians fleeing the fighting early on Wednesday as …

Ministry: Airstrikes, troops kill 67 IS fighters west of Mosul – Iraqi News

2 days ago – Airstrikes by Iraqi fighter jets and offensives by infatry divisions killed 67 Islamic State militants west of Mosul on Monday, according to the …

ISIS and Iraq forces in standoff for western Mosul where Charlie D …

1 day ago – MOSUL — We witnessed first-hand just how vicious a street battle the fight for western Mosulhas become. Heavy gunfire and explosions rang …

ISIS holding off Iraqi forces in brutal fight for west Mosul – CBS News

1 day ago – American-backed Iraqi forces are involved in fierce fighting with ISIS as they battle for thewestern half of Mosul. Iraqi troops are pushing deeper …

High level of destruction in west Mosul as Iraqi forces make gai – Rudaw

3 days ago – Iraqi Counter-Terror forces have retaken the Nablus district of western Mosul, according to the commander of the ‘We are Coming Nineveh’ …

ISIS militants capture Iraqi police colonel, 8 officers in west Mosul – Al …


2 days ago – ISIS militants captured an Iraqi police colonel and eight other officers in western Mosulafter they ran out of ammunition during fierce clashes …

West Mosul Battle Looks to Be Deadliest Yet for Iraqis | Military.com

2 days ago – More than 750 civilians have been killed or wounded since the fight for western Mosulbegan a month ago.


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